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  1. White95

    Project White95

    Went with 1/4 rubber hose instead. @Evilcw311
  2. White95

    Project White95

    Yes sir! I’m going to take some of that ghetto fender trim shit and make it happen. 😆
  3. White95

    Project White95

    It was brought to my attention that the power steering fitting blocks a fluid passage. I took the stock fitting out of an old pump to see what he meant and found this: Did some research and found a thread over on the TCCOA forum where someone found an easy fix by cutting the Russell fitting down: More on this at a later date!!
  4. White95

    Project White95

    “Finished” the AN power steering hose swap!! The finalized routing just needs to be permanently mounted: The tee fitting for the low pressure side: Reservoir to tee: The rack connection:
  5. White95

    Project White95

    Found an older JLT cold air intake on eBay for cheap. Things are starting to really take shape now!
  6. White95

    Forum Ban Game

    banned for using a weak play on words
  7. White95

    Warrior's grandpa car build

    Hot damn, I wish I were that motivated lol
  8. White95

    Forum Ban Game

    banned for being eligible to be banned
  9. White95

    Project White95

    Thank you! Yes, you do. The universe demands this. I need to finish it up. Another Mustanger mentioned the power steering pump specific fitting is too long and he is going to provide me with the part # for the approximate part. I’ll make sure to post this information for all.
  10. White95

    Brake Swap questions

    Fully Torqued Racing - FTR
  11. White95

    Brake Swap questions

    You sure? FTR is widely known for bad customer service. FTBR is very responsive to emails, phone calls and such.
  12. White95

    Brake Swap questions

    If you went with the 00 R calipers, you have to use the 13" rotors. If you want to go 14", you have a few options. This was recently released by FTBR [like this week] and uses Wilwood calipers. Cost right around $1400 The Fully Torqued Racing kits, with the exception of the original S197 GT caliper/GT500 rotor kit, use a rotor spacer to achieve proper alignment. This will push the wheels about 1/2" and is perfect for S197 offset wheels OR if you want a wider front track. Both kits fit most Mustang replica wheels but I was inquire with FTR, they have a will/wont list. You can also PM me too see what I have sitting on the shelf that you may be interested in.
  13. White95

    The momstangs rebuild

    Congratulations, Scott.