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  1. Funny thing is i didn't really like this color before I got it. I bought it off a buddy who was letting it sit in his garage for a year. I planned on fixing it up a bit and trading for another Fox. Ended up liking it so I kept it. That's what I figured but I even reset my password and it still wouldn't log in from my home computer, work computer, tablet or phone. Oh well. Thanks everyone!
  2. Ok so I'm not really new... I guess? I signed up in 2013 but apparently haven't been on since then. Found that out when I went to sign up for an account and said I already had one lol. I'm coming from sn95forums.com. I've been trying to log on over there for 6+ months but I never could so I figured I was banned for some reason... Then I re-download Tapatalk and found out I could get on from there and got a message from @White95 about the takeover. Anyway I have a 1996 Tangerine GT that had the engine start knocking last year. I was already tearing into a restoration on my 1967 chevy pickup so the Mustang got put on the back burner. Finally getting a break when it goes off for bodywork so I'll be pulling the motor and seeing what the damage is. I'm sure I'll be on here trying to relearn everything I've forgotten over the years. The old team at the "other" site was awesome so I'm looking forward to my time here.

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