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  1. What a dumb move. I wonder what they were thinking or if they even have a choice.
  2. Wow only 207 and I have a friend who has a 95 opal gts.
  3. I was in myrtle beach all last week and drove back Saturday. I saw a bunch of people driving down. I might try to attend next year. Looks fun!
  4. Quick intro: Andrew ASE Master Certified Olney, Md My first project started at 17 1991 Ford Taurus SHO (plus edition) 3.2L v6/5spd w/ Quaife ATB Billet Precision 6262 Custom Coilovers Moda MD1 18x8 Plus lots of little shit Went 12.8@113mph 2.0/60ft on DRs That build went on over 5 years. I even brought my daughter home from the hospital in it. So I parted it out to build an RX7. 1990 RX7 GTU 2000 LS1/T56 TSP 228r cam TSP hardened pushrods PAC Valve springs That took about a year to build, but I decided I needed a good family car so it got sold. The 2nd owner put some long tubes on it and dyno'd 398whp and went 11.9 Now I drive this slow turd a 2009 Civic SI. Im planning to get a Rio red/Black 96-98 next spring. Plans are for IRS with FTBR bushings, MM tubular K, coilovers, SFC's, big brakes, and some road course racing!
  5. Oh hey everyone! This welcome thread is surprising. Lol. I'll post up my story/info when I get home from work. You guys will probably enjoy some of my previous projects. Edit: I've already enjoyed most of you guys' projects!

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