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  1. Pushrod91

    Cruise/Get together in Ramona

    Keeps the wanna be gangstas and bitches out
  2. Pushrod91

    Cruise/Get together in Ramona

    It's home of the Big Meanie
  3. Pushrod91

    New ride

    Subframe/jacking rails next.
  4. Pushrod91

    What Did You Purchase Today?

    67 GTO. Real 242 car. Not a clone. 400/4bbl. 3 spd auto with His/Hers shifter. Original Crager wheels. Original white interior. Has some issues but nothing major. [emoji1]
  5. Pushrod91

    New ride

    I like it... But you're not Bob...
  6. Pushrod91

    Project Pro-Touring Fox

    Fox Love!!!!
  7. Pushrod91

    Some Mustang Love

    Its not done.
  8. Pushrod91

    Some Mustang Love

    Here's a few more pics from today. Cut the mm subframe connector to make room for a Roush side exit exhaust. It will also get a flat plate on top. And then jacking rails installed with some triangular braces to the connectors to brace it and strengthin it.
  9. Pushrod91

    Some Mustang Love

    Im here every day reading what's going on. Just don't post much. And with the chest hair. I like to live dangerous. Haha
  10. Pushrod91

    Some Mustang Love

    Thanks on the beard. Lol. Jack stands are awesome for having the weight of stuff on when you pull its supports. Lift is my new bestest awesomest additions.
  11. Pushrod91

    Some Mustang Love

    Had a couple friends come over and helped them on their cars. Did some welding on some torque boxes and battle box install. Rear sway bar install on one car. Then Lower control arms and relocation brackets on 01yellercobras wife's car. Figured I'd share a few pics.
  12. Pushrod91

    "Murphy's Law" A 92 Bronco story. sold

    Make engine cage with cross bar and cut the rear panels. make hoops. Stock height with long travel.
  13. Pushrod91

    Moving the radiator

    I have torches and a welder. Lets mount it on the back window prerunner style.
  14. Pushrod91

    Next Project!!

    It actually runs pretty damn good. If it don't sell I'm seriously considering putting a bottle to and run dat bich. Lol