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  1. Det_Riot

    Ebony Desires

    damnnn sounds so good steveoh! and I'm loving the wheels, liking them more and more each time i see them! can't wait to see it this year ❤️
  2. Det_Riot

    Full Moon Friday Garage w/ attached house

    Damn Ry-guy, getting official! if you're feeling like you're needing more light down low, put some on the walls approx 4' off the wall. Just went to Alan and Osh's grand opening and I'm still shocked at what a difference it makes!
  3. Det_Riot

    Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    I wish I had this much ambition for sound when I did the SN. I was totally cool with speaker wires running to 4 speakers and calling it a day hahah, that and I removed all sound deadening for that weight reduction doeeee
  4. Det_Riot

    Lanter's house reno and garage expansion

    Wasting no time! Looks awesome dude congrats! Jealous of all of that space
  5. Det_Riot

    Ordered a 2018 GT premium PP2

    True! DMV let BLUBALD Fly through; worth a shot haha
  6. Det_Riot

    Dirty Don's 1997 Cobra AKA Trollbra

    Dayummmm that fresh balancer thooooo
  7. Det_Riot

    Anyone ever heard of Roadkill before?

    Dudeeeee absolutely jealous. They've started airing the Youtube series on Velocity so that's basically all I've been watching on the TV as of late! They come to Detroit for the Woodward Dream Cruise and "Roadkill Nights" the past few years. I never usually go because its 99% of the time an absolute shit show.
  8. Det_Riot

    The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    Thanks guys! Definitely rewarding shitting on the new throne! Couple small things to finish up so I'll probably tackle those this weekend. For a much more automotive oriented update, While fucking off on craigslist the other week (story of my life) I came across a lot of 35 sheets of 1/2" drywall for $150 bucks. Being the bargain hunter I am, I couldn't say no! So I grabbed my buddys truck despite the 8" of snow we got and picked up the lot. Most of the sheets (25) were 4x9, the remainder (10) were 4x8. Doing some rough math, it worked out ot be more than enough to cover the walls on both my own garage and my good buddy ken's where we've been storing Jo's V since half of my own garage has become dedicated workshop. Jumping right into it, we ended up going with R-15 faced insulation for the walls and a generic moisture barrier to put in between the insulation and the drywall. We're still determining the best route for the ceiling as his sorry excuse for collar ties have seen better days, but I'll get to that after the main portion of this post. Back wall Insulation Packed First row of drywall screwed in! Ken working on the top: One wall done Final wall work! Some detail work around the doors Ta-Da! So the biggest question next is what to do with the seams. The quirky thing about the drywall is that it's all vinyl covered, Apparantly It got taken out from an art gallery so it actually has fairly nice textured wall vinyl on it. Not sure what the plan is going to be for the same, I'm half tempted to see if we can find the matching vinyl and just run a colored strip across the center and call it a day =D Here's a decent picture of what he has going on for collar ties. As of now the ridge beam seems to be in good shape, so my thought was to get a lot of 2x8 lumbar, long enough to span, and pop those bad boys in at every rafter, then we can insulate up, get a nicer R-30 or something, stick it up from the bottom side, and then just cover it with a thin 1/8" drywall to finish it off. That way, we can pop in a rafter vent from the soffit to just past the insulation in a few bays on each side of the garage, stick a few vents up top, and should be good for air flow!
  9. Det_Riot

    Full Moon Friday Garage w/ attached house

    Yassssss love me some new lights! We did a drywall/insulate/and fixture install at my buddys over the past week or so, what a change it's made already!
  10. Det_Riot

    The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    Thanks guys! Finished up 97% of the bathroom this weekend and am ecstatic with how it turned out! Just need switch overs, and to paint/cut and place baseboards/trim.
  11. Det_Riot

