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  1. I too am excited to see what lies beneath the V6 name!
  2. LMAO!
  3. We will have to look into blowing everything out and making sure it's all good in there. And yes, I may need @ttocsto come to Orlando and really help us do a bang up job on the wing
  4. I will look into both of those things. I need to get this done asap before the whole motor starts rusting up from being exposed. Ugh!
  5. The ol Stevenbaum. How I've missed you.
  6. Heart in the right place, we will let it slide hahaha
  7. We all be buying houses
  8. Worst part is, I go out and buy about $70 worth of hole saw and arbor, and still ended having to cut the hole out with a whiz wheel because they said to use the wrong size! All that extra spent to make an easier cleaner hole and still had to do the cave man method lol! We got a steal on the wheels, they popped up on Craigslist and I snagged them up immediately. That was an interesting night in and of itself. The ATM swallowed my bank card and wouldn't give it back lol!
  9. For those who have not tried it, you really need to look into HIIT. It's what most of the serious fitness programs use (P90X, Insanity) to get results. Go for x amount of time as much as possible, take a break, then go again. This ends up being an extremely effective workout in a very short period of time, and you can download a myriad of apps to help you. I like to do 8 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds rest. You can make any easy exercise into a serious workout like that, and it is in just 4 minutes. For example, I just used one of those hand grip things in this fashion. My hands were dying by the time I was done. Push ups, sit ups, light weight curls, sprints (20-10 may be tough for sprints), so on and so forth. It's about working till exhaustion. Me and @Number Tews Boss Lady are going to be hitting it and HIITing it a lot more soon Going on a cruise in August!
  10. I agree, I was joking more than anything. I have said it before. Politics right now is like a middle school dance. The boys and girls (Right and Left) on different sides of the cafeteria. It's why we can't get any serious progress.
  11. I much prefer PC lol
  12. My Post is pretty much what @Bullitt said, only in a seemingly much smaller house with no pool lol. Closed Monday.
  13. Good. One of the major people I was waiting for to come over before I make less appearances over there Hi buddy! <3
  14. Democrats in a nut shell lol