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  1. Newest Staff Member- Blackmage

  2. Rolocut #ambros photo shoot

    Nice photos!!
  3. suspension of direct file uploading

    There's no active trump thread for me to derail here!
  4. suspension of direct file uploading

  5. SN95Source Under NEW OWNERSHIP!!

  6. SN95Source Under NEW OWNERSHIP!!

    I could see it earlier on my work desktop, now I can't. That's why I said don't use google for photos hosting, glitchy af. There's not enough room for the site image uploader. Use a photo sharing site.
  7. SN95Source Under NEW OWNERSHIP!!

    Flickr is the best! Use it for all the photos I care about. Best quality! Everything looks better on flickr Why pay? They give you 1TB for free! I use imgur for memes. Avoid google, have seen lots of issues with it.
  8. Fender badge removal

    Heat gun and something like floss? They should just be stuck on with an adhesive and there's a pin to position it.
  9. Welcome To SN95Source.com: Devist8

  10. Orange 94's Track Build

    Well since I blew up the orange car and my truck needs AC work, I guess I'll be driving this car for the summer and it'll have to do some daily driver duty. Might as well make it look a little nicer! Work Kiwami wheels from the other car! DSCF3357 by Richard Brown, on Flickr DSCF3358 by Richard Brown, on Flickr DSCF3368 by Richard Brown, on Flickr
  11. Orange SIXXXER Build thread

    Big boys? lol I'm pretty sure I know what I want, just doing my research where I want to start and how to do some of the more minor details.
  12. Orange SIXXXER Build thread

    Damage report! Hole in the bottom of the block and side of the oil pan. All sorts of goodies in there! The hole was beside the starter - that got cooked but acted as a shield for everything else. I'll have to go through and double check the things I end up reusing, but not seeing anything concerning at this time. Excited when I can pull the engine out, gonna be some good wall art! 2017-06-25_06-58-13 by Richard Brown, on Flickr
  13. Orange SIXXXER Build thread

    I'm actually not as upset as I thought I'd be haha. Just happy it was mostly limited to just the engine, would have been pretty bummed if it burned to the ground.
  14. Orange SIXXXER Build thread

    Went to rocky mountain drift club yesterday for some photos. Was planning on stopping by for a bit and then doing a bit of a road trip... There was a bit of time when the track was empty... wanted to do a couple donuts to see how things felt compared to the black car. This happened. IMG_4509 by Richard Brown, on Flickr Apparently the fire ball was larger, but yeah. Engine blew up. It was extinguished quickly so the damage is minimal. Oil everywhere. I haven't been able to see the damage, but there's a large chunk of metal that appears to be from the block. Also some aluminum pieces that I'm guessing are the oil pan or bell housing. I also found what looks like a piston ring. I guess it would have happened eventually, happy it was on a track and could be dealt with easily. I'm just happy that myself or the car weren't majorly harmed. Well the car is damaged, but could have been a lot worse. Excited to start a new setup! NoPulp V2 coming soon! Yes that's a diesel JDM van towing my car LOL. IMG_4512 by Richard Brown, on Flickr
  15. SN95Source Under NEW OWNERSHIP!!

    *couch* more members and activity = more plausible tapatalk is *cough* *cough* start recruiting *cough*