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  1. The negative outpouring was certainly to be expected. The MW staff has done GREAT for the past 15 years, this July 2016 is no exception. I had a great time this year, and even learned more about my car and how it deals with the heat. I kind of expect the heat during mustang week. Its summer / July in South Carolina! This was already mentioned, but the mall construction took away that venue. The Convention center certainly has the space. Vendors inside, car show outside, and way more room. I just hope for everyone sake that they do a bit better job at getting people into the place. It took us almost an hour sitting in the heat to get in there for the Meet and Greet. The time frame is just awful, but again, their hands were tied. The city brings up the burnouts and horseplay every time a suggestion is made and the actions of a few have finally taken their toll. This year was FAR less dumbness than previous years, but still, history can't be rewritten. Aside from families that have school starting, there's also family traditions on Labor day. Families keep those close to home, and either have local events or attend local events. It's a nice break for the kids / teachers / students after the stress of starting a new school year. It is a pretty big conflict for my wife and I. We are part of the crew that supports multiple racers at the Yellow Bullet Nationals, which is held Labor Day weekend every year. Rain date is the folowing weekend. Last year one of those racers was in the winners circle for Super Street and this year there is a strong chance at a repeat. There's also a strong chance at winning 10.0 index for one of our racers. I'm PSYCHED about this weekend! I really cant imagine the logistics and financial hit it would cause for us to do YBN and then head right down to Myrtle Beach in 2017. It's just crazy. I hope for 2018 the MW staff are able to make it on a weekend other than labor day, for everyone's sake! I also hope they entertain having it in an entire different state all together. Maybe one that could use the HUGE influx of $$$ the event generates. I'm biased, but what about Maryland? There beaches, dragstrips and a raceway within a reasonable distance. Or Virginia, which has the same? You could even go north and have something in the poconos - Island dragway isnt far, you have the Pocono Raceway. and it would be right in my back yard ok, Rant off. Sorry for the novel, but I type fast.
  2. Would be nice to meet you while we are down there!
  3. I got all the issues worked out after the engine install. I'm PSYCHED with how well the car is running. The moates QH is really contributing!!! I'll be heading down to Virginia on Friday to see family, then getting on the road early Saturday to finish the trip. I'd love to cruise with some people if possible!
  4. Its pretty cool that you've joined us! Welcome, and glad to have you here!!!
  5. I will be going again this year. Still working out some minor issues after the engine / trans install in the 94. Which reminds me, I need to update that build thread!
  6. MW was great - are there any of these shirts left over? or can we still order more?
  7. Looks good to me! I usually only check it when we get there, but that forecast looks fantastic!
  8. I definitely won't be a stranger! hopefully I can make it down there. I've gone before - and yes, traffic was just aweful. What time does everything start in the morning?
  9. This is an option, but may be a day trip for me. Which day is best to come?
  10. Mustang week is always a good time! I need to get my countdown going now too...
  11. I'm booked! I'll be in a condo at the Barefoot Resort and Golf. Too bad I don't golf - the courses are really nice. We do throw the frisbee around though! Keep me in the loop!!!

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