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  1. White95

    Project White95

    Still need to have the bracket welded on but I couldn’t resist another picture.
  2. White95

    Project White95

    Coolant crossover v3.0 progress
  3. White95

    Project White95

    Sorting through this mess today...
  4. White95

    Project White95

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
  5. White95

    Project White95

    Random pictures Bonus points for anyone who can tell me what these emblems came from!
  6. White95

    The future of SN95SOURCE

    😆 You got that right!
  7. White95

    Project White95

    You leave Rosco alone. He’s my guard spider to keep my wife away from the car.
  8. White95

    Project White95

    Driveshaft installed.. The mid pipe and mufflers are also installed but the pipes need to be aligned.
  9. White95

    Project White95

    Coolant crossover version 3.0
  10. White95

    New forum theme added

    Glad you like it brother!
  11. ....only on a trial basis. Staff members and supporting members can post what they like. Non-supporting members will be limited. Please don’t spam the forum to post a million pictures. That wouldn’t be advisable and will result in restricted privileges for offenders. Enjoy!
  12. White95

    New forum theme added

    Honestly? They’re stupid. We have the latest version of Tapatalk installed but it doesn’t work. We’re working with them to remedy this. As for direct uploading, I’ll reinstate it with some picture size limits to save space. Let’s see how it goes for a month. It’s only fair that supporting members have greater picture size limits.
  13. White95

    The Chronicles of 95riosnake's OCD Machine

    “It doesn’t cost me anything for it to just sit there.” - me 😆
  14. White95

    The future of SN95SOURCE

    I’m sure we can work something out for our supporting members.
  15. White95

    New forum theme added

    Baby steps lol