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  1. What Did You Purchase Today?

    Was the same. Then I came across a deal for a Ruger .22 convertible. I shoot it more than the rest of my stuff.
  2. E8 (Rio Red) Touch Up

    Local auto paint and body supply shop. Bring a sample with you. Only way to get it right.
  3. how much space around a sway bar is needed?

    ... or watts link.
  4. Cashless future?

    Hmmm.... As one who has been involved in small business here his entire adult life, I disagree with this.
  5. SN95Source Under NEW OWNERSHIP!!

    All the pron has finally strained the internet.
  6. 99 and up new edge bumper cover on 94-98

    Not digging it.
  7. Shoot me now please.......

    Thanks. It's frustrating to say the least but I was able to buy some property here in the Seattle/King County area. Very close to finishing up the developing of it. I still have to keep telling myself it will be worth it. This area is terrible.
  8. Shoot me now please.......

    I hear ya. I grew up here but the Seattle area is the last place I wanna be right now. However, I had an opportunity to invest and now stuck for awhile but it will pay out and then i can leave. Glad your making the best of your situation.
  9. Shoot me now please.......

    Cheer up. At least your not trying to build in WA state, King County. It's Hell.
  10. The never ending 2v turbo build

    Looking good. Always liked what you have done with your car.
  11. Your favorite beer thread

    Stone's Double Bastards are high on my list. Hoegaarden's in summer can be quite nice too.
  12. New SN95 stuff on the scene - Morphous Design

    I wish they color matched the skirts. Hard to say yay or nay in black.
  13. Haterbuilt... The never ending project.

    Always liked this car. Agreed with both rio and yealoh.
  14. What clutch fork for '94 GT

    http://www.ddperformance.com/c87-94-04-clutch-fork/ http://www.ddperformance.com/c87a-94-04-clutch-fork/
  15. Springfield XDS 9mm

    Very nice. Do you live in a non-free state? Needs pistol grip, conventional stock and muzzle device ;)