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Orange 94

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  • Birthday 07/28/1994

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  • Website URL NoPulp.ca

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  • Gender Male
  • Location Alberta Canada
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  • Real Name Richard

My SN95

  • Year 1994
  • Model V6
  • Car 1994 Mustang
  • Color Orange
  1. *couch* more members and activity = more plausible tapatalk is *cough* *cough* start recruiting *cough*
  2. Welcome Hope you have a cool v6 build!
  3. Sounds like a noob to me. Welcome
  5. tapatalk. But yeah, it's something that can be considered down the road. Way way down the road.
  6. Hoonigans Smoking Tire 403media Mighty Car Mods Chris Fix - he has a sn95 that he's building for drift, the odd useful vid. I have motortrend on demand, so I don't watch on youtube.
  7. ooooooooooo
  8. Welcome!