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  1. fiveohwblow

    Whats In Your Arsenal

    Dammit... that was one of those moments I KNEW I was missing my chance... sure enough....
  2. fiveohwblow

    Ladd's Mystic Teminator Build

    sooooo, uhhh, pics? Write up?
  3. fiveohwblow

    Whats In Your Arsenal

    I played with a couple of Canik's at my local joint and was INCREDIBLY impressed with the factory trigger. I wish I remembered which model, but I do remember wanting one. Of all the pistols I have purchased, I havent grabbed one of them yet. Have you shot it yet? I do wonder if the prices have gone up, or its just less expensive in my area, I recall being blown away it was in the high 3's or low 4's for prices when I looked.
  4. fiveohwblow

    Gun Safe Recommendations

    Liberty safe. Excellent build quality, American made and excellent customer service.
  5. fiveohwblow

    Mustang Week 2017 Car Show Pics

    Agreed. Great pics. Also, mainly here to say I am glad the hover car wheels (black if you really didn't know) is no longer a "thing" or should I say THE thing.
  6. fiveohwblow

    Custom 99-04 Ducktail spoiler.

    I heart the CSL trunk.... Excellent job building these!
  7. fiveohwblow

    Why should i join and chat on a forum?

    Spot on. Never had face space...
  8. fiveohwblow

    Speed Week at Bonneville

  9. fiveohwblow

    Whats In Your Arsenal

    Oh boy... I just found this thread. I will reserve this post for a later pic spamming...
  10. fiveohwblow

    What Did You Purchase Today?

    R1 Carbon/Ceramic rotors and pads, Stoptech ss braided lines and some super cheap SRF fluid, oh, and my annual subscription to NASA so I can do my first track day September 9th. This is the moment I have been waiting for, lets hope I don't demolish the car first time out LOL
  11. fiveohwblow

    SN95Source Daily Chat Thread

    Mustang WEAK
  12. fiveohwblow

    What Did You Purchase Today?

    I do love the rubber grips and butt of the mags that came with the p01. I bought it because you can never have enough CZ... although I realize my sphinx is no longer a cz..... they are close enough. As for the wheel gun.. I love me a Ruger, but have always hated revolvers. Somehow one day it clicked, if I'm to be a gun collector on any level, I need a 357 wheel gun. Therefore, it happened lol
  13. fiveohwblow

    What Did You Purchase Today?

    I need more blackout...ugh. Keep buying more guns after the build and have maybe 50 rounds. Built it last December. I suck.
  14. fiveohwblow

    What Did You Purchase Today?

    Last week This week
  15. fiveohwblow

    Cashless future?

    Ill take those as a no. They automate systems and trust their shitty system. Once you are on their radar, they are ruthless, relentless and quite effective. My point still stands and its easily summarized with this; If you have an efficient process where reporting is as simple as a click of the button, CC companies can easily make money on ALL transactions and the feds can collect data. What they do with it wasn't necessarily my point...