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  1. White95

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

  2. White95

    Project White95

    D’oh... It seems that I mistakenly ordered too many of one connector and not enough of another. Back to the drawing board. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Finally found the correct throttle return spring:
  3. White95

    Whats In Your Arsenal

    Interesting... That’s made by Century arms?
  4. White95


    That is true for the 11-14 trucks, the 15+ already have the same cams. Here is the response my tuner gave when asked about the swap: Ken Osborne: The firing order is not different on 15+ Mustangs, unless you're referring to the GT350. In that case, yes the firing order is different. If anyone can show me data otherwise, I would definitely like to see it. 15+ Mustangs have 13 mm lift cams in both the intake and exhaust, but retain the same amount of duration as the 11-14 cams. The 15* intake cams are essentially 11-14 Boss cams, and the exhaust cam is what Ford had originally designed for the Boss, but instead they went with a 12 mm lift cam. To my knowledge, no one has confirmed specs on 15+ F150 cams, but rumors are that they are the same as the Mustang. This theory makes sense seeing the 15+ trucks continue to make power well into the 7K RPM range. The intake cam phasers are different on the 15+ cars and trucks, and they use a mid-lock design to improve cam position during cranking, improved cold start emissions, and idle quality. However they still have the same 50* of cam rotation. The 15+ intake cam phasers are not compatible with the 11-14 PCM, as I've found this out first hand as I've been tuning a 2014 F150 with a 2015 Mustang GT engine swap, and we've discovered this problem. Currently we are swapping the 11-14 intake cams and phasers, along with the lower crank gear, and should be able to tune this just like an 11-14 engine, but with the improved heads, and better rotating assembly. Clear as mud...
  5. White95


    Absolutely the truth!! My next mod will be a 2018 Mustang GT intake: The are nearly on par with the vaunted GT350 intake and can be had for around 400 or ported for 530. My tuner [Tuning by Oz] already supports this upgrade with a quick revision flash. I need to get my truck on the track to get a "baseline" but it's just too hot.
  6. White95

    Project White95

    Not very significant achievements but I install the sway bar relocation + shorter end-links and started the AN power steering hose swap. More importantly, I squared the k-member and can now begin the end.....to reach the beginning. 🤯
  7. White95


    The shocks that came with the belltech setup left a lot to be desired. This weekend they were swapped out for a set of Bilstein 5125 series shocks. The ride is now firmer but more controlled, which was what the Belltech shocks were lacking. Safety first!! It’s so much easier to work on a truck! The Bilstein’s required 1/2 hardware and the truck came supplied with 12mm hardware. This necessated I drill out one side of the mounts to fit the shank of the 1/2 bolt. The threads fit the 12mm side without issue. All hardware was upgraded to Grade 8 and properly torqued within an inch of its life. The u-bolts are long enough support a set of traction bars...hmm...
  8. White95

    Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    That sucks.
  9. White95

    Project White95

    It's all @Lanter's fault. Ever since he wired his export lights up, I've wanted a turbo. I don't know any better way to justify it.
  10. White95


    Thanks Dan! I completely agree with you about the lighting, in fact, it was one of the first upgrades performed.
  11. White95

    Project White95

    Single 70mm most likely
  12. White95


  13. White95


    My 2015 F150 SuperCrew parts grabbing, ass hauling, and faithful daily driver.
  14. 🤷🏻‍♂️