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  1. Project White95

    See, I knew buying those C heads was a good move: Apparently there was a leaking head gasket: Swapped the doors with Space Ghost: Also, removed the spindles to have the tie rod mounting holes bored out to 5/8" for the MM bolt on, bump steer kit
  2. Project GITWIKD

    The franktensioner didn’t have enough travel because I skipped a step when I assembled it. This led to the belt being way too tight and it basically pulled the blower pulley off the hub!!! Department of Boost sent me a new pulley but it didn’t fit the hub due to a batch of bad machine work. SO, they sent a new pulley/hub combo and it’s been great ever since.
  3. Project GITWIKD

    MAC 1 3/4” longtube headers MAC Prochamber MAC axleback (Took off the high flow cats and took the video)
  4. Project GITWIKD

  5. My Boss Lady's 2002 Trans Am Collector Edition

    I will put my estimate at 315/345
  6. Project White95

    Hi, my name is Josef and I’m a buildaholic.
  7. Well, LSU suck this year 🤔

    About time.... They're looking great this year!
  8. Project White95

    That fucking green thing kills me LOL
  9. Project White95

    Ha.. Well, some of the time I miss my silly pushrod engine..
  10. Well, LSU suck this year 🤔

    That was anyone’s game!
  11. Project White95

    This is in fact temporary until the Eaton swap happens which is why it’ll be 10.9:1. This officially puts the Coyote idea in the shelf indefinitely. I’m giving William the heads with cams for a 5.4 project he’s brewing. I believe that the GT500 windage tray will work with minor trimming to clear the oil pickup? 10.5” clutch for now.. I do have the head cooling mod in place 👌🏻
  12. Project White95

    How’s this sound @RedTwilight? Proposed new combo: Mach 1 Intake/stock TB/JLT/card MAS BBK long tubes Diamond pistons (flat top, 10.9:1) 2003 Cobra heads/stock cams Boss rods Forged 96 Cobra crank Teksid block Appropriate windage tray Boundary oil pump/billet gears Worth noting? Off road x/bassani catback Billet flywheel
  13. The Madd Motorsports POS

    Yep. It is quite entertaining to know things at times.
  14. Project White95

    We will make this happen
  15. Project White95

    I have one sold and I’m going to use the short runner intake for the foreseeable future. The b head engine will be dropped in as-is until I can have the terminator stuff turn key. unless my ADD kicks in, right Will? @LWARRIOR1016