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  1. The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    Tiling done, grout laid, letting it sit and then sealing her up tomorrow!
  2. Testing

    okay, just got flickr to work easily on my iphone (dunno how it differs from android) But: Open flickr Find photo you want to share in camera roll Click photo Click "forwarding/sharing" Arrow Select "Copy URL" Then just paste it in the box you type in on the forum and it should auto format it. at least thats what it just did for me.
  3. Testing

  4. Ebony Desires

    I cant speak for their dealings with off road tires. only go fast tires
  5. Photo hosting

    I pay the yearly whatever to flickr to have more capacity than I'll ever need. I do love the flickr app, makes everything very streamlined.
  6. The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    That's on our next list of house mods after the upstairs bath. We're thinking about doing it with the upstairs bath since we haven't laid cement board down or anything yet but you have to put a thermostat box in and we aren't too keen to tearing into the freshly finished walls. It's fairly reasonable to do, I think the Grid and thermostat for a 10x10 bath works out to be only like $400, which in the grand scheme of a bathroom remodel isn't shit. Tiling isn't bad as long as you're smart a bout it. My bathroom wall experience was a perfect example of a not smart tiling experience. <3 sexual teal whale cannon for life Thanks man! JoAnna picked it out and I must say that I'm in love with how it turned out. Finished up tiling the front vestibule last night, grouting today and finishing up the transition piece. Then its painting the molding and reassembly! Guest appearance from Brembo
  7. My Boss Lady's 2002 Trans Am Collector Edition

    I'd try n throw some injector cleaner in it and see if that helps, If not then pulling injectors and having them cleaned would be the next step IMO.
  8. Brushing the Wagon Wheels

    You aren't wrong; you're just an asshole
  9. The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    Precisely lol I had to trim the 24" planks longways for the back wall of the closet. What a pain in the dick. Luckily it was only about 3/4", so when the tile saw maxed out, all I had to do was snap off the cut section and move it right along.
  10. The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    No, no I won't miss it when it's over. The devil's the detials like I mentioned now. Aside from the hundreds of small triangle pieces, the biggest question mark at this point is what the fuck to do with around the window. We got some bullnose piece and are thinking of just using a marine spec adhesive just to get them to bite into something but it's going to require sanding of the rest of the tiles fairly evenly so fucking me right up -__- As far as the flooring, we're going with the same tile for the Kitchen/Dining Area, Main Floor Bath, and Front Entryway. The house is only 1,000 sqft so our thought was to keep it all cohesive since it's such a small house in general. Here's progress of the front entry vestibule as of two nights ago. Again, no before pictures that really show what was there, but that green you see on the floor in the first picture is the backing of some super shitty vinyl "tile". I should have started in the closet and worked my way back out but I was more concerned with how the outside of the closet looked so I laid that down first and will finish up the closet tonight. Similar to what was on the ground, just with a little darker reds. Found out once we got the old shit adhered tile peeled back that they attached it directly to the existing hardwood -__________- Wish we would have known this earlier as I would of redone it with the rest of the house but it is what it is, I wanted to tile the front entryway anyways. So used the circular saw to separate the hardwood from what needs to be removed and what is staying, put another slot down the middle of the to be removed section and went to down with a prybar and a hammer. Almost done with removal, had to get creative and precise with a sawzall to remove sections like this where the circular had interferences with the wall. New cement board laid down over the existing subfloor Getting a feel for the pattern Precutting tiles, something I should of done with the bathroom as well, because holy shit did it make life 1754168189467x easier Once the tiles were all precut, pulled them back up and went to town mudding the pieces of cement board together once they were screwed down And Front half of the tile laid!
  11. The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    Well, I wish there was more done than is but house mods are much less fun than car mods, though arguably equally rewarding when you finally see it all come together! Starting with the project that will be the bane to my existence, the main bath! Note: I have a terrible habit of starting projects without taking quality before photos for comparison sake as well as progress pictures. I'm definitely no @95riosnake or @Prokiller haha Pictures for before comparison: So the bathroom was bad, floor tile cracked around toilet, wall tile had cracks in the grout, everything was old and outdated. Dealt with it when I had roommates for about a year. They moved out and Jo and I decided that it was time to do something when she was shaving her leg up on the soap dish and it fell out of he wall with the drywall. So here's some pictures of demo! Some definite signs of water damage as well as previous occupancy of termites sometime before my ownership. No evidence of anything living with any recency. Work on the end walls began. We were going to strip out just the area around the tub but figured we might as well just do it once and do it right. A celebration for a Demolition day well done! The old floor tile Cast Iron Bathtub removed and full exterior wall exposed. All rotted wood was removed and walls reframed with fresh lumbar. Conveniently didn't take pictures for about 4 months of intermittent hidden work. Installed a new ceiling fan and light combo ran to a new lightswitch next to the door frame. Also added a new outlet near where the vanity will be. New plumbing and shut offs for the tub and shower, fixed a bunch of leaks below the bathroom from the basement where it leaked into the basement bathroom ceiling. Installed a new deep soaking tub, sheetrocked the area around the tub, and greenboard for the rest of the bath. After careful deliberation and some colorful back and forth, we decided on herringbone subway tiles. The attention to detail will definitely set the house apart from the rest of the houses in the neighborhood that have been remodeled recently. However, the attention to detail needed has proven to be the death of me as during the process there were definitely some learning points that I wish I would have known before. First critical mistake: Starting at a random point on the wall Why was this a mistake? Building down a pattern isn't so bad. However, it is bad when the pattern slowly starts to shift and you realize you're off 1/2" halfway down the wall. Pull off tile, start over again from horizontal line and build up: Ahhhhh much better. Helper came to assist with the fine details Evidence of my horizontal plan Why was the random starting point in the wall decision terrible? because every single tile at the corner, top of the bath, and ceiling, now have to be individually cut to fit due to the unsquareness of the house. Going back, I would of started with a full tile set 45* at the corner of the room ontop of the tub. Live and learn.
  12. SN95 Coyote swap Master Thread

    Without a doubt go HP Tuners. Their support and tuning capabilities are far beyond what SCT is doing and has done. While SCT sits on the handheld market they have currently, HP Tuners is continuing to explore new markets and are constantly developing and refining their software. 10/10 would recommend
  13. Brushing the Wagon Wheels

    Update: Brushed tinted project is dead in the water. Ended up tearing the wrap off. Not that I was bored of the teal, just was ready for something new since there isn't a whole lot of exterior mods that are able to be done. Have a few colors in my mind lined up for the car over he winter and either way, I think that a nice bronze wheel will set off either one. I think i'm going to try n do a brushed bronze now instead so all of my hard work isn't gone to a total waste!
  14. My Boss Lady's 2002 Trans Am Collector Edition

    Getting a couple tanks of fresh gas through her will probably help some as well. I'd be tempted to throw a bit of injector cleaner in it if you're opting against pulling the injectors, after a year of sitting it's likely they could be a little bit gummed up. Always loved these cars, I looked at a few 98/99's when I was first shopping for toys and ended up with the SN instead. Would still love to own one someday!
  15. Ebony Desires

    You know, Mickey Thompson makes a new 285/35r19 and 305/35r19 ET Street S/S, Both stellar options for the rear!