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  1. ESGT

    NMRA Bowling Green Kentucky

    I will be there, make this event every year.
  2. A good friend from S.C. received some bad news about his sister-in-law, some of you may know him he is with a foxbody club. I am including a message from him and a link to a fb page about the benefit, if anyone can attend it would be appreciated. https://www.facebook.com/events/1486427888317907/ my wifes sister, Darlene, has been diagnosed with stage 4 uterine adenosarcoma. This is a very rare cancer that came out of nowhere and is extremely aggressive. Darlene's husband has worked for me for 10 years and as you can imagine this is very hard on him, their children and the rest of the family. I offered to help anyway I could, but something inside told me that I needed to do SOMETHING to try and help them through this. They are working with the Mayo clinic, and Dana Farber now to try and get her to Boston, or Jacksonville for the best, most modern treatment accessible. Tim is a car guy too, so the first thing that came to mind was doing some type of a car show/cruise in. I reached out to Jeff, KB and Troy for ideas and help and this is what we have decided to do. 100% of everything we can raise will go directly to helping Darlene, Tim and their kids fight through this. Sunday September 13th, 2015 from 12-4 we are going to host a cruise in here at Spartanburg Meat Processing. $20 per car gets you into the cruise in and that will include 2 tickets for ALL YOU CAN EAT BBQ RIBS. We will have the grills going the entire time the show is going on, so there will be no shortage of food. I will get some sides to go along with this too, and of course some drinks. Also to make sure the entire family feels welcome and is entertained, Pure Recreations LLC has offered to bring several bounce houses, a dunk tank, a snowcone trailer along with popcorn and fresh cotton candy. ALSO, we will have a cornhole tournament going on...........$5.00 to enter and the winner will take home a $100 box of BBQ ribs to enjoy at home. We will have Music, door prizes, and a 50/50 raffle going on also. Im sure I will be leaving a lot of details out since my mind is going in 100 different directions right now, but hopefully the just of it is listed here. This is a great chance to get together after church on a Sunday, enjoy some BBQ, check out the plant if you want, and to support someone who really needs our thoughts and prayers right now. This is being promoted all over FB, and it has been passed around to all my vendors here at work. It should be a great variety of all sorts of hotrods, mustangs, motorcycles, 4x4's etc. anything and everything is welcome. If you don't have a car you want to bring, just bring the family and we will still have BBQ ribs for sale and plenty of things to do. Spartanburg Meat Processing 3003 North Blackstock Rd Spartanburg, SC 29301
  3. ESGT

    Hot Rod article

    You might recognize a couple. http://www.hotrod.com/events/coverage/1508-mustang-week-2015-largest-gathering-of-mustangs-in-the-world/
  4. ESGT

    Independence Day Give Away!

    2001 with BBK EL shorties, BBK catback, MagnaFlow exhaust, 4.10 rear, Tubular Upper and lower control arms, Steeda springs, Energy Suspension urethane bushings through out, MM subframe connectors, EBC pads, dimpled/slotted rotors, Nitto 555, HID headlights and foglights, LED lights in rear and dash,
  5. I want a Xl, what is the process for ordering?
  6. ESGT

    The Scourge's Budget Supercar - '02 Saleen S281SC

    Congrats on the new car and the graduation, I love the looks of the new edge Saleens. I will not make MW this year but will try to be in Charlotte for the fall autofair
  7. Waiting to get into the field at the mall https://youtu.be/jtZ3uEXq9K4
  8. ESGT

    Keys and Factory Remote

    If you have two original keys you can get a copy made cheap by a locksmith, otherwise plan on spending 50 dollars and up for a replacement key. You can cheat and tape the transponder part to the column and just get a "door" key made anywhere. The system will think it is a normal key with the transponder taped to the column
  9. HSS in not going to be a sponsor for 2015, sounds like a lot of folks may stay on the north end. I know it is summer in Myrtle Beach but I think they will miss the Mustang crowd.
  10. Curious, why did you change out all the wiring?
  11. ESGT

    Welcome To SN95Source.com: VENOMUZ98

    Nice Cobra, I like those style Cobra wheels one of my favorites.