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  1. Looks good man! I do a little bit of detailing myself. I love it when a person brings me a nice car to start with!
  2. Those hoodies were really warm! I had one but somehow managed to lose it.
  3. ^^ I would be afraid to put my camera there, lol. I have too bad of luck .
  4. Looking good!
  5. We have plenty of shirts in stock, Dan . @95riosnake
  6. Looking good man!
  7. Haha, changed it and now we're good to go!!
  8. I vote for 4.10's in the Cobra. The two 4v cars I had loved the steep gear.
  9. When you say "renew", what are you meaning? I just want to make sure that you got our payment. I know it came out of the account so I hope you got it . I don't know if there's anything else I can help with but let me know if you have any ideas. @Bullitt
  10. I drove a fox a few weeks ago with the Cardone #22-280 a few weeks ago. I'm definitely going to be making the swap as soon as I can get around to it, the car drove perfectly.
  11. Where I am.... I call that way too damn much rain! lol
  12. lol, glad you stopped by! Trust me, I wish I was at the show. I was at home contemplating whether or not I should start building an arc. We got up to 10.5" of rain between Friday night and Saturday morning....
  13. We don't have compressors that big