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  1. stang232

    stang232 95 GT

    few photos of my car from10th annual Mustang Club of Poland meeting There were over 340mustangs all generations.
  2. stang232

    stang232 95 GT

    After interior, I took care of the mustang also outside. Last time I bought a third set of wheels. termi OEM 17 "with Nitto NT555 Maybe it's not a spectacular change, but I like it. The rear tires are 275 with 25 mm, they look better than my other sets. After almost a year, I mobilized and painted trunk with spoiler from cobra 95.
  3. stang232

    exhaust leak on the elbow

    Thank you. I found that thermactor plug is 5/8"-11 1" and ordered in local shop. Next week I will try fix it.
  4. stang232

    stang232 95 GT

    couch on the spot - this is how it looks [yt] [/yt]
  5. stang232

    exhaust leak on the elbow

    End was capped a few years ago. during smog pump delete. It's hard to show but pipe is broken (point at the top of red arrow)
  6. stang232

    stang232 95 GT

    I changed also the front lights. Now Cobra lights look better than one piece style. I also bought two side plastic covers, it is impossible to find a complete cover in Poland.
  7. stang232

    stang232 95 GT

    At the end of 2017, I decided to finish the interior. I prefer darker interiors, so I did not want to trim the saddle leather. I like the original Recaro cloth, I try to find recaro fabric material to use. but I could not. That's why I started looking for complete interior in this color. I bought front seats and rear form Opel Vectra GSI Irmicher because the couch had similar dimensions. This is a comparison. OEM couch in artista black / nardo black . Over the next few days I will try to install it, then I will show the whole interior.
  8. stang232

    exhaust leak on the elbow

    Hi, I need your help. I found exhaust leak on the elbow (see pic) It is broken. What is the name of this part? Shoud I buy new or maybe plug by welding or some blind gasket if this could be unscrewed.
  9. stang232

    Need help!! and vote...

  10. stang232

    Mustangs in the UK

    Yes I'm from Europe. Exactly from Poland. Nice to know that in UK there is still some Sn95 fan. I met friend from Malta Mustang Club who is living in UK. He is owner of 96 GT, Terminator and Boss 302. Nice guy and crazy on the mustangs.
  11. stang232

    Mustang Day 2017, France, Magny Cours

    1st May we were already on the track early in the morning. First Briefing, then looking the car park as soon as 340 cars arrived. Unfortunately Sn95 modestly represented 94-98 1 V6 copue, 1 V6 conv, 96 GT export coupe and my 95 5.0 99-04 1 Terminator from UK, and 4 GT conv and coupe. There were also several foxes but the same trend as in Poland. Fewer and fewer Sn95 on European roads have been left in good shape, and the cost of restoring cars in bad shapei is so big that they has been scrapped. from 8 to 12 was time for few 20minutes session. At 14:00 was start of the parade on track
  12. stang232

    Mustang Day 2017, France, Magny Cours

    Relax - I'll show you everything
  13. stang232

    Mustang Day 2017, France, Magny Cours

    before Mustang day at Magny Cours was Classic days with over 2000 diffrent cars. Since 1908 Merceds to Formula 1 Renault. Most of them rode on the track. Part of the exhibition was for Mustangs.
  14. stang232

    Mustang Day 2017, France, Magny Cours

    Dinner with friends from Italy, Malta and Germany
  15. stang232

    Mustang Day 2017, France, Magny Cours

    We had 1500 km from Poland one way plus everyone had to ride on the track. That's why we decided on took lorries and get two extra partys on the bus.