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  1. White95

    Project White95

    Rough draft.... These new power steering hoses fit like SHIT and look like ASS!! I’m going to convert to the AN fitting setup.
  2. I'll try to sleep tonight but no promises.
  3. Glad I'm not the only one who made that connection. Fuggin predators.
  4. LOL @ photobucket rescinded their totalitarian stance and fixed the internet.
  5. No, he didn't buy this page. Since you asked, he is in the process of upgrading his server suite and we're in a holding pattern. Besides, why use his when we can have the evil special?
  6. Why don’t you build us one so that we can park the forum on it and I’ll turn direct uploading back on.
  7. PM me the links to old threads that you’d like to see the pictures re-hosted. In my spare time, LOL... Just kidding, WHO HAS SPARE TIME? I’ll fix them one thread at a time. We have lots of valuable tech threads here and awesome build threads that have been rendered useless by phucktobucket’s greed. This is pretty annoying so I have dedicated 1TB of memory to begin whipping this place back into shape. List of repaired threads:
  8. White95

    Project White95

    Coilovers baby
  9. White95

    Project White95

    Progressing by oldawgnewtrikz, on Flickr... Progressing by oldawgnewtrikz, on Flickr Progressing by oldawgnewtrikz, on Flickr Progressing by oldawgnewtrikz, on Flickr Progressing by oldawgnewtrikz, on Flickr Progressing by oldawgnewtrikz, on Flickr
  10. White95

    What Did You Purchase Today?

    Eaton true track differential, Yukon 31 spline axles, 4.10 gears, Strange c-clip eliminators and LPW cover/girdle
  11. White95

    Project White95

    LOL.. The LS is for another project, which is actually a GMC truck.
  12. White95

    Project White95

    WTF is that! by oldawgnewtrikz, on Flickr