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  1. Not really. SN95s are hardly represented at car shows and stuff anymore, I doubt any sizeable group has gotten together for a cruise any time recently.
  2. Thanks for stepping up Josef. You work enough overtime to make it happen
  3. I have been dying for a dark theme! Thanks!
  4. What kind of offenders are we talking about
  5. Flickr is still around for free, and works great for pics. No big shake here.
  6. Well, we will live farther away now. I bought a house in Ocoee!
  7. I too am excited to see what lies beneath the V6 name!
  8. Good. One of the major people I was waiting for to come over before I make less appearances over there Hi buddy! <3
  9. Ah, the fella with the interesting Dodge lineup and a serious corner carver! Welcome
  10. I've honestly always wondered where your name came from haha
  11. Quit diving in rivers that are burning. We don't want you to get hurt. Welcome aboard
  12. Welcome sir! I have always loved this Roush tribute!
  13. It was hard to stay on top of two forums. I am trying it again for now. There are some key members I would like to come over here, then it's only a matter of time lol
  14. Maybe I am doing it wrong, and maybe one of the more seasoned source members can help me. I look at new posts by going to ac"Activity" then clicking "Unread Content" - how do I get to the last page from there, or do I have to always start at the first page? Can I go directly to the last post? Help
  15. I have been over here worried sick! Good, glad it got there
  16. I thought you had it sorted out! Also, Hi Jeremy! From Jeremy Just saw my buddy's ol' screamin Yellow Terminator today. Made me think of you! Did you ever get the stuff I sent??

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