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  1. FSN BRO! Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  2. God damn it I need to go Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  3. I dont mean to be unbelievably picky, but avatars still show up next to the thread name. The rest of it is working like a charm though
  4. Its gotta be something on my end. I'll play with it a little bit later on and let you know if I make any progress. I just cleared everything, and its still doing the same thing.
  5. yes, your fish deeply offended my grandmother. she grounded me because of it haha so far everything is working good aside from the one facebook problem. Much better!
  6. Thank you, I cant believe I missed that
  7. But isnt that on a person by person basis? I need to block them all. Ill start a thread
  8. I like it so far. One question though, where is the option to turn off avatars and signatures. I can't have some of this stuff showing at work or around certain company (grandma specifically). also, the facebook connect thingy isn't working for me. it pops this up when i click the button
  9. 11 hours through canada. not terrible, we'll see when its closer haha
  10. [MENTION=67]95riosnake[/MENTION] bad idea! [MENTION=5]Det_Riot[/MENTION] will have your house smelling like a Fart everyday, all day
  11. Awesome, glad to see this one on the list
  12. i think having people directing traffic is probably the most fool proof way to do this. There will always be the last car, which would signal the director to pull ahead

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