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  1. laddanator

    Ladd's Mystic Teminator Build

    I will Probably not going that route! Lol How do you know, Jon? Where do you live? And yes, will get some pics, and that video up.
  2. laddanator

    Ladd's Mystic Teminator Build

    Wow! You would not believe how much Mysty has changed since I started this build thread! I need to get all my pics, and stuff organized to seriously update this thread! So I'll post a little something I'm doing this weekend. I'm install touch start. Not push start, but touch start. Doing it the right way. This isn't a turn your key, push a button kinda thing. This will be an electronic fob that you keep in your pocket, and touch a button deal. Car doors will automatically unlock as I approach the car, and lock as I move away from the car. Neat little setup!
  3. laddanator

    Ladd's Mystic Teminator Build

    Hey, guys! A serious elbow injury took me out of the game for awhile. I'm slowly coming back around. Just got my Airtech airbag stuff today, and waiting on a set of custom Speedhut gauges to be delivered. Also got a dash out of an 04 to put in Mysty. Couldn't take not actually having the right dash for my dual din, and 04 Cobra fuse box. I had to do some hacking to my 96 dash to make it all work, and it has bugged me for over a year.
  4. laddanator

    Ladd's Mystic Teminator Build

    Sorry for the slow updates; lots going on. Nothing wrong with the motor in Mysty now. I actually sold the motor that I used in the swap, which is pretty much paying for the new motor. I'm installing bigger cams, and if I'm going to pull the motor for this (I know it's not required, but easier) I figured I'd make some other upgrades as well. Better pistons, rods, oiling system, heads, timing chain guide dowels, and so on. I've never like using a motor that I didn't build. I'm also doing a complete wire tuck, ScootRodPanels, with a complete repaint of the engine bay, and entire car (another reason I'm pulling the motor). The swap motor had more miles on it than I liked, and just wanted to start with a zero mile rebuilt motor, setup the way I liked. I hope to get some more pics up soon. More goodies have arrived!
  5. laddanator

    Ladd's Mystic Teminator Build

    Block is off to MPR today. Won't return until March!
  6. laddanator

    Ladd's Mystic Teminator Build

    So my build has changed again. I'm going to use a GT500 M122 blower setup. Cobra Engineering makes a lower adapter plate for this swap. Proven over 600 HP with the proper setup, which most of it I have. Cost me a grand between the blower, and kit. You can't beat that price, for the HP!
  7. laddanator

    Ladd's Mystic Teminator Build

    I talked to Gibtec today, 1300 is correct, but then you have to buy rods. I have no doubt best pistons, but probably overkill for my project. I can get Wiseco pistons, rods, wrist pins, and rings for 1300 on sale. I just found out Teksid block one is out. Been bored 20 over, and I can't remember if torque plates were used. This means for Tim, to hone, and use torque plates now, I'd have to get an odd ball 3.576 piston made or go 30 over. That's just too thin for me. I have a 49 thousand virgin Teksid block that I will use instead. Get it bored 20 over, and I can use the common 3.572 piston.
  8. laddanator

    Ladd's Mystic Teminator Build

    I also looked at Gibtec as well. What did they price you for a set?
  9. laddanator

    Ladd's Mystic Teminator Build

    Just wanted to go ahead and get this started. I did a complete 04 Cobra swap, front to back on my 96 Mystic few months ago. I have a Teksid block laying around, and now have decided to rebuild it to Terminator specs. I will post pics, just wanted to get this build thread started. I rebuilt this Teksid 7 thousand miles ago, but felt like it need another go. I'm sending the block to Tim, over at MPR (Mustang Performance Racing) to work his magic. I'm going with Wiseco pistons, and rods. The Wiseco stuff has been proven to be stronger than Manley stuff, and come with 7/16 ARP rod bolts, instead of the 3/8 stuff Manley comes with (or so the Manley's in the Cobra). I'm using a brand new set of Ford Racing DC heads for this build, with Brian Tooley springs, and L&M GT500 Custom grind cams. Here is a few pics. I will get all of these in order as I do it. 1. The new Heads 2. Cobra Engineering 8mm Dowel Upgrade Kit 3. Teksid Bare and Ready To Ship
  10. laddanator

    Subframe-Side Exhaust

    Dan, my side exhaust is ran a tad different than yours. Most of my exhaust is in the rear, so maybe I wouldn't have to mod much on the subframes. I can do a lot of things, but haven't done a lot of welding, which I do plan to change in 2016. I'm going to get me a welder, and start practicing. Those look nice as well. I need some bad. Every since I did the 04 Cobra swap into Mysty, I keep breaking exhaust hangers, and such with the new HP, and torque.
  11. laddanator

    Subframe-Side Exhaust

    I was looking at this kit http://buystifflers.com/FITSystem1994-2004Mustang.aspx Has anyone installed these web style subframes with SVO side skirts, and side exhaust, or can it even be done?
  12. laddanator

    New Side Exhaust

    Not a lot of folks used the one chambers anyway, well not in my area. Definitely a nice sound coming out the side. Only thing that bugs me, is I can't hear that sweet Eaton whine from inside the car anymore. Thanks! Once my hood gets painted, I'm going to shoot a better video in wide-screen HD format.
  13. laddanator

    New Side Exhaust

    Yes it does! Lol
  14. laddanator

    New Side Exhaust

    So, I had new one chamber Flowmaster side exhaust installed last week on Mysty. Muffler man did a good job on making it all work. I made two flyby videos. Yes...I know the phone wasn't turned right. Yes....I know that one of the videos, the video is glitchy. Yes...I know on the second video, someone tried to call, and the video is vibrating, but you can still hear the car! Yes...I know my new hood hasn't been painted. Lol Cellphone sound doesn't do this video justice. https://youtu.be/hVF8utXAIZg https://youtu.be/NIYZNuzkIJI
  15. laddanator

    Side Shot

    Which ones did you order? It was about two weeks.