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  1. AustinX56

    car running weird

    will try and get that figured out soon, since its not a daily driver i dont need to hop on this right a way, but ill hook up a gauge and see, what pressure should it be at
  2. AustinX56

    car running weird

    replaced that 3 moinths ago, she been starting better since ive been driving it more, but when im at cruising speed it stalls to 0 rpm's for a second the jumps back into place....iac or tps?
  3. AustinX56

    cool car show location (pics)

    lol i want to do that at the university of florida football field but thats pretty much impossible any time...
  4. AustinX56

    Post your favorite pictures of your car!

    now that I have some low im all pics are my favorite lol
  5. AustinX56

    car running weird

    she started right up
  6. AustinX56

    cool car show location (pics)

    thats awesome, my wife is from that part of PA, Bethelpark. I was told that they are having a car show on that same street here on the 4th of july with fireworks, that would be cool if it comes through. they will close the block down again as well..
  7. AustinX56

    car running weird

    crank no start the let it sit then fires back up
  8. the city closed down a whole block for a car show. my 94 was the newest one there and most of the cars where chevys, but I got a few good pics of mine
  9. AustinX56

    Member Pics Thread

    ill play along
  10. AustinX56

    Fresh wax job, amazing shine

    yup I have that, its a paste wax.
  11. AustinX56

    Fresh wax job, amazing shine

    thanks bud, but its actually ES performance red, i bit brighter than rio.
  12. AustinX56

    Fresh wax job, amazing shine

    their stuff makes my 94 look new http://www.chemicalguys.com/
  13. AustinX56

    finally got that drop