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  1. Glad to hear it. Then he'll be able to make them for you guys no problem. I even have an extra one in white if anyone wants it.
  2. Matt hasn't been on since June. Doubt he's gonna be able to make you guys some.
  3. Welcome. I like the brakes. Polished?
  4. Looks great guys! Very modern looking.
  5. Looking good gents. I could get use to those colors!
  6. I sure hope no one is using internet explorer unless they are stuck in the 1950's. I've used all of them and Chrome is by far my favorite.
  7. Agreed, they are a little thin and the text is pretty hard to read.
  8. Well that went by fast. I remember doing graphics for the site like it was just yesterday... Good times.
  9. Yeah, i'm too lazy and unmotivated to post on it anymore.

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