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  1. Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    There are very few subs that were designed to go with out a box in a free air/IB type situation and even in those cases it isn't so much you just mount a speaker to a board and call it a day as much as they are designed to work with a very large enclosure where you have to seal the trunk from the cabin/outdoors to make the enclosure. In this case the way he has it mounted the spare tire area acts like a leaky enclosure so with enough power there will be more then enough bass but even still if you can get the fit nice and tight it will probably sound better.
  2. Testing

    for flickr I double click on the pic to get a big one, and then do a right click and "copy image address"
  3. ThomasW's Two into One build

    are you going to make a mold and pull them out or are you going to just use the wood and glass as the final structure?
  4. new theme

    still too bright.
  5. new theme

    I see the note at the top of the page saying there is a new them available but I can't find it anywhere in my settings or? What is it and how do we switch to it?
  6. RassCar's Racecar: Snake with a bad heart

    turning it off through the tune is the easiest otherwise you can do some hard-wiring around it if you have to.
  7. The Madd Motorsports POS

    I could not support a place that just stops communicating with someone that sends it something for fear it would do the same to me somehow.
  8. The Madd Motorsports POS

    cutting fenders? Yes I do need the cruise buttons. I had billet covers on them that when the air bag went off it ripped them and the mounts that hold them right off. After some thought I don't like the idea of my airbag being a claymore.... I will send a pm.
  9. The Madd Motorsports POS

    so your considering a fender flare? Also did you give away the cruise control buttons? Mine were jacked up when my air bag went off.
  10. Steering Wheel Radio Controls

    it has always sounded stupid to have a wireless remote control for a car stereo but they are great once you get use to them. Most are small enough to hold in your hand while you shift and you can still do the majority of the operations of the deck through the few buttons you can memorize so you can change things while driving and never look down.
  11. Steering Wheel Radio Controls

    they make adaptors that you can basically set up with any switch. You need a stereo with IR/remote control and it takes some patients to program it but its been for ever since I did it and I can't remember any of the specifics of it.
  12. Any electricians? Garage troubles

    GFCI is used one outlets that are close to water or outdoors. When they trip its often a sign that something got wet that wasn't supposed to so have there been any leaks found? I am not an electrician but understand a meter and if the outlets are all disconnected for power you should be able to test for resistance or continuity on the wires. I would start at the head of the line going to the garage and see what resistance it shows and then trace the wires to the next junction box. Open it up and disconnect the wires in it(take a pic first or take note of how they are connected first) and then test for resistance on all those wires. If you don't see any resistance at that box then I would suspect that there was a bad wire between the two boxes you just went between, if it still shows resistance then trace the wires to the next junction box and repeat.
  13. The momstangs rebuild

    Finally got it fired up tonight. There is an exhaust leak I need to chase down and need to figure out why the oil and fuel pressure sensors are either reading incorrectly or what is going on and then hopefully we can time it better but for the first time in years it has fire....
  14. Custom 99-04 Ducktail spoiler.

    I think that after 96 that the cover didn't extend out over the head lights IIRC but pretty sure they all fit on each other.
  15. Custom 99-04 Ducktail spoiler.

    I still say do a rad cover and you can sell as many as you make.