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  1. Door panel help

    A lot of times putting a little bit of electrical tape around the tab closest to the switches will make a huge difference in how tight it stays in, plus it looks a lot better than a screw through the center
  2. What Did You Purchase Today?

    My dad has a GP100 and it's one of my absolute favorite guns to shoot. The grips are incredibly comfortable and it's very accurate. I am contemplating a couple of .38 wheel guns for my ankles in place of the .380s I carry down there. @White95 what's with the plastic?
  3. What Did You Purchase Today?

    That CZ is a super comfy gun. Of course the Ruger is too, otherwise they wouldn't have such a good rep
  4. Full Moon Friday Garage w/ attached house

    I understand exactly what you're saying. The people who had this house before me loved chair rail. It's literally everywhere lol
  5. What Did You Purchase Today?

    i need to bought more along that line
  6. Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon

    Yes, resurrect pls. Coyote pls.
  7. My Little Pony Garage - BLKMAGE

    Like the spacers!
  8. Full Moon Friday Garage w/ attached house

    Really good job! That definitely totally transformed the area!
  9. Welcome To SN95Source.com: 330CubeGT

    Frank! Hi
  10. Full Moon Friday Garage w/ attached house

    It makes you wonder why that wouldn't have been blown out to start with. What wasted space!
  11. Number Tew's First House Build Thread

    You're telling me! And there is still a lot more to do! The city came and grabbed it. They normally do it on Mondays but apparently because it was a larger load than expected they did it on Tuesday. From what I understand there may be a $20 fee. It would cost more than $20 for me to load my Dad's truck up three times and take it all to the dump and pay to dump it, so I consider that more than fair. I am planning to run a bunch of CAT6 all through the house. I might go ahead and grab a couple extra cameras for the front of the house that I hardwire and run to a hard-drive. I have noticed that one thing I love about the wireless ones is the updates, however they only record 10-seconds at a time once activated so it doesn't tell the whole story. If getting to the back of the house is easy in the attic I will probably add a pair back there as well. Or maybe just pre-wire for them. I am going broke lol. Thanks buddy! Today we pulled out two little palms in the front by the driveway. Planning to do large pavers on either side of the driveway to make it a little wider with more useable room. We also tried out the irrigation system (something we never did before purchasing) and were surprised it actually worked quite well. There are a few heads that are busted, but I expected that. I will cap off some of the ones that I don't want anyhow. Pretty happy about that.
  12. Number Tew's First House Build Thread

    Alright, so I have done quite a bit in the past couple weeks but of course there is still plenty left to do. So before getting moved I wanted to get some things set up. I brought my dryer home and tried to wire it up, but it looks like they just used any old 220 plug, and not a dryer plug, so I had to get that swapped out. This is the old one that was there. Here is the dryer I got. $470 as it sits because of the big scratch on the face. It would normally have been $1,300 with the pedestal! Had to swap out the old mail box, kids had blown up bottle rockets in it. Hopefully this one stays nicer longer. Got a much stronger lock installed on the shed, the old one was a weak, easily pickable, padlock. I was at another Lowe’s and decided to check their scratch and dent section. I happened to find a match to the dryer with a tiny dent by the power cord. It was marked down to $700 with no pedestal. Fortunately, they had a big sale going on and that washer without the dent for the same price. I ended up getting it for $670 with the pedestal! Again normally a $1300 unit, so I have a little over $1100 into the normally $2600 washer and dryer set with a tiny dent and scratch. I can deal. Biggest step….MOVING IN: Huge thanks to my buddy Jim for letting me use and abuse his trailer. We managed to bring all of my stuff over with no issues. His Excursion’s trailer wiring was down so he had to use the motorhome lol! Prior to moving in I had the A/C and water heater done, they were both old and on their last legs. The old system was estimated to be a 6 SEER rating 2 ton unit, so upgrading to this 14 SEER 2.5 ton should see considerable savings along with much better cooling. The water heater is a hybrid, so it has a normal heating element but it also has a heat pump. So it takes the hot air from the garage and uses it to heat the water and expels cold air. Reverse A/C and it cools the garage! Normal water heaters are estimated at about $500-$600 yearly cost, these are about $150-$250 but their up-front cost is significantly more. This thing is nearly dead silent when operating. They apparently had a 2x4 holding up the old fan in here. This box was entirely rebuilt and reinsulated and sealed. The drywall needs to be redone from where it was wet in the past, it has molded. That is a big priority. The installer loved Apex connections! Treated myself to a nice DeWalt blower and Husqvarna weed whacker! I bought a Weber grill based on several opinions in the store about their superior quality over cheaper brands. The boss lady should enjoy whipping up eats on here! When trying to set up some shelving, the tracks needed to be cut. I only really knew my immediate next door neighbors thus far, and I asked if I could use a hack-saw. Neither one had one, however they walked me to a fella down the street. He has a 2014 Coyote that matches mine but in silver, so he has to be a pretty good guy. Answers the door, and it’s an OWG (old white guy), no shirt on and a Mustang hat. Yep, we’re friends now. Then he had this monster in his garage. Yes, again, friends. This guy has already been an awesome neighbor. It’s going to be great working on stuff with him I can tell! I got an Arlo camera system for a good deal. I know Evil wants me to hardwire, and I probably will do an additional hardwired system in the future, but for ease of setup and installation a wireless system is hard to beat. The following is some landscaping so far. Some stupidly placed palm trees. One ugly overgrown bush. Another oddly placed poorly trimmed bush. See above for caption lol. These hedges were in rough shape. This is some sort of crazy vine sort of bush that is covered in razor sharp thorns. No. So, this hedge trimmer was given to me many years ago and it sat happily on a shelf totally untouched at my parents’ house. I put a new primer bulb on it; put gas in it and a new spark plug, it fired right up. Thank goodness. It is running a little rough but that is nothing a little adjusting can’t take care of. My dad let me borrow an old Echo chain saw (between 1977-1982) but it was not cutting because the chain was so dull. I could not find a place to sharpen the chain, and could not find a replacement chain (rare ¼” chain) so I bought an axe. You can tell it works: However I ended up finding a blade for the chain saw, so I made a couple of nice clean cuts on the palms for now. The first thing I wanted to do was remove that crazy thorn bush, so the work began: When I got tired of that for the day, I decided to clean up the hedges: The following day the neighbors told me they wanted to help me get some trees taken care of, so we started on the one that was reaching my immediate neighbors house. Big tall oaks are not the easiest things in the world. Anyhow, after some creativity we got it cut back fairly well: Still need a few more good hours to get it totally taken care of. Got that vine thing out by the roots! Nice clean side yard now J Not bad for a few hours work. This is more than 7 feet tall. Anyhow, that’s it for now.
  13. Full Moon Friday Garage w/ attached house

    Looks like a good ol EastWing hammer. Those are well made.
  14. Cashless future?

    I love paying all my bills online. Not having to remember paying keeps me out of the ringer lol
  15. suspension of direct file uploading

    Flickr is still around for free, and works great for pics. No big shake here.