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  1. Number Tew

    CobraClone's Art Thread

    I am sorry to hear that but congrats on graduating! We may have some work for you soon now that I know you didn't fall off the face of the earth
  2. Number Tew

    CobraClone's Art Thread

    Hey Cobraclone! Good to see you around. Was just thinking about you the other day!
  3. Alright boys and girls, as I am sure you have heard through other posts, @Number Tews Boss Lady bought herself a 2018 GT.Little background:She sold the 2013 MCA, and was on the hunt for something more reliable than the Trans Am to daily drive. Though, she could have probably gone with a 1978 Yugo and been just as well, she was searching for a Boss 302, or Mach/Cobra, something of the like.She called one dealership on a red 2013 Boss, but they gave her the run around on the car. When I called, they said it was still available. When we called to schedule a drive, they said it was gone.Another red 2013 Boss, the dealership took on trade without a good inspection. They said it had too many issues for them to sell it to us (No cats, bad clutch, some sort of weird damage underneath, interior wrecked, etc.)We checked out an 04 Mach. After test driving it, I felt like something was wrong. Sure enough, they said the motor was blown and could not sell it to us.Common theme here I guess.The lot that had the Mach had a Lightning Blue 2018 GT on the lot, but marked down significantly. We inquired, and they acted weird about it. "Um, you know that cost more than the Mach you were looking at right?" - that was almost enough to make us say piss off, but, we kept at it.Test drove the car, loved it.Basically, some old man built the car out to retire in, with the black appearance package (black roof, badges) that likely would not have been ordered. He bought the car and brought it back hours later saying that he could not drive stick because of his hip, returned it and got something else. Hence, the big discount.I believe out the door it was $32k.So, here is a pic of it at the lot the day she got it:First thing we did was the clutch pedal extender. She made me do one in my 2014 as well. This helps her get the clutch pushed all the way down. It's a little weird at first but definitely makes it easier to get the clutch all the way down.We dropped the car off at a Tint World shop that is local. They did a phenomenal job by the way.Basically, we wanted the car to be protected from everything because it will live outside and the Trans Am lives in the garage. We only have two garage spots, it's only fair that we both get one The Tint shop did the following:35% on the front windows15% on the back and rear windshield70% on the front windshield - glass is already at 70% so this is basically clear, just helps to mitigate heat and protect the interior from some of the UV stuff.Paint correction over the entire carA full ceramic coat that is supposed to last 5 years.A clear "self healing" film over the front bumper, entire hood, front fenders, a pillars and half the roof. This should help with rock chips, etc.Black vinyl over the mirrors to go along with the roof.So, the car should now be much better protected from the sun and other elements. I was blown away when I saw it. Even brand new cars need paint correction, this was no exception.She has a video to post of the whole process.On the to-do list is hood struts and a delete panel for the trunk, basically just to debadge the rear.And how could I forget, an MGW shifter of course. I have one in the garage since a customer never paid for it. So, that should be done quick.Anyhow, she has the pics to post. Thanks!
  4. Number Tew

    My Boss Lady's 2002 Trans Am Collector Edition

    Haha Scott! I bet you're right. The not starting issue is a little odd. I don't think it has sat too long and the battery was brand new. I hope it doesn't have some sort of electrical gremlin draining the battery. Once we get the new headlights in she should be driving it more often. LMC truck said they would send us a new set because the current ones are obviously defective.
  5. Number Tew

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    Yes on bumper. I love spending your money
  6. Number Tew

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    I was mowing my lawn the other day, and for some reason I was like "action compaction" - just talking to myself weirdly. Then I was like "Hey, where's Dalamar been anyways?" Now i know
  7. Number Tew

