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  1. I was hoping so... I speak fluent sarcasm as my second language so I read yours, or at least thought I did....
  2. And this is why I love Mustang folk
  3. Over 80% of purchase decisions are made via mobile phone, meaning, a VAST majority are using mobile to conduct all business and information seeking etc. Tapatalk will bring traffic and keep this place alive. Put aside pride and do it for the greater good even if its not your cup of tea. I quit coming on here for over year because of it, came back and donated. Just one mans opinion.
  4. Haven't logged in for what feels like months, or years. Saw this as first topic. Hope this helps. $25 donation and only two small asks. If that makes me a donating member, great. The other, Tony must always keep a spoiler on his Mustangs. ALFUCKINGWAYS.
  5. I will be happily not attending the black 18" wheel american muscle catalog show again for 2016.
  6. Supposedly not but I haven't confirmed. One of my good buddies from here in Phoenix drove out and was there at the scene. Took a photo and posted it on the gram as it happened. I'll ask him.
  7. Welcome back! Or should I say welcome home [emoji6]

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