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  1. 410sn95

    AZ people?

    I believe Fiveohblow is in AZ. Not sure if he comes on here anymore.
  2. 410sn95

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    I keep visiting this hoping to at least see some progress...
  3. 410sn95

    Sn95 to fox TB swap?

    The two throttle bodies are designed to be in different orientations. Mounting the sn tb directly to manifold will pretty much dictate having the cable routed over the manifold unless you are using a spyder type with elbow. This is due to the fox tb having a side pull whereas the sn is straight back. You could potentially rotate the TB so the throttle linkage is underneath. Then a whole new can of worms is opened. fox tb is a nice clean setup but will cost some money. Or keep the sn95 tb with elbow and save some money.
  4. 410sn95

    Lanter's rebuild of a '98 Cobra

    I used old nos fomoco. Perhaps a difference in width. Oh well. Since then I have switched to Cobra brackets and FTBR 13in setup.
  5. 410sn95

    Sn95 to fox TB swap?

    Yea, been a long time. I took a peak at the sn95 tb without elbow. The packaging is not ideal and I can see why he had to run the throttle cable over the top. Better of going fox with correct cable bracket, IMHO.
  6. 410sn95

    Lanter's rebuild of a '98 Cobra

    Perhaps your rotors were worn enough to clear? I used brand new rotors. No way was it going to work without rubbing.
  7. 410sn95

    Sn95 to fox TB swap?

    90mm Accufab. No sticking.
  8. 410sn95

    Lanter's rebuild of a '98 Cobra

    Then you would have to clearance the inside of the brackets to clear the wider cobra rotor. A lot more grinding involved to do that... been there.
  9. 410sn95

    Brake Swap questions

    Baer 6p You can upgrade to 14in rotors with just a new bracket as well.
  10. 410sn95

    sn 95 wings/spoiler/ducktail

    and thanks... clicked on link, started browsing his stuff and then ordered a sn95 front splitter from him.
  11. 410sn95

    sn 95 wings/spoiler/ducktail

    Diffuser is tits. The 1st spoiler shape looks very Griggs GR40. Especially with the tips following body line.
  12. 410sn95

    the motha frickin audi

    If you have a Bose system in the car. Be aware that the speakers are 2ohm.
  13. 410sn95

    the motha frickin audi

    k04 or F21 this thing already!
  14. 410sn95

    Project White95

    Or go with through the floor sub frames. Then the lower sub's can be massaged and messed with as they serve really only for the attachment of a torque arm cross member (If your going that route).
  15. 410sn95

    Tampa Serial Killer drives SN95

    Here in the PNW almost all of the 95 cars I have worked on have had the uprights. The rounded bullet nose pieces are more of the rarity... YMMV.