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  1. Number Tew

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    Damn that's awesome! I wish I would have found the car before you, since it's where the boss lady's mom lives! Supercharge the 18 and coyote the 2000. But, you'll take better pics and stuff along the way lol
  2. Number Tew

    The future of SN95SOURCE

    Thanks for stepping up Josef. You work enough overtime to make it happen
  3. Number Tew

    My Boss Lady's 2002 Trans Am Collector Edition

    Haha you're telling me. We still have a good bit of stuff to do in the coming weeks on it.
  4. Number Tew

    The Chronicles of 95riosnake's OCD Machine

    I will be excited to see more!
  5. Number Tew

    New forum theme added

    I have been dying for a dark theme! Thanks!
  6. Number Tew

    Direct uploading has been reinstated BUT....

    What kind of offenders are we talking about
  7. Number Tew

    My Boss Lady's 2002 Trans Am Collector Edition

    Alright, as far as I can tell the windows are all adjusted! I went ahead and added some Kilmat to the doors, changed the bulbs out (they have never worked) and put everything back together. I think I made need to make a new vapor barrier. The ones on there were so messed up I just tossed them. But knowing my luck, that’s going to be one of those weirdly impossible things to replace ha! Anyhow, some pics: I popped off the center piece and I’ve been putting the ends in the sun. They seem to be flattening out some. Tonight I might try to hit them with a little heat to try putting everything back together. I really wish I could find a new set of these, I’d be much happier. Thanks for looking!
  8. Number Tew

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    Hey, stop being a bish. Give us dem updates
  9. Number Tew

    My Boss Lady's 2002 Trans Am Collector Edition

    I've always wanted to go for Mustang Week. We may be planning to go to both next year If you look at the link to Hawks for the brace they have a video of the install, in the beginning they show how much it moves. The boss said she saw this one moving around right before we installed. I can assure you this is no placebo part. I was blown away by the difference. I can't wait to see if the SFCs tighten it up some. If anything, I'll have a great place to jack up from. That's one thing about this car, I don't like jacking it up because I feel like there is nowhere good haha
  10. Number Tew

    My Boss Lady's 2002 Trans Am Collector Edition

    Alright time for a quick update. Took the car to Myrtle Beach for the F-Body beach bash. I was a bit nervous taking it on a thousand mile trip but it worked out great. Only issue we really uncovered was the A/C would start out blowing strong, then it would slowly dwindle to almost nothing. I pulled out the blower motor and cleaned out the leaves but that made no difference. Through research we determined it may be the evaporator freezing from improper Freon levels. This seemed likely because I could turn off the A/C and use the vent only and it would blow cold for a while, and slowly get stronger blowing, essentially thawing out the frozen area. So once in Myrtle Beach we got the Freon vacuumed down and filled, though on the return trip it continued to do the same thing. So, I’m stumped. We also noticed some water coming in on the T-Tops when we washed the car. It looks like the seal that goes onto the middle T separator track thingy is possibly mis-shaped. I plan to attack that ASAP. I will also be lubricating the rest of the seals. The driver’s window might need some adjustment because at speed it makes some noise and it seems to let water in as well. Nothing like a trip to find issues! Anyhow, onto the rest of the update: Prior to leaving I installed a Mighty Mouse Solutions catch can. The piece seems to be very high quality. I have not yet checked it to see if we’re getting any oil – either way it’s a nice unit and needed to be done. The one I ordered: https://www.mightymousesolutions.com/product-page/4th-gen-f-body-mild Pics: The Beach Bash was great, and the people at Hawks were awesome. While at the car show I purchased and installed the Strano master cylinder brace. The part is very high quality, install is very simple. One of my biggest complaints with the car thus far is the stopping ability compared to other vehicles we have. This changed that IMMENSELY. By far the biggest improvement I’ve ever seen from any part that installs in minutes. On the way back to the hotel I had to slam the brakes and it felt like the rear end lifted off the ground. Great! We also ordered a set of subframe connectors, though I know there are mixed reviews on how necessary they are. I also ordered a set of UMI lowering springs. The parts that we ordered/installed: http://www.stranoparts.com/partdetails.php?PartID=1466&CategoryID=269&ModelID=7 from Hawks: http://www.hawksmotorsports.com/strano-brake-master-cylinder-brace-93-2002-camaro-firebird/ SFCs: http://www.hawksmotorsports.com/hawks-sinister-93-02-camaro-firebird-weld-in-subframe-connectors-boxed/ Springs: http://www.hawksmotorsports.com/camaro-firebird-1993-2002-lowering-spring-kit-1-25-1-5-lowering-umi-performance/ (I have new shocks to put in at the house already) So all of those parts should be installed soon! During our time in South Carolina we drove the car around a bit and took some pics. We did not do the Autocross (though I really wanted to) mostly because we wanted to make sure we could make it 500 miles back home. We all know stuff breaks when you start having fun. The event looked awesome. Drag racing got cancelled because of damage from Hurricane Florence. She ended up placing in the car show, and it was the only CETA that we saw. I will say, there were probably more deserving cars at the show, but she was really happy to win something. Most people probably did not realize there’s almost 130k on the clock! Either way, it was tons of fun, here are some shots from the trip. Thanks for looking: Bracket pics and install: Touchless Car Wash! On a side note, if you’ve never been to Myrtle Beach – I am pretty sure you could eat at a different breakfast place, seafood buffet for lunch and an Italian restaurant for dinner every single day and not eat at the same place twice for like two weeks. You could also putt putt golf at a difference place every day. It was pretty amusing! After hearing all the cammed cars, she wants H/C/I – good time to uh, freshen up the motor!
  11. Number Tew

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    Lol so you have a raptor powered boat? sick!
  12. Number Tew

    Forum Ban Game

    Banned for using potty language
  13. Number Tew

    Forum Ban Game

    Banned for not coming to Florida in a timely manner.