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  1. Zach

    zach's 1995 gt build

    Haven't posted much but have been busy with the car. Picked up a gen 1 b&g kit with a precision 70/75 tial bov precision waste gate.
  2. Zach

    The Thompson's 98 Cobra Vert Build

    Mine has the same thing and has never leaked.
  3. Zach

    Pics of 18" rims/tire setup

    Yeppers they are 3inch arp studs.
  4. Zach

    Winter Plans/Builds

    Try and to make up my mind on which for of forced induction I want to do, d1 procharger or turbo..... I can't make up my mind haha.
  5. Zach

    Pics of 18" rims/tire setup

    I am basically the same but with an 11inch wide wheels and I would be scared to go any lower than I am now.
  6. Zach

    zach's 1995 gt build

  7. Zach

    zach's 1995 gt build

    Got it all wrapped up, slp lm1 catback installed and everything else. I have to say I was worried the lm1's would be to loud but they are actually just the right medium in between loud and quiet. For some reason the h&r springs that came with the irs have the rear of the car sitting a fair amount lower than the front so I had to throw a set of Mach wheels on there to drive it around. The Ccw's were basically sitting on the fenders, I put the old rubber isos in there so figured that was some of the problem so I orderd 2 sets of new urethane isolators to put in there and stack of need be to get me by until I can get a set of mm coilovers for this thing. Over all I feel this is one of the best mods I have done for this car, I do not believe I have ever enjoyed driving it as much as I do now. The car is so planted to the road and instills a great amount of confidents in the bends.
  8. Zach

    Stingracer's Build Thread

    My cars twin!!! Looks great man I can't believe how much a difference the first paint correction made on my car.
  9. Zach

    zach's 1995 gt build

    Well the guy I traded with has had a couple of 8 and 9 second Cobras and basically hates irs, he said he hasn't had his most recent car a week and was ready to get rid of it and I was in the right place at the right time.
  10. Zach

    zach's 1995 gt build

    Yea my sra had Yukon 31 spline axles Yukon locker, welded tubes arp cap studs diff girdle cobra brakes and gt brakes went with it, maximum motor sports extreme duty weight jacket lower control arms, cobra spec stock boxed uppers, h&r torque arm springs mm valved bilstiens, braided brake lines and all the other stuff. For the money I had in my sra it was a pretty fair trade.
  11. Zach

    zach's 1995 gt build

    Even trade!!
  12. Zach

    zach's 1995 gt build

    Yea I believe he did, I'm working on it now and just drilled up into the trunk. I'm really surprised how thin the metal is in the trunk vs the bottom of the frame rail
  13. Zach

    zach's 1995 gt build

    Yea I believe he did, I'm working on it now and drilled up into the trunk, I'm really surprised how thin the metal is in the trunk compared to on the bottom of the Frame rail.
  14. Zach

    zach's 1995 gt build

    Is that how you did it? Running long bolts into the trunk?