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  1. Sho Amo

    Finally got an SN95 :-) AGAIN! Update Pg 3

    I already ordered the bumpsteer kit. Id like to snag those X2s and the camber plates. What brand are the plates?
  2. Sho Amo

    Finally got an SN95 :-) AGAIN! Update Pg 3

    Plans are to make this car very similar to my old 94. Certain parts I put on that car made a huge difference and ill definitely do again. Currently has BBK Catless H Pipe Stainless Magnaflow cat-back Some kind of short shifter lol Clear corners and headlights (garbage) Plans Lowering springs (already on) Bilstein Shocks *** Caster Camber Plates Bumpsteer Kit Steeda X2 ball joints Cobra R Steering Rack *** MM Solid Steering Shaft *** Rear Control Arms *** some 18" wheels TINT UPR Smoked headlights S281 spoiler fr500 Steering wheel ***things I used to have that are a must!
  3. Sho Amo

    Finally got an SN95 :-) AGAIN! Update Pg 3

    Im baaaaack 😎 97 Cobra Rio Red/ Black This one is very stock with 83k It has some aftermarket alarm on it, which almost made me not buy it. Ill probably have to cut it out later on. I put springs on and wanted to try it without the isos. Its too damn low. Ill probably get some poly isos to install when I put in the bumpsteer kit.
  4. Sho Amo

    Reproduction '00R power steering rack

    I had a reman terminator rack from rockauto that turned out great. I read lots of bad stuff about AGR.
  5. Sho Amo

    What Did You Do to Your Mustang Today?

    If you ever sell that thing give me a shout Looks killer
  6. Sho Amo

    Finally got an SN95 :-) AGAIN! Update Pg 3

    She's gone folks. Went to a good home in New Jersey. Its been a bit because I'm still bummed out over it. Sold it on the 8th. Ill have another down the road, hopefully 96-98 with a black interior this time.
  7. Sho Amo

    Finally got an SN95 :-) AGAIN! Update Pg 3

    Updated pics from today!
  8. Sho Amo

    Rio Red/ Saddle 94 Cobra

    Took some pics, thought Id share.
  9. Being forced to sell, so heres the details. Build thread here -> http://www.sn95source.com/topic/5265-finally-got-an-sn95/?page=1 Name: Andrew Ortega Location: Rockville, Md Means of Contact: Here Price: $8,500 Description: See Below Pictures: See Build Thread or bottom of page 94 Mustang Cobra Rio Red/Saddle interior 75k miles Engine: BBK Ceramic coated shorty headers BBK O/R H pipe Flowmaster Mufflers Professional Products 70mm Throttle Body EGR Delete Smog Pump Delete (Pulley less than 200miles) New plugs/wires Ford Racing stock harmonic dampner New front main seal Suspension: Maximum Motorsports solid steering shaft Maximum Motorsports bump steer kit Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates Eibach springs Bilstein shocks NEW Bilstein 03/04 cobra struts 75k miles Eibach sway bars New poly end links SR Performance upper/lower control arms Remanufactured 03/04 steering rack (Less than 1k miles) Maximum Motorsports poly rack bushings The Rest: Carbon Fiber S281 wing Shaved 94/95 trunk (no 3rd brake) UPR smoked headlights 18/9 - 18/10.5 FR500 285 BFG DR's on the back SR Performance shifter FRPP 3.73 gears Innovate LC1 wideband Autometer boost/vac Autometer digital tach Moates Quarterhorse UPR adjustable clutch quadrant LED's everywhere inside Damn, I forgot about all the small mods this car has. In short this is an amazing car. The only issue right now is that the front main leaks a tiny bit of oil and there's an issue with the TPS wiring. I might have the TPS issue fixed before it sells. I also have a bunch of spare parts that will go with it.
  10. Sho Amo

    Finally got an SN95 :-) AGAIN! Update Pg 3

    Since I dont see any other way around this, it looks like I'll be selling this car. As I got moved to a night shift my ex is taking me to court for child support and such so the mustang has to go. I bought the focus in an effort to save the car payment I was making on my civic but it wont be enough. Please pass it along. The car has 75k and im asking for $8500.
  11. Sho Amo

    Stingracer's Build Thread

    I like the wheels, what are they?
  12. Sho Amo

    Finally got an SN95 :-) AGAIN! Update Pg 3

    I put my control arms in finally. Definitely a big improvement over stock. I also picked up a new daily driver. I love this thing.
  13. Sho Amo

    Mustang Week 2017 Sept. 4-10

    What a dumb move. I wonder what they were thinking or if they even have a choice.
  14. Sho Amo

    Finally got an SN95 :-) AGAIN! Update Pg 3

    Still struggling with the QH issues. In the meantime I picked up a 'used' MM solid steering shaft. Steering is now double D titties.
  15. Sho Amo

    Sneaky's Stang

    What a friggin deal! What headlights are you running? I couldnt find it anywhere in the thread.