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  1. deceptive gt

    Project Deceptive GT "The Reboot"

    So that thing I did.... Gen 2 TVS, 3.1" pulley, GT500 TB setup and I am going to ditch the Cobra Fuel Hat and order me the Lethal Budget Return System.
  2. deceptive gt

    Project Deceptive GT "The Reboot"

    Man it has been a while. I have not had the ability to work on the car in a while. A new position at work, time with my daughter, remodeling, and yard work can keep a man busy. I did go and order a thing that rhymes with CVS. I will get some pictures when it arrives. Hopefully I will get back to working on the car next month but work, work projects, and a trip has my time monopolized this month.
  3. deceptive gt

    Project Mamba

    I scored some wheels for the bike. I will be getting these refinished.
  4. deceptive gt

    Project Venomous Redux

    Took my daughter with me and we made a 390 mile round trip to pick this up. I paid a staggering, $160.
  5. deceptive gt

    Project Deceptive GT "The Reboot"

    SO, when I initially had decided to 03-04 swap the 01 Cobra I had gone and purchased everything for the swap in regards to wiring. The interior body harness is for a coupe. Well, since I am doing the swap in the convertible I purchased the convertible wiring harness. That arrived last night. Now I have to remove the interior again to rewire the entire car. This will give me an opportunity to recheck all the wiring I did before. I need to hook a battery back up though and unmarry my SCT device since I am swapping the ECU and all.
  6. deceptive gt

    Project Deceptive GT "The Reboot"

    These are Hard Anodized which should help with the CR, boost, and 93.
  7. deceptive gt

    Project Venomous Redux

    SO, I made a few updates to the plans with this car. These changes are listed above. Will get back with more when I get a chance to do some work.
  8. deceptive gt

    Project Deceptive GT "The Reboot"

    So, I made some changes to what is being done with this build. After speaking with a few people about questions I had in regards to whether my builds were right for what I wanted to use the cars for. So here is some updates; the 03-04 Cobra swap will be going in my GT. The plan is the TVS at 13-15lbs on 93. These Gibtec Pistons are works of art. And the Crower 62822 (Stage II Blower) cams for a little burble at idle.
  9. deceptive gt

    PATS Programming Question

    So, I am swapping stuff in my builds and I have a question about the PATS programming. I am 03-04 Cobra swapping on of my cars and picked up all the wiring, ECU, and a cluster. The ECU and cluster are not from the same car. Can the key, cluster, and ECU from three different cars be programmed to all talk to each other properly so that I retain the PATS?
  10. deceptive gt

    RedTwilight ZERO's build

    Looks good!
  11. deceptive gt

    Project Deceptive GT "The Reboot"

    The Tempo Ultras, I did their 6x8 components in the front and 5 1/4 components in the rear. How do you like yours?
  12. deceptive gt

    Project Deceptive GT "The Reboot"

    So, some progress I have made over the time I have had to do some work is the removal of the stock sound deadening material and replacement of new stuff. I used Boom Mat and Noico Liner. When I removed the old stuff I wire wheeled the metal, primered, and repainted the metal to make a good surface. I mounted the crossovers for the Morels after I had put Noico Liner on the doors. I also ran all new wiring through the car for the stereo and ditched the factory stereo wiring throughout.
  13. deceptive gt

    Project Venomous

    The 96 just got to be too much. I kept finding issues that piled up.
  14. deceptive gt

    Project Mamba

    Last year I sold my FZ6R as I wanted a cruiser. I really fell in love with the classic and simplistic look of the HD Nightster. Also, you cannot complain about a 1200cc in a Sportster frame. After much searching and a 500 mile round trip, I was hauling this back that needed love. It is a 2007 Nightster that had 7300 miles on it, clean title, but needed some major TLC. I bought it from a bank that repossessed it. The owner let it sit in the rain, did not take care of the paint or chrome as the paint looked like ass and the chrome had rust all over it. When I picked it up it needed to be jumped, the CEL was on for voltage issues, tires were dry rotted, suspension was shit. I quickly got to ordering stuff. I ordered a new battery, new voltage regulator, new plugs, new oil and filter, new mirrors, and wanted to get rid of the crappy looking exhaust. I ended up with a Magnaflow Legacy Series as I wanted something different than everyone else that goes V&H or HD. I also had the paint cleaned up and got a new gas cap. To cure the suspension issues I ordered a Progressive 412 setup and new Michelin Commander II tires. While the suspension was getting changed and new tires thrown on I picked up a V&H FK3 and got a key tag. The last mod I needed to go with the exhaust and tuner was intake. I loved the HD Screaming Eagle Intake with the Bobber Cover.