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  1. Genuine Verde Salsa, straight from Taiwan!
  2. just an FYI, look for prices to be slashed on the r888 since the r888 is being discontinued and replaced by the r888r
  3. it's on my never ending list of shit I need to finish. Here's the finished center caps: [/img]
  4. You must be a visual learner 😛
  5. I'd say i'm like 75% complete, hence why I haven't updated haha but here's some more progress pictures: As of now, I need to finish brushing the barrels on the passenger side and FINALLY get them powdercoated. Per usual, I started this project way too late in the season and now I don't have the time to take my car down to finish it all up, which will unfortunately cause me to miss a few things in order to finish this out. I did find though that the process I used that worked best for me is todo the faces using the jig. It was difficult and time consuming but it produced the best pattern by far. After that, I went back through and did the rest by hand and elbow grease. Thankfully for the rest of the wheels and to clean up the ones arleady completed, my guy at discount is going to let me use the balancer to mount the wheels too and get the barrels knocked out real quickly so win win in that regard! Here's some pictures of them on the car
  6. Does this mean we have to give @Number Tews Boss Lady special permissions so she can rule over you?
  7. Welcome welcome! Nice to see some familiar faces around here! Did you ever get the new light switch figured out??
  8. +1 to what Dan said @droptoppony! Welcome aboard Bob!
  9. Welcome man! sounds like a badass project!
  10. Oh hey there! I recognize that user name =p
  11. Just chiming in; I know I haven't been the most out there face recently but I truly appreciate the love and feeling of unity when we need it from this site. Through the ups and downs (now over the 5 year's we've had the site) this the community we sought out to build. Everyone understands each other, appreciates whatever we contribute to the forum whether it's sn95 related, remodeling a house, restoring tools. It still makes me proud knowing this is a place we all can go online and still call home.
  12. Ryan, What's your overall impression of the truck? I'm flirting with the idea of dumping the super dirty and getting back into an f150. The diesel is great but what for I do it's just a little unreasonable and unenjoyable driving into the city everyday.
  13. I need to finish them first! haha gimme a minute, I'll picture dump of what I have so far =d
  14. Just for longevity, at 140k, if I wanted a motor to continue to hold and be reliable, I'd go through and give it a freshover if it's feasible. Bearings/rings/lifters/springs. I've never herad of the kit before but it looks like a solid little set up!
  15. hehehe, you can mount my wood ;]