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  1. What Did You Purchase Today?

    Air dam, spoiler.... DIY aero type stuff....
  2. Football Is Here Again

  3. What Did You Purchase Today?

    4x8 sheet of ABS plastic Ammunition!!! 178 rounds of .300 AAC (Blackout; subsonic and supersonic) 1000 rounds of .223 250 rounds of 9mm
  4. What Did You Purchase Today?

    Colt LE6920 [top]
  5. *NEW FEATURE* Reactions

    Seriously its not bad just needed to put some sun glasses on
  6. *NEW FEATURE* Reactions

  7. With a name like hairystarfish....

  8. Project White95

    Hell, it's a miracle I actually have it home!! The last piece of the puzzle to install my MM K arrives today and I'm going to attack that this weekend. Also, going to make a concerted effort to swap the doors and finish taking space ghost apart so I can send the wreckage down the river. As long as I keep buying guns and the Coyote swap desire stays strong enough.....it will. If money was no object though, I'd add some Boss rods, better pistons and a pair of turbos but then i'd blow the trans up so...
  9. Project White95

    ERMAGHERD de erngin is berside mah merstang!!!
  10. Engine coolant system question

    No BUT I'm closer than yesterday!
  11. What Did You Purchase Today?

    Kimber Gold Combat II Limited Edition (think I posted this elsewhere on the page already) Heckler & Koch USP45 Both new, the Kimber is my my wife's Christmas gift and the H&K will replace my well-worn, Ruger P97dc (.45 ACP) truck gun.
  12. What Did You Purchase Today?

    Maximum Motorsports MMTR-3 bolt-through bumpsteer kit
  13. The Madd Motorsports POS

  14. SN95 Coyote swap Master Thread

    @Neverenuff1 has a wealth of information on the other forum and could provide a lot of great insight.
  15. @seijirou - You should subscribe and follow this project.