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  1. SneakySonBeach

    Sneaky's Stang

    they are cheap ebay $90 lights. i honestly don't like them at night in the country but if you live in the city they are fine.
  2. SneakySonBeach

    Sneaky's Stang

    @GTTRacing91PGT thanks man! i couldn't pass that up haha
  3. SneakySonBeach

    Sneaky's Stang

    Alright while i was at the American Muscle show i couldn't believe they only wanted $25 a wheel so i had to pick up some "new" saleens
  4. SneakySonBeach

    Member Photography Thread...

    Finally got my buddies cobra we saved out for some photos
  5. SneakySonBeach

    Sneaky's Stang

    some rollers i took a while ago
  6. SneakySonBeach

    Speed Cal or Tuner?

    alright so the guys that did the work stuck a 18 tooth gear in (all they had at the time i guess) speedo was off by about 15mph. just got the 23 tooth gear in today and its now off by about 2mph! Which is about what it was before. (Phone GPS) I'll update this if it breaks but so far so good! thanks guys!
  7. SneakySonBeach

    Speed Cal or Tuner?

    @droptoppony really? Which speedo gear did you go with if you can recall?
  8. SneakySonBeach

    Speed Cal or Tuner?

    @Prokiller gotcha thanks. knew it wouldn't be as easy as a tune haha
  9. SneakySonBeach

    Speed Cal or Tuner?

    @Admin i have a tuner lol i just think im gonna have to do a speedcal bc the fella who wrote the tune said it can't be corrected in a tune and i've heard the gear in the trans won't work for my year as well
  10. SneakySonBeach

    Speed Cal or Tuner?

    sorry to hear that man. would the speed cal be my only option then?
  11. SneakySonBeach

    Speed Cal or Tuner?

    do you still work at am? i requested a new tune and the guy who wrote the tunes told me for my year i couldn't use the tuner to do it. even though another am rep told me i could lol
  12. SneakySonBeach

    Lets See Your Rolling Shots!

  13. SneakySonBeach

    Speed Cal or Tuner?

    So i have a 97 GT with a t45 trans and going from 3.27 to 3.73. i was told by american muscle that my bama tuner can correct my speedometer just by using a tune. i saw on lmr that the 96-98 years can't use a plastic gear to fix the issue. so my question is can i use a handheld tuner to correct for the gear change or do i have to buy a speedcal? don't really wanna spend the $130+ on a part if i dont have to
  14. SneakySonBeach

    Lets See Your Rolling Shots!

    let me know ill drive over there for ya lol
  15. SneakySonBeach

    Member Photography Thread...

    gross a honda..