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  1. ttocs

    The momstangs rebuild

    I keep forgetting things. My buddy said noticed that at idle now its running lean around 14.3-14.6 and that might have been causing the back fire sound that seems to have corrected itself. Looking at the data its running right on the target afr so it can be adjusted, what should it be?
  2. ttocs

    The momstangs rebuild

    And I still need to mess with the caster/camber settings and I am not really all that happy with the little bit f rear poke I have but in general I am tickled to see it on the ground again.
  3. ttocs

    The momstangs rebuild

    yea fuel leak doesn't really cover it and fuel spray sounds really bad but it was. I have never before considered doing a Luke Duke slide across my carbon fiber hood but if it were down that day it was option #1 that flashed through my head, option 2 had me dive through the pass window. Yesterday was a good day. Finally got the wheels/tires on and then got it on the ground for the first time in 6 yrs. Last night I took care of some loose wiring in the drivers area and noticed I need to pay attention to my steering before I go anywhere. You can tell one wheel is turned more then the other and then when I started it up last night there was a new noise. IT was sort of like a back fire that would only occasionally happen but there was almost a metalic element to it of the exhaust hitting the underbody or something. I called a local motor friend and he came over and then of course the noise went away, and a new one started. IT sounds like the freewheel is rubbing something so I am going to jack one side back up to take a look at those two things but otherwise for the first time in 6 yrs its tickling the ground.
  4. ttocs

    cowling moldings for hood hinges

    ah well if anyone needs an 03-04 set then those look exactly like what I have. They are close but would need to be crammed in and would look bad or some kind of work to make them fit I think/hope I found a set on facebook but thanks for keeping an eye out.
  5. ttocs

    My Boss Lady's 2002 Trans Am Collector Edition

    it got jealous of all the work you did on the house. I bet you put an equal amount of time and money into the car now and it will start. Of course then the stang will be jealous and demand some attention after seeing all this.
  6. ttocs

    The momstangs rebuild

    I have a video of it running but I can't figure out how to post the vid from flickr tonight.
  7. ttocs

    The momstangs rebuild

    I chased leaky brake lines all over the place to the point I finally swept up all the kitty litter tonight and was surprised how much there was. Had some double fittings were I needed bubbles and then when I finally got them all right it was still leaking. I finally realized the flare tools I was borrowing/renting from autozone sucked and they were making the flares just a few degrees off but just enough that they would not seal. I didn't want to spend the money but after some thought I realized all the money I spent on this system is worthless if the flares are off just a tad so I bit the bullet and got this kit. its a nice and fairly simple set up that allows you to do accurate flares both on the car or you can lock it down in a vice as well and its hydraulically assisted so its nice and easy to turn. My only complaint is the dies to lock the hose in place do not have any teeth to grip with which is nice because it doesn't leave marks on the hose but you have to tighten the 10mm set screw to hold the dies in place like a mofo. It does come with a beefy allen wrench to do it but I find it a little awkward to tighten down enough if its not in a vice. Not a huge complaint but its there but after getting this I was able to get everything straightened out and sealed and finally got the system bled today. After a brief celebration though I realized my next problem was I have not seen the shifter handle since we dropped the motor I am not sure how many years ago. Every time I have gone to start it I have reached over for it to do the neutral shuffle before realizing it is in neutral and it didn't matter to start it so I would worry about it later. So now I can start it, hopefully stop it too but if I could only get in gear.... Took a pretty good search both in the garage and basement as it was in a VERY safe place but I found it. got it on, the brake lights, the trunk latch. I have some more stuff to do before its ready but I hope to take a short spin around the block in the next couple of days.
  8. I need the little rubber pieces that go on the cowling to allow the hood to go through it. I though I had a set and went to put them on yesterday and not sure what these came off of but its not a 94 mustang.
  9. ttocs

    2000 Mustang GT Steeda built #0048

    If you can get some 1000 microfarad capacitors and wire them into the tweeters it takes the bass out of them and allows the woofers to play more and sound 10x better, assuming the stock speakers are still in it.
  10. ttocs

    The momstangs rebuild

    just a little fuel VID_20180612_160509421.mp4 by Scott Sorensen, on Flickr Yea I dove through the window dukes of hazard style to get to the key from the passenger side. Yesterday was another good day as I finally figured out the sequence to get the timing set. Its not complicated but like anything software based there is a learning curve involved. Now its idling well enough to take it for a spin so I have started to go through the brakes to get it ready to fill/bleed and possibly fix any errors or problems made. In other news I have been feeling a little better and actually gained 5 lbs. I guess the old creeper could not handle it.....
  11. ttocs

    The momstangs rebuild

    VID_20180625_192655038.mp4 by Scott Sorensen, on Flickr
  12. ttocs

    The momstangs rebuild

    well it was running but it was running rough as hell with the afr in the high 20s and the timing was all over the place for some reason. After getting an infared temp thingy I discovered #1 was not firing. After some checks it came down to dirty injectors. When I cut the fuel lines I made sure to blow them out with my compressor but I guess I didn't get it all out. After cleaning out all the hoses and injectors I reinstalled them and was so happy to hear it fire up and the afr was good from once. The RPM was about 2100 though so I went around to the front of the hood to adjust it down and about the time I got back to the throttle body I heard a pop and there was fuel pissing out on the firewall. After a lot of inspection I could not figure out what the problem was as the an fittings all looked good and I tried tightening them up to the point I thought I would damage them and they still leaked. After taking a closer look what I realized was that in my attempt to keep the hoses as short/simple as possible I had made pretty much a straight hose from where it came out at behind the front fender, to the 90 degree an fitting that connected to the rail. The hoses in the kit were the stainless braided hose that is stiffer then the non braided and with it charged it was even stiffer so with it being straight the only place for any vibrations to be transferred into the system was right at the 90 degree fitting. I ordered non-stainless braided hose and some new 90s just in case and this time ran them with a bend in them to accept the vibrations and thankfully it held. With a turn of the key it fired up and for the first time the afr looked good. It started to temp up and hit 160 and entered learning mode. I watched as the temp kept creeping up till it reached 220 and showed no signs of slowing. It was at that point I realized I am not sure I set the fan on/off temps and later remembered that I disconnected the fan earlier while trouble shooting electrical problems. Fixed both of those and now its staying at 215 degrees fairly solidly although its a cool day so I would like to see it a little cooler.
  13. ttocs

    Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    Not sure how that wire would cause the amp to heat up. There is actually a wire splice called a military splice where you do not use solder or connectors that was actually recommended for a while by some of the bigger alarm manf. Your supposed to strip a 1/4" off, separate or poke a hole through the wire strands that show and then you stick your wire through the hole and then wrap it around the stripped wire. Just a piece of tape for insulation and then put a wire tie either just above where the wires meet, or above all the wires you are splicing into the harness and it actually makes for a fairly secure connection.
  14. ttocs

    Ordered a 2018 GT premium PP2

    Jealous for sure its nice
  15. ttocs

    Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    Alt wire? Exactly what is the alt wire and how does it cause the amp to heat up?