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  1. ttocs

    new jersey

    yea the snow is pretty annoying in this area. If we get it there is a 50% chance you can wear shorts to watch it melt the next day or two. I like the snow situation in phoenix myself. When we wanted it we just drove into the mountains and got as much as we wanted.
  2. ttocs

    the evil beast............95 gt rebuild

    so your expecting work to slow down, going to hire some minions to do your work or are you expecting life to slow down? It just never gets easier after all....
  3. ttocs

    AZ people?

    I was in phoenix from 2000-2009 and loved it. It amazing how much there is to do in and around the area, let alone the state. I made it down to tucson but only went through yuma one time so I do not know much around that area unfortunately.
  4. ttocs

    Warrior's grandpa car build

    its not something you use every day but its something that every time you do it brings an evil little grin to your face.
  5. ttocs

    Warrior's grandpa car build

    stick something super quiet on it, and a pair of electronic cut outs.
  6. ttocs

    The momstangs rebuild

    so the motor is doing even better. I was having issues where it would start cold but then once it was hot it would just crank and crank. After learning about temp enrichment and making some major changes on the starting area of the tune I was afraid it would not even fire cold but to my surprise it fired up faster the first time and was able to start again at 180 degrees. After that the next biggest problem was my brakes. They will lock up but they are VERY soft. After multiple bleedings with different techniques I read that I need to get the abs pump to activate to allow the air in it to cycle out, then bleed it again. This led to a LOT of reading about the stock abs system and the only thing I could come up with that was preventing the abs from working was the loss of the abs warning light when I switched my dash. I had figured it was just an indicator but after further research if the system realizes it is not working it shuts down. I went and got a light and wired it up to test and with the key on it lit up and stayed on showing that there was a problem with the abs system. It took some digging but I found my abs diagnostic harness and grounded the wire needed to put into diagnostic mode and then turned the key on. Now the led started to flash the err code to show one of the rear wheel speed sensors was bad. I tested the sensor where it comes in under the back seat and it showed 2.4k ohms which is perfectly in spec. I was hoping it was going to be bad as that is a simple replacement but this meant that there was a short/break in the circuit between the back where I measured it and the front where I could not. Tracing wires sucks but so does running wires so I started tracing. After checking a couple of spots I poked my head up into the fender to see what I saw and was amazed to find a wire cut, looking right at me. Sure enough right next to it was the other one I was looking for and it tested out at 2.4k ohms. I connected it and then was happy to see that I was able to measure 2.4k up at the abs unit. I disconnected the battery to clear the codes, then reconnected it and turned the key on to see the light flash on and then turn off as normal. I am hoping to take a trip around the block after dinner to test if it works. Cross your fingers for me.....
  7. ttocs

    Brake Swap questions

    I fully endorse this idea.
  8. ttocs

    The momstangs rebuild

    you will never freeking guess what happened. Its just unbelievable.... After a being sick for a week and then spending a day in the garage removing the wheels/bleeding the brakes and putting it all back together just wore me out. As much as I wanted to go out and try it at first light I was just too tired. I slept all damn day. Finally after dinner I woke up and decided to give it a go. I went out and got her started up and running. I wanted to get it up to 160 degrees to enter learning mode for the drive so I pulled it out into the driveway while it warmed up. I got a little worried as something sounded different but after realizing its the first time I have heard it out of the garage and with the hood down, yup it sounded different. So 160 hits and I decided to wait a little longer for the thermostat to open and get the cooling system going. Once it did I released the parking brake and eased it out of the driveway. I live on a section that has a loop but part of that loop has a hill I wanted to avoid because the brakes were still a little softer then I liked, but once I got down to the end of the road I realized they would be ok and just took the loop. I had to laugh as the neighborhood wrencher and his son were standing out on the corner to watch as I went by as they have never hung out there before..... They gave me a thumbs up, pretty sure I just returned a worried look. BUT IT WORKED!!!! I was a little worried about the noise from the back end but I think it was just some of the extra parts I have stored in the trunk. I will have to empty it out and try it again tomorrow but for the first time in 6 yrs the stang is parked forwards in the garage.
  9. I didn't want to make it a point on your topic but I really think that fuse box  and maybe the harness is going to be in the way of the wheel after doing similar stuff to my own car.  I have seen pics of engine bay harnesses that have been rubbed by the wheels just from being tied up to where the fuse box is and they were a few inches higher.  I know how bad it sucks to get the wiring sorted out, and to find out a wheel is in the way.

    1. ThomasW


      No worries man!  I looked at it again today and it doesnt look like it’ll be a problem, but i didnt put the wheel up to actually check.  

        I’ll likely do that tomorrow just for piece of mind. 

  10. ttocs

    ThomasW's Two into One build

    are you sure there is enough clearance for the wheels/tires when they are on there, compressed and turning?
  11. ttocs

    The momstangs rebuild

    Found a better pic of the gauges. Both the digital dash as well as the dm6's are touch screen so hopefully setting them up will not be too bad.
  12. ttocs

    The momstangs rebuild

    had some issues with the gauges but finally got them straightened out and installed. The A-pillar is dedicated to the left AFR, the two other gauges can show coolant/oil temp, oil/fuel pressure, boost and ait. With everything being touchscreen now I need to play with them to figure out what I like best as the tach is way too busy right now. I also installed the clock pod I made into the radar/laser detector display as well as a center channel for the stereo.
  13. ttocs

    Bama tunes

    I have heard way more bad then good about them, unfortunately just a little too late. The only joy I got from the whole thing was scratching "SUCKS" on the little metal plaque they give your right after their name/logo and putting it on my tool box.
  14. ttocs

    Bama tunes

    I did a heads/cam swap years ago and hoped that the computer would not need the tune but of course just trickflow 170s and a stage 1 cam needed it. I tried bama and even though all the options I had done to the motor were it drop down menus it came running super lean to where our eyes were watering 6ft out of the garage. I said F-it and limped it to a dyno and it drove perfect after that.