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  1. SN95 Coyote Swap

    Looks awesome man!
  2. The never ending 2v turbo build

    Seriously. It's one of those things you kind of just take for granted it will all go as planned but all it takes is a failure on a single weld or bolt and you could really ruin $10k and a lot of time invested pretty darn quick
  3. The never ending 2v turbo build

    I honestly didn't even think of it at the time. And its even more of a smack on the forehead because I just got a Donathen tubular support today so the front bumper has to come right back off anyway lol. If I can't find a local one to borrow that will work this time around I did find one that Harbor freight sells as their 2 ton that should do the trick if need be. So maybe this weekend I'll give it another go
  4. The never ending 2v turbo build

    Well, was a bad day yesterday but could have been worse. To make a long story short, I borrowed a cherry picker from a buddy to use. Was rocking and rolling, got engine on the picker and for whatever reason the weight of the engine literally started to bend and tear the bottom leg to the reacher arm apart. Could have easily dropped the motor if it weren't for the 2 bolts holding on to dear life. Luckily, I was able to swing the motor back on the stand and get 1 bolt to hold it in. Had to run to Harbor Freight just to quick buy another picker to get a new chain on it, which was a success. Thank god I saved the motor, could have easily fell on the oil pan. So go it all setup on the new picker and went to drop it in and its about 2' too short lol. So put the motor back on the stand and called it a day. Returned the new stand I bought and think I found another one a neighbor has to use maybe for next weekend or the weekend after I'll give it another shot
  5. The never ending 2v turbo build

    motors going in tomorrow. measured and I have 1" wiggle room between dropping this thing in with the headers attached vs. the inside of the shock towers, so will be close.
  6. The never ending 2v turbo build

    Sorry guys don't know what that's about. I just went onto Photobucket and it looks like you have to upgrade the account for a small charge of $400 to unlock the prior pictures. I should be good to post going forward but I guess any precious pictures are gone into the intrawebz. no update since I got the car back. Had to travel for work and won't get home until Friday. Hoping maybe Sunday I can drop the motor in
  7. The never ending 2v turbo build

    haha thanks man...tell me about it. Decided this will be my last big hoorah with this car so doing it the way I've always wanted to. After this build going to just enjoy the car going forward. How has yours been?
  8. The never ending 2v turbo build

    Thank you sir! They really did do a great job and it was much worth the wait
  9. The never ending 2v turbo build

    Finally got her home, and got her all cleaned up today. Unfortunately I have to travel for work so I probably won't have the motor in for another week or 2, but just nice having the car back home
  10. The never ending 2v turbo build

    Thanks man!
  11. The never ending 2v turbo build

    Thanks buddy
  12. The never ending 2v turbo build

    Going to pick her up Monday morning
  13. Who has the go-to parts for internals now?

    He just did that as a joke, its back to NA SVT
  14. The never ending 2v turbo build

    My fender wells are jam packed after relocating all my computer/harness junk inside them along with trans cooler. And don't really like lines running and crossing over from the valve covers so I think this would be the cleanest way to set it up