    Number Tew's First House Build Thread

    Alright, so a little bit of an update. We’ve been busy:I conned some friends into coming over to help. I worked on their truck and they let us use it to bring a bunch of stuff to the house!So, we built some borders around the palms. They are not perfect, but they look better than what was there. I don’t have any pics of all the flowers the boss lady has done though.Anyhow, a little before/after:We also did some pavers around the other little garden, but no pics of that. Man, I am slacking!Basically, the front yard is “getting there” – this weekend I finally got around to doing the gate on the other side! I realized, I did not have any pics of it before, and I forgot to take any before taking it down. The next two pics are about as close to “before” pictures as I can get:Nothing too special, just a crappy old gate that would no longer latch, so it was obviously time for a replacement!Decided to make this gate a little larger than the old one, it’s about 68” wide. We built it out of 2x4 for strength. Anyhow, here’s an in progress shot. We are 4 pickets shy of it being complete so I don’t have a finished shot of that either! Maybe this is not much of an update lol!So, with the gate being a bit larger, I need to do some more land leveling. I am laying pavers under the area where the gate opens to prevent grass from growing there and limiting my ability to open up.I just got started on that and felt like I was going to die from heat exhaustion, so I turned in for the day. We went to pick up the new Mustang from the tint shop though. Paint correction, ceramic coating and a film, along with tint obviously. I will let her have the glory of posting those pics though. I must say, it came out beautiful!Anyways, onto the important part of this update:I bought and ran the surround sound setup last year as a proof on concept. The TV I have is 4K, but the receiver can only handle 1080p, so I was missing out!I had a credit to Monoprice, and found a good deal on a 2017 Onkyo receiver from Amazon. So I bought the Monoprice premium speakers, which are apparently just knock offs of much more expensive speakers, and apparently compete just fine with speaker sets that cost $1,000 or so. I am no audiophile, so I am sure they will do just fine!Anyhow, basic shopping list for this update:https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XVFY3M8/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 – Onkyo TX–NR575 - I paid $280https://www.amazon.com/Monoprice-Premium-Channel-Theater-Subwoofer/dp/B00EOZFUYI/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1531100562&sr=8-3&keywords=monoprice+5.1 – Monoprice Premium 5.1 speaker setup - I bought these from Monoprice because I had a credit to their site. Monoprice does charge shipping so just be aware if you notice any major price differences. When I purchased my speakers, Amazon had them for $210 and Monoprice had them at $190 or so. It looks like Amazon has them on sale right now for $165 with free shipping!https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B076X89GRW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 – Bias lighting - $25https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000JE9LD4/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 – Belkin 4320 Joule surge protectorhttps://www.amazon.com/Monoprice-5-Port-Unmanaged-Gigabit-Ethernet/dp/B01KYD0L3I/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1531101080&sr=1-4&keywords=monoprice+ethernet+switch – Five port gigabit switch - $15 or so from MonopriceAlso, I had some cables and such around the house, but I needed some banana plugs and an RCA splitter.So, on with the setup:I started with the bias lighting because it’s simple. I wiped the back of the TV down with some alcohol wipes. Plug in the lighting to the USB port on the TV, figure out a route, and run it. For those who don’t know what bias lighting is – all others can skip:The idea behind bias lighting is that it takes strain away from your eyes when looking at a bright screen in a dark room, based on the way your eyes work. It’s supposed to make your darks look richer as well.In the pic above, the center bar is the same shade the whole way through, but it looks much darker with a light background, it’s the same concept. If you get headaches from looking at screens for too long in dark rooms, this is supposed to alleviate that immensely. I will report on that later.Anyhow:Pulled out the entertainment center, and plugged in the cable.Bias lighting!Then I set up the beast:I picked this one because I really like the option for 6 HDMI inputs. Plus all that other stuff lol!And here is a shot of one of the Monoprice speakers – I will include a pic of the Onkyo it is replacing for comparison:The quality is MUCH higher on the Monoprice units, not that the Onkyo ones were bad, but you can tell the difference.This new system has way more features than I will ever use. It’s a 7.2 setup, so I am working on getting two more speaker for it - probably going to stick with one sub for now though. The receiver can connect to the internet, hence the switch. It can play Spotify, Pandora, etc straight from the box. Or you can connect via bluetooh. Dolby Atmos. I am just excited about it, woo!I feel like I half-assed this update. In every part, I gave you just enough to wonder what the end result was, and never gave the end result!Sorry, stay tuned!Next couple things are to re-sod the front, build the deck and the shed out back. I am also planning to update security, so I will certainly be in touch with Logan for that.
  8. Number Tew

    Ordered a 2018 GT premium PP2

    Lol You have done waaaaay more than we plan to do. I love how you already replaced tires on a brand new car haha! It looks killer. I can't recommend the MGW enough. If you think that bushing made a big difference, you'd be blown away with the MGW.
  9. Number Tew

    Ordered a 2018 GT premium PP2

    We just dropped hers off for ceramic coating, window tinting, and a protective film lol. I'm broke now
  10. Number Tew

    Ordered a 2018 GT premium PP2

    Lol I don't think new cars should win trophies It's such a beautiful color though. It sucks people in lol
  11. Number Tew

    Whats In Your Arsenal

    Century arms is the importer from what I understand.
  12. Number Tew

    Whats In Your Arsenal

    Since you asked.....I shot it today. OMG the gun is a dream. At 50 ft I was blowing the center out of the target, which for a pistol is pretty incredible. Trigger reset is better than any gun I have shot, especially on a factory trigger. I was worried I would have buyers remorse at the $550, but it is very easily worth more. I shot 350 rounds or so. 250 were reloads I bought at a gun show. I had 3 FTE from the batch, however when using 115 grain Federal no issues. There was a notable difference in recoil with the Federal rounds, but this gun is supposed to run with higher grain loads. So right now I completely blame any stove pipe issues on the ammo. All in all, great weapon!
  13. Number Tew

    Ordered a 2018 GT premium PP2

    It looks soooo sick bro!!
  14. Number Tew

    Whats In Your Arsenal

    Exactly, I think he said they were $350 when they first came out or something
  15. Number Tew

    Whats In Your Arsenal

    I have not yet had a chance to shoot it. I am hoping to get a chance in the next couple weeks. Right now they are about $550 and are expected to continue increasing in price because people are hopping on the bandwagon from what I understand.