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  1. White95

    Project White95

    No, I’m not afraid of it at all. The engine was built for boost! I have too many projects going on that need to be finished before I can worry about completing the blower kit. Tires, electrical, rear end swap, TA/PHB/rear sway bar install... I’m going to get the car running and put a few hundred, easy break in miles on it. Check filter for metal. You know the process.
  2. White95

    Project White95

    ^ Do you want to know more?
  3. White95

    Project White95

    That is still the plan.
  4. White95

    Project White95

    Coming soon: Whipple 2.3
  5. White95

    Project White95

    According to this wheel/size comparing....calculator, [ https://www.rimsntires.com/specspro.jsp ] the 18x11's [16mm offset] with 305's will fit close to flush with the fender lip and may require some rolling to stay this low. My exhaust is probably 1-1.5" off the deck at the moment so it realistically needs to be raised considerably. Similar to this fitment:
  6. White95

    RedTwilight ZERO's build

    If you post the share link, it automatically embeds the picture here. No need for code.
  7. White95

    RedTwilight ZERO's build

    flic.kr/p/2dXfPr7 That part with the https:// did the trick.
  8. White95

    RedTwilight ZERO's build

    Fixed the link to your wheel picture, nice!
  9. White95

    Project White95

    Sold my other wheels to this gentleman and he sent me his front wheels in a partial trade. If they fit the rear like the offset suggests, I may keep them too. Enkei RS05RR 18x11
  10. White95

    Project White95

    Also, I bought this pair of 18x10 Forgestar F14’s and BFGOODRICH Rival S in 275/35r18 (for cheap) to see if I like them on my car:
  11. White95

    Project White95

    With all of that said, this is how she sits: @Lanter Ok, I still haven’t wired these tail lights up but I suppose I should while I’m in electrical mode 😛
  12. White95

    Project White95

    The need for an alternator harness came up and I decided to make one. After comparing the 4V, 2V & 302 harnesses I had on hand, the decision was made to modify the 302 harness for service. It was separate from the engine harness in 94-95 so now I can sell the others complete. The main difference being the 2V and 302 had 3G alternators and the 4V has the 4G (thanks for pointing this out @LWARRIOR1016) The 3G alternators use a smaller, grey one wire connector at the alternator whereas the 4G doesn’t BUT the wire is there. Hmm, let’s see where it goes. No where!! Ford didn’t even isolate it. Wow... 4V harness Wot in tarnation? Laid the wiring down like I wanted it and secured it together with thin, vinyl splicing tape. I’m waiting for some split, braided loom to arrive and I intend to wrap everything to match the Holley efi harness. This just shows where I used an adel clamp to secure the wiring for the oil pressure sensor away from the accessory belt drive. I’m planning to use a lot more of these convenient little bastards. This apparently is the way the military routes things on aircraft, according to my USAF mechanic homie, Mikey94GT. So, after that was “completed”, I remembered that I needed to tighten the AN fittings at the steering rack. That’s when I realized my error. The 45* fitting at the rack crossed over the straight connector and made it impossible to double wrench. So, I swapped the 45* out for a straight and changed the straight at the Tee fitting for a 90* and it worked like a charm.
  13. White95

    Project White95

    Battery relocation is 80% completed, like everything else on this car... This portion of the wiring is not final. It may be slightly re-routed and pass between the K member and the chassis. The posisitve cable runs nearly the entire length of the run encased in 3/4” heated hose for a little extra protection. I’m deleting the ABS system and decided to penetrate (heh heh, penetrate, heh) the grommet for the right rear sensor. I still have to drop the fuel tank to secure the inner, threaded-rod to the trunk floor. I’m also going to run a ground to the engine block and also to the rear subframe via the rear, lower passenger seat belt mounting stud.
  14. White95

    What's Your Ride Look Like Today?

    Wiring!!! Wiring!!! Wiring!!!
  15. White95

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Wife and family gave me: Vision Kamado grill, various cooking accessories for the grill, a leaf blower the obligatory socks/boxers, rear weathertech floormat for the truck and a yeti cup what I bought myself: 18” PA10 gen 2, Corbeau FX1 seat + MM roll bar + x-pipe for the 95, a sling, two 20 rd mags + bore snake for my M1A lol