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  1. Caboose302

    random misfire

    So far, so good. I've been driving it since Friday around town and I haven't had it come on yet. Hopefully it stays that way. I still may send the injectors out to get flow tested just for my own peace of mind.
  2. Caboose302

    random misfire

    Picked the car up a couple days ago. They still have to order a new fuel line in to be able to reinstall the filter. It's not that expensive so it's not a big deal. Turned out the fuel line they used to bypass the filter wasn't even fuel line. Just regular rubber hose so it was starting to deteriorate and clog the injectors. Put some fuel line in temporarily and cleaned the I Hector out and she's running MUCH better. Still a little hesitation at idle but off idle runs much better. I forgot how quick this car used to be lol.
  3. Caboose302

    random misfire

    Thanks for the help. I'll update when I find more out.
  4. Caboose302

    random misfire

    Lol... Weeeellll. I started thinking "if it IS debris in the injector maybe I need to replace the filter". Turns out someone before me took out the fuel filter completely. There's just a section of fuel line ran where it's supposed to be. I have it at a shop for an estimate to replace that line with a factory style. So I'm almost certain there's junk in the injectors. Also I did do the resistance check on the injectors. 6 of them were 14.3-14.5. I had 2 that were 15.8 and 16.0 so they're shot but I have 2 extra ones I can possible throw in there. I'm going to have them cleaned and refurbished just to be safe.
  5. Caboose302

    random misfire

    I'll double check that. I may just spend the extra coin and get the MSDs again. Thanks!
  6. Caboose302

    random misfire

    Awesome thanks man!
  7. Caboose302

    random misfire

    It started with the MSD Supers I had on it before. That's why I replaced them. I swapped a couple wires and it didn't make a difference. I wish it was that easy lol. Well I'm a little embarrassed I hadn't thought I'd that. I'll swap them around and see if that makes a difference. Would different injectors have different Ohm readings (ie 30# vs 19#) ?
  8. Caboose302

    random misfire

    Ok so now that my 96 is back up and running I was driving it around the past couple days and it ran absolutely fine. Then the random misfire I had last year popped back up. Last year before it sat for 9 months, it would have a random misfire on cylinders 7 & 8. I replaced all the quick ones... NGK Plugs, FRPP wires, I had a spare coil I threw on to see and NOTHING had helped. Fast forward to last week when I start the car up and it runs perfect. Not even a hiccup in the idle. Three days later it starts misfiring horribly. My buddy asked if I had tested the injectors, and while I had checked to make sure they're firing, I cant really do a flow test on them. Could it be the injectors had gotten a piece of debris that dislodged after it sat and then plugged up the hole again after it ran for a while? If so has anyone had any experience with having their injectors sent out and cleaned? I'd rather not spend $300 on new ones.
  9. Caboose302

    Who has the go-to parts for internals now?

    Well I appreciate all the info, but as it turns out I won't be pulling the motor anyway. Turned out to be a loose crank pulley due to the POS piggyback under drive pulley. I should have diagnosed it earlier but at the time, it had a misfire that I couldn't figure out and then the knock happened so I just got tired and parked it. So now I just have to fix the misfire... again. I'm still going to use the info here and build a teksid for later, though. Thanks to everyone for the info!
  10. Caboose302

    Who has the go-to parts for internals now?

    LOL I won't be pushing 800 anytime soon. I'd like to go with a Procharger at some point and I probably will IF I keep the pistons I have. I'd still only be looking for 550-600 absolute max so I'd like to build it fro 700 just to give me some room. 800+ would scare the shit out of me in this car. It doesn't get traction with 300 whp. I'd still like to be able to drive it everyday, lol. I really have no idea until I get them pulled. All I know is my tuner was trying to figure out why I was so down on power when my setup should have been making way more. He threw a scope down a spark plug hole and said my pistons "look like soup bowls" lol. Thanks everyone for the info! I'll look into Molner, Manley and the Boss rods. My friend used to work at a speed shop so hopefully he can hook me up with getting the crank turned if I have to and if not, I think he can get me a deal on Eagle cranks.
  11. I'll be pulling my engine this week to fix a rod knock. Not sure if it's just a bearing or if I'll need a new crank/rods. If so, what are the good parts to use now? Last engine I built was for a Fox and Eagle made good parts. Now I've been hearing they're not as good as they used to be. Is it Mod Max or MMR I want to stay away from? I have forged pistons but I don't know if I'm keeping them since they're dished and I won't be going FI for a while.
  12. Caboose302

    What automotive youtube channels are you subscribed to?

    1320video- I don't watch much anymore since they seem to be all roll racing videos now. Superspeedersrob Recjavixx(mostly off road redneck stuff) Leno's Garage Regular car review Car Throttle Doug Demuro
  13. Caboose302

    Well that was interesting...

    Funny thing is i didn't really like this color before I got it. I bought it off a buddy who was letting it sit in his garage for a year. I planned on fixing it up a bit and trading for another Fox. Ended up liking it so I kept it. That's what I figured but I even reset my password and it still wouldn't log in from my home computer, work computer, tablet or phone. Oh well. Thanks everyone!
  14. Caboose302

    Whats In Your Arsenal

    Should I just list them or?....
  15. Caboose302

    Well that was interesting...

    Ok so I'm not really new... I guess? I signed up in 2013 but apparently haven't been on since then. Found that out when I went to sign up for an account and said I already had one lol. I'm coming from sn95forums.com. I've been trying to log on over there for 6+ months but I never could so I figured I was banned for some reason... Then I re-download Tapatalk and found out I could get on from there and got a message from @White95 about the takeover. Anyway I have a 1996 Tangerine GT that had the engine start knocking last year. I was already tearing into a restoration on my 1967 chevy pickup so the Mustang got put on the back burner. Finally getting a break when it goes off for bodywork so I'll be pulling the motor and seeing what the damage is. I'm sure I'll be on here trying to relearn everything I've forgotten over the years. The old team at the "other" site was awesome so I'm looking forward to my time here.