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  1. Det_Riot

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    haha shit we need to do something to it first for there to be an update! We're stock up some parts right now so I'll post something soon once we have some decent stuff done. Who ever said that! The 18 is her project, the SN will still be getting a revival!
  2. Det_Riot

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    Thanks man! So getting it done by June might be a little optimistic for what I want to do, but hey, it's just time, what else do I have to do other than work =D. Without getting into details or the nitty gritty, first thing I need to do is roll the SN out of the corner of the garage, wash her down, and give her a good assessment of the state shes in. I'm fairly confident that most of everything in the car is going to be sold out, wiring, interior, soooo keep your eyes open for a big for sale thread. Once everything is pulled out, measurements and assessment will begin with the arrival of a not yet purchased donor car!
  3. Det_Riot

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    I've got a grand scheme in my head, not sure yet how feasible it is exactly yet but I'll figure it out I'll count it! Now you just have to actually put them on =D
  4. Det_Riot

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

  5. Det_Riot

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    I need to roll it out of the garage and wash it lol provide some live conditions for the rebuild hahaha
  6. Det_Riot

    Number Tew's First House Build Thread

    Looking good Jermy! You made the right choice of staggering, unless you had bought fancy schmancy lumbar, there's no way to get around the inconsistencies
  7. Det_Riot

    Mustang Week 2k18

    Are you guys staying right by broadway again? who all from the clan is heading down?
  8. Det_Riot

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    Multi functional reasoning. Right now the Wagon market is at what I believe an all time cap. Since I bought mine, the market has been rising and rising and rising, faster than what I've been putting miles on mine. At 39xxx miles I believe I was nearing the limit of what would be considered a "low mileage car" for a 2011. Hand in hand with the 2011, any buyer moving forward would have to be a primarily cash buyer because banks only value the car at approximately 32-35k. With the air, the wrap, the mods, the buyer was undoubtedly going to have to be someone younger who may not have that cash to blow on a toy. So all that made it seem like the perfect time to sell
  9. Det_Riot

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    Let's not hold our breathe. @95riosnake I feel like your car is so much closer to being done than mine, can we make 2019 the all mecca of SN95 reuinions?!?! Maybe @95opal can finish his too???
  10. Det_Riot

    Mustang Week 2k18

    Fairly self explanatory! Who's making the hike down or up this year??
  11. Det_Riot

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    Yayyy less than one year before updates! Wagon is officially on it's way to it's new owner, Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection can officially be lifted out of the grave =D
  12. Is an aftermarket shifter supposed to fix all of the issues with this gen MT82 or is the issue with their internal shift forks?
  13. Det_Riot

    Ebony Desires

    damnnn sounds so good steveoh! and I'm loving the wheels, liking them more and more each time i see them! can't wait to see it this year ❤️
  14. Det_Riot

    Full Moon Friday Garage w/ attached house

    Damn Ry-guy, getting official! if you're feeling like you're needing more light down low, put some on the walls approx 4' off the wall. Just went to Alan and Osh's grand opening and I'm still shocked at what a difference it makes!
  15. Det_Riot

    Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    I wish I had this much ambition for sound when I did the SN. I was totally cool with speaker wires running to 4 speakers and calling it a day hahah, that and I removed all sound deadening for that weight reduction doeeee