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  1. What Did You Purchase Today?

    Good stuff!
  2. Number Tew's First House Build Thread

    That's his company. I think he's some kind of supervisor or something. But he borrowed their trailer, fork lift, and a couple workers to bring it all in! They do a lot of really neat stuff. They build a lot at Universal Studios
  3. Number Tew's Number Two Build

    That's how I feel lol
  4. Number Tew's First House Build Thread

    Some quick updates on the house. Finally got around to getting my remote switch done in the living room, then purchased a universal fan remote and set it up the same way, and mounted it to the wall. This was much easier than rewiring the room to add a switch by the bedroom door, and it works exactly the way I hoped! Anyhow: I guess I don’t have a shot of the old ceiling fan, but I replaced it with this one since it was making noise. This one is a 60 inch monster, and it looks pretty good. The one I took out had a hefty 4 bulb light kit with full size bulbs. I put 100W LED bulbs in, so it was like turning on the sun. This one uses Candelabra bulbs (all the fans I looked at did) but I was able to put LED bulbs in at least to help with output. I added to the ventilation a bit in the cabinet, and did some rearranging. I now have the receiver on top since that it was everyone recommends. That alone cut heat down considerably. These Airplate fans are neat. I also bought one of their Aircom fans for on top of the receiver. If I turn that on, I can shed about 20* in a matter of minutes, I would say that is pretty incredible. The shelves are all about function. If anyone is picking up my A/V equipment and judging my shelves, we have more of an issue. Since I rearranged I needed a new hole to pass wires through, and I couldn’t get to my drill in the garage and did not feel like moving the cars around. So, don’t be a chump. Use a hole saw with your hands! It actually worked quite well lol. Here it is as it sits. I have a credit at Monoprice, so I may look into a 4K receiver unless I find something else that they sell that I really need. We will see what the near future holds. I let the system stretch its legs a bit watching all of the Terminator movies. Definitely enhances the viewing experience. I am really happy I finally did it! I have been trying to get a tree company out to do the last few trees and help me with stump removal. I need to get on it quick, since my neighbor just had all of this delivered: So, immediate priority is getting all of the trees finished, then I will knock out the fence ASAP. Then I can put my new shed together, and get some pavers in the back yard for the red car to park on! It’s getting there. Thanks for looking!
  5. Number Tew's Number Two Build

    Finally got around to doing this. Going to get a new oil pan and hopefully officially diagnose the big vacuum leak. Then I can just enjoy it.
  6. Carbon Fiber Repair

    Thomas nailed it on the head. A little bit of epoxy worked in will help keep it in place while you are doing your fiber pieces.
  7. Carbon Fiber Repair

    It should be very forgiving. Chances are you would be good to put a good length connecting the two and soak it good. Probably some epoxy fill. Carbon fiber works very similar to fiberglass. I've seen huge holes cut in the hull of boats patched back up I am sure this will be fine.
  8. Number Tew's First House Build Thread

    Thanks man! I cut out the centers of the shelves and put grates to add a bit more airflow yesterday morning. pics to follow. Also, my neighbor helped, and he couldn't see the lines so they aren't exactly super straight, but they will always have something on them so who cares. For air flow only!
  9. Fox Coupe Color Change?

    You're welcome lol
  10. My Boss Lady's 2002 Trans Am Collector Edition

    Wish I would have known. The boss just went to Festivals of Speed over the weekend which was apparently really cool. I was not able to make it. These are all true. The Silver Springs show is a big deal this year because it's supposed to be the last one.
  11. My Boss Lady's 2002 Trans Am Collector Edition

    I did a smoke test! I think that the hoses weren't totally blown apart until I pulled on them. Are you in town?
  12. Number Tew's First House Build Thread

    We may have to talk. I am assuming it's a more upgraded version. The Onkyo speakers I have are obviously the entry level plastic units. Are these a step up?
  13. My Boss Lady's 2002 Trans Am Collector Edition

    It seems like it is! This was a sneaky leak, and I wish I would have thought to replace hoses earlier. But, I know doing all the stuff we did certainly did not hurt!
  14. Number Tew's First House Build Thread

    hmmmmmmmm, I might need that. But the boss will shoot me