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  1. 18x8/18x10 True Forged Chicanes

    Putting these back up here. They're now up to a total of 1200 miles (on wheels and tires). Wheels and tires for $3k. Front's have 5" BS, rear's have 6.4" BS @Prokiller @Yeahloh95 @Evilcw311 - tell your friends! lol
  2. Fox Coupe Color Change?

    I can't photoshop... but I vote Dark Highland Green.
  3. Shadow's Build 1993 Notch

    Quick question.... Does your fender say "Tang Yang" on it? lol
  4. 95 GT auto DFG vert

  5. Post your fall/winter project

    Already started tearing my notch apart, fixing some rust on the strut towers, new engine going in, all kinds of fun stuff lol.
  6. Random parts I have for sale.....

    I will say that the intake is deceiving as hell for looking stock. If you're trying to fool someone, it's a good way to do it lol. I'm sure it flows MUCH better than it used to.
  7. Random parts I have for sale.....

    lol, done deal!
  8. Random parts I have for sale.....

    $5 for everything you have left!!
  9. My Boss Lady's 2002 Trans Am Collector Edition

    Love those cars. I had a '95, car was a blast even with the LT1. However, it got rear ended by a Grand Cherokee and didn't make it back home.
  10. Project White95

    Looks good man!
  11. The newest release from Ridetech is the coilover four link for the 1973-1987 Chevy C10. The shop truck has been a phenomenal test mule! Check out the link and let me know if you have any questions! We're offering free shipping on these for a limited time. Also, if you call me directly and order up a four link/kit, I'll throw in a free shirt of your choice! https://www.ridetech.com/info/2017/09/muscle-truck-new-square-body-coilover-suspension-system/ https://www.ridetech.com/products/bolt-on-4-links/1973-1987-chevy-c10-bolt-on-4-link/
  12. Help me decide what color to paint my cam covers!!

    If the engine bay is going to be white, I vote gloss black or gloss white. You can make it super clean looking.
  13. Guess what I got back...

    What's your email?
  14. Guess what I got back...

    I tried to make a flickr account but it said my email was associated with a username that I know isn't mine. I don't even know how that's possible... So I guess I'm just going to stay without posting pictures on here.
  15. Guess what I got back...

    No doubt. Well, I suppose I'll find another route.