    The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    Thanks for the confidence booster gentlemen! Finally trotting down the home stretch! Been at it hard the past week or so in between other extravagant life events! I'll give you guys a teaser: See that smile on her face? Yeah it isn't because there's a fully functional bathroom! Popped the question last Saturday and couldn't be happier, now the fun of planning a wedding begins! But alas, back to the regularly scheduled housing program. Remember me mentioning before about how the plastic edging looked like shit and I hated it? Well, I found the answer, what do you know, it involved me running a level at the "narrowest" part of the tile pattern vertical, making a trim line down the wall, and spending hours grinding, smoothing, and trimming the outer edge of the pattern to prepare for the new bullnose pieces. Freshly cut edge New bullnose pieces laid down One wall done, another to go: VIDEO, CLICK PICTURE Untitled by TealNV, on Flickr Bam! Another wall down Grouted and ready to be done with tile! Naturally it cant go entirely to plan, thanks painters tape for pulling up paint =D If you notice the corner of the showers here, I caulked those with color matched grout. It isn't perfect but you'd never be able to tell if you were just glancing over it Decided to go out on a whim late last night and get the toilet all hooked up, after slightly trimming the floor tiles for the toilet studs, we have water pressure! VIDEO, CLICK PICTURE Untitled by TealNV, on Flickr Getting closer and closer! Hopefully will knock 98% of everything else left out tonight
  12. Det_Riot

    The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    That's what JoAnna keeps on telling me. I keep on saying yeah you're right, but in my head I'm really thinking man if only I would have done it this way instead, etc etc. *le sigh*
  13. Det_Riot

    The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    Thanks man! Yeah I think with what I was working with it ended being the best solution to make it look nice and neat! One step ahead of you Thanks Ry! We ended up deciding on going with a gray grout to accent the patter more. It ended up that we used the same grout color for the floor and the wall, go figure, you cant even tell it's there on the floor and it looks black on the wall but it is what it is lol
  14. Det_Riot

    The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    Finally, After an afternoon/evening of work, grouting is officially finished! We decided to go with a Grey grout to help make the herringbone pop more. The color itself is a lot lighter than pictured, it was still wet when I took these pictures. The only downside to the darker grout is that it highlights all the areas that my amateur came through. Overall I can't complain being that I went into this pretty blind to everything that had to happen. This is a better representation of the color of the grout. And finally floor finished out Took the day off yesterday to recoop from going at it hard all weekend. Need to go back through and caulk the corners, along the ceiling, at the window, and around the tub. Planning on using the matching color caulk for everywhere except for right along the window frame, will likely just end up using basic white caulk there. Next steps are to finish smoothing out the walls and putting final paint on. we ended up running into and issue where the drywall along the door wall didn't' sit flat so I've got to trim out the lower half and re-straighten it all. Luckily that part will be behind the vanity so it should be okay!. On a little side project, picked up some new hardware for the house! Jo and I had been talking about getting and electronic deadbolt for months since we saw a friend's house that had it, we had to grab something from their house when they were out of town and they just gave us the guest code, such a convenience! After that, we were sold. Found this deadbolt on the HD clearance rack for $30! Couldn't pass it by! Then scooped up a matching smart key handle so we can have one key for both locks, makes life a lot easier that way to say the least, nothing bothers me more than having 150 keys on one keychain. Don't mind the greasy paw prints all over the door, it's likely getting painted this spring anyways!
  15. Det_Riot

    The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    Upper insets finished Window Tile done! I think this also marked the finishing of the wall tile, aside from maybe a piece or two that I didn't picture but you've got the idea by now! Obligatory Pet Supervisory pictures: At this point, it was time to move to the floor. As I mentioned prior, we were using the same floor tile as the front vestibule thingy as the bathroom. Backer board laying Dry layout of the tile, I found that this made life so much easier when you lay out the tiles, it allowed you to trim without worry about your mortar drying up from sitting while you're cutting and fitting every piece. Ended up that the tile was just barely too wide to fit full tiles from wall to tub. Ended up trimming the piece up next to the tub, I think it was only off by a matter of 1/4" so not too terrible! Final Layout! Next was time to mix up the mortar and get to work! ended the first batch with only 1.5 rows left hahah turned out that I had the perfect amount of mortar left to mix and finish out pattern so I can't complain too much! Grouting in next post!