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  1. Det_Riot

    Welcome To SN95Source.com: Paul webster

    Idk what the Delmarva Peninsula is but welcome aboard! I think for sure keep the cobra drivetrain in the cobra. Gen 2 coyote the clone and send it!
  2. Det_Riot

    CompOrangeSN95's Project: SN9500

    My dude, respark my mamories. Did you end up using the 6060 trans as well or did you go with something more traditional?
  3. Det_Riot

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    Next thread update we're going to see once the blower is on: Still not quick enough; dalamar's 2013 raptor gets a 6.6L Livernois Stroker
  4. Det_Riot

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    We just found a real nice condition polished one for 300 bucks that we got for my buddy's CJ swap on his 18. I searched gt500 classified pages on fb and there's some deals to be had!
  5. Det_Riot

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    YESSSSSSS! The foxes looked like a huge upgrade over the factories! I had no idea about the need to be rebuilt, that's kind of crazy! For sure that's a stock GT500 twin blade. You should definitely upgrade to the Ford Racing Monoblade =D
  6. I'd most definitely take some body damage over our latest discovery....something in the bottom end let go at ~650rw and 10 psi on the dyno. Less than pleased
  7. Det_Riot

    What's Your Ride Look Like Today?

    ^ Your swap is going infinitely better than mine. Shit. LOL
  8. Det_Riot

    Bama tunes

    Woodward? I'm shocked we haven't crossed paths! I might be a little biased but you're never going to get a better tune than an in person dyno tune. My local flavor of choice has always been Lidio @ Alternative Auto over in Chesterfield!
  9. Det_Riot

    2018/2019 winter break mods

    1994: Next to everything. Tear it down to a rolling shell and build it back up again with all the modern conveniences of an 18 haha 2018: Finish up fuel system & Header install (Finished Whipple install last week). Acquire tires, viking shocks, and swap front springs to raise it back up some!
  10. Det_Riot

    The momstangs rebuild

    Insert snotty tween attitude: “YOU ARENT MY REAL DAD RYAN YOU CANT TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!”
  11. Det_Riot

    The momstangs rebuild

    Lmaoooo you already know I’d never experiment on those......that’s why I’d chop my extra set of OEM lights up first to perfect it; THEN open up the sexports 😈😈
  12. Det_Riot

    The momstangs rebuild

    @ttocs I've been trying to stumble around through your build thread but can't seem to find anything. I'm 99% sure it was you that talked about opening up the tail light and putting LED's in, did you ever take on that project?
  13. Det_Riot

    Shadow's Build 1993 Notch

    Not a bad haul for black Friday! Seeing everyone make progress has really been lighting a fire under my ass.
  14. You know how to reach me! I'll be out your way between Christmas and New Year visiting the Shittsburgh Crew, I can bring it along with the Trufiber Grille
  15. I’m like 98% sure these have the tweeter cutout. I just put the delete piece on them bc my tweeters weren’t hooked on and looked like ass