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  1. Nice truck Dan! One of my buddies has the same truck just different color and it is legitimately a luxury vehicle lol
  2. Bryan96GT

    Orange SIXXXER Build thread

    That's crazy man. Hopefully it didn't do any paint/body damage?
  3. Bryan96GT

    The never ending 2v turbo build

    Running AN braided lines from your valve covers to a catch can? Thats my plan as well. What pieces did you use to attach the AN fitting to the valve cover? Looks like you did something different on each side?
  4. Bryan96GT

    Haterbuilt... The never ending project.

    I agree. I follow him on instagram and he seems like a great guy, but I thought it was weird too how in the articles I've read Billy or HBI wasn't mentioned at all. He just stated "such and such was already done when I got the car" like........everything was done when you got the car lol
  5. Bryan96GT

    Welcome To SN95Source.com: TTSALEEN

    What up Ryan!!
  6. Bryan96GT

    Welcome To SN95Source.com: 96blackgt54

    What's up bud!!
  7. Bryan96GT

    Welcome To SN95Source.com: Bryan96GT

    Bump. I'm back. My car along with some pics of the current state of it. I'll get on the build thread
  8. Bryan96GT

    New CCWs

    For me, its weird to read this. I live a mile or two away from Fairystone Imports and my dad runs his business out of a building next door to it. I've been in there a thousand times
  9. Bryan96GT

    Rolocut's Coyote Swap 1996 Black Cobra

    Danggg...I had been following this build on Instagram but didn't realize you had a build thread. Such a sick build And yeah I plan on going this route as well
  10. Bryan96GT

    Welcome To SN95Source.com: Bryan96GT

    No way! I go to JMU. I live about 40 mins away from tech. Have a sister in vet school there now. Where are you located now Rio?
  11. Bryan96GT

    did a photo shoot of both cars!

    Damn those TF's look sick on that 98. Both cars are gorgeous. Not a bad pair of cars to own...lol
  12. Bryan96GT

    Welcome To SN95Source.com: Bryan96GT

    Thanks guys! My name is Bryan and I'm from Virginia. Currently a senior in college so the car isn't getting much money thrown at it right now. Parked it after high school an drove one of my dads cars to college, but decided to bring the Mustang back for the last part of my last semester of school. Basically stock, just has exhaust, CAI, gears, lowered, few other things, just trying to keep it as clean as possible. Hopefully these pictures will show up since I'm posting this from my phone. I'll try to get some better ones later. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk