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  1. The momstangs rebuild

    done? A wise man once told me that projects are never finished until they are sold. But in all seriousness I hope to be able to turn the key next week. I am expecting to have some troubleshooting of some type before it cranks as by now there is not much I have not messed with. Hopefully it will not take too long to get it running. After its running I still need to put the glass back in, fill/bleed the brakes, finish the headlights I guess. I would love to take it to NMRA in oct in bowling green but...... This week its delayed by my brother being in town. I wish he was into cars and could help but he is not a car guy at all. Between that and the fact our current project is putting together and installing a stair lift for my mom work is delayed.
  2. E8 (Rio Red) Touch Up

    getting a perfectly perfect match is at best difficult and with some colors impossible. I know of a shop here in evansville that can mix but indy would probably be closer for you if there isn't one in bloomington.
  3. 18x8/18x10 True Forged Chicanes

    you still have these? Send me a pm with the number you want and I will chew on it. Not sure I like the fitment of the wheels I have...
  4. Ladd's Mystic Teminator Build

    sweet another stang getting gas!
  5. The momstangs rebuild

    the vac lines are 99% done now, fuel lines finished/installed, air lines ran again, installed a pair of bluetooth battery monitors that look perty nifty, belts installed, Hoses 99%(waiting on one part), and I FINALLY got notice the last piece I needed for the meth kit shipped. I ordered it in the beginning of june and it said it was back ordered till july. July came and then I watched the availability date change ever day so that it was always 2 weeks away. I must say I love how it all looks now that its almost all together. its getting sooo close now.
  6. Ceramic coating???

    I have been curious myself thanks
  7. The momstangs rebuild

    Thanks that little detail took probably 2 hours worth of careful masking but now that its done I am happy I can enjoy it.
  8. The momstangs rebuild

    oh heck I thought I updated this, yes it is on. It was a little more of a PIA then I would like but I was pretty sure it would be a pain to put up and not scratch anything. I can't get a good pic from the back because I can only get about 4-5 ft back before The garage wall is in the way. I forgot to update this as I hope I am in the final stages of tying up the loose ends before I can start it but its been one surprise after another. trying to finish up the vac lines, install the mufflers and a few other little details. I am waiting on a couple of parts that will hold me up and my brother is in town starting this next weekend and that will slow me down.
  9. Idle rpm?

    can you get a pic of this?
  10. *NEW FEATURE* Reactions

    bright light
  11. I roughly installed a steeda adjustable sway bar some time ago. I say roughly because when I was installing it I noticed it was rubbing the sides of my ford racing differential cover on the edges but didn't think it would need much clearancing and decided I would deal with that later. Well that time is now so I trimmed away the cooling fins that were in the way so there is a hair of space around it but then it got me to thinking of how much space it would need around it while doing its job. If your not familiar with this set up, you keep the stock sway bar in its location and add brackets to the bottom of the car and it mounts to the axle in addition to the stock sway bar and then has adjustable ends. Its made to fit nice and tight behind the stock stamped diff cover and left not much room for any billet covers. I thought it was a light rub and would only take 15 mins to fix but after hours now of marking the diff/dropping the bar/trimming the cover/raising the bar to repeat it all again. I have not had to gouge out the cover but I am surprised how much I had to take off at the same time... I took some pics but you can't really see how much space is around it now to be worth posting. How much space do I need to leave around it to allow it to do its job?
  12. Tabres' Turbo Cobra - Winter Shenanigans

    I won one as a door prize at a show years ago and have loved it.
  13. Exhaust Tips ??

    I would agree, save the money on the HF as a down payment on a good welder.
  14. Exhaust Tips ??

    yea it seems high to me. You do not know anyone with a welder that you could do it with? As you said no big deal, its not structural.