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  1. The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    That's what JoAnna keeps on telling me. I keep on saying yeah you're right, but in my head I'm really thinking man if only I would have done it this way instead, etc etc. *le sigh*
  2. The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    Thanks man! Yeah I think with what I was working with it ended being the best solution to make it look nice and neat! One step ahead of you Thanks Ry! We ended up deciding on going with a gray grout to accent the patter more. It ended up that we used the same grout color for the floor and the wall, go figure, you cant even tell it's there on the floor and it looks black on the wall but it is what it is lol
  3. The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    Finally, After an afternoon/evening of work, grouting is officially finished! We decided to go with a Grey grout to help make the herringbone pop more. The color itself is a lot lighter than pictured, it was still wet when I took these pictures. The only downside to the darker grout is that it highlights all the areas that my amateur came through. Overall I can't complain being that I went into this pretty blind to everything that had to happen. This is a better representation of the color of the grout. And finally floor finished out Took the day off yesterday to recoop from going at it hard all weekend. Need to go back through and caulk the corners, along the ceiling, at the window, and around the tub. Planning on using the matching color caulk for everywhere except for right along the window frame, will likely just end up using basic white caulk there. Next steps are to finish smoothing out the walls and putting final paint on. we ended up running into and issue where the drywall along the door wall didn't' sit flat so I've got to trim out the lower half and re-straighten it all. Luckily that part will be behind the vanity so it should be okay!. On a little side project, picked up some new hardware for the house! Jo and I had been talking about getting and electronic deadbolt for months since we saw a friend's house that had it, we had to grab something from their house when they were out of town and they just gave us the guest code, such a convenience! After that, we were sold. Found this deadbolt on the HD clearance rack for $30! Couldn't pass it by! Then scooped up a matching smart key handle so we can have one key for both locks, makes life a lot easier that way to say the least, nothing bothers me more than having 150 keys on one keychain. Don't mind the greasy paw prints all over the door, it's likely getting painted this spring anyways!
  4. The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    Upper insets finished Window Tile done! I think this also marked the finishing of the wall tile, aside from maybe a piece or two that I didn't picture but you've got the idea by now! Obligatory Pet Supervisory pictures: At this point, it was time to move to the floor. As I mentioned prior, we were using the same floor tile as the front vestibule thingy as the bathroom. Backer board laying Dry layout of the tile, I found that this made life so much easier when you lay out the tiles, it allowed you to trim without worry about your mortar drying up from sitting while you're cutting and fitting every piece. Ended up that the tile was just barely too wide to fit full tiles from wall to tub. Ended up trimming the piece up next to the tub, I think it was only off by a matter of 1/4" so not too terrible! Final Layout! Next was time to mix up the mortar and get to work! ended the first batch with only 1.5 rows left hahah turned out that I had the perfect amount of mortar left to mix and finish out pattern so I can't complain too much! Grouting in next post!
  5. The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    WARNING!!!!! Picture Dump Incoming. Been a hot minute since I've updated last but hasn't been without new content. With the holiday season rolling through, progress got slowed a little but recently started to kick back up. Have had a few extended weekends with the GF away for work which gave me ample time to focus on getting work done on the bathroom. After much hassle, stress, annoyance, ETC, I am proud to say that all of the nonsense measure, measure, cut, rougher fit, trim, rough fit, apply is behind me and real progress feels as tho it's been accomplished! Individually cutting, trimming, and fitting, all of the small individual triangle pieces: Working my way down the side of the bath Back up along the corners and the ceiling line Shotty picture but you can see here how I was originally planning on tackling the area around the window. This I think was the hardest part to decide which direction to go with. I originally thought that putting the bullnose on the inside face would be easiest and making a small ledge but couldn't deal with how halfassed the lines of the tile looked around it. Stay put for the solution! Decided to go with a basic white edge piece for the outer face of the wall. It felt like the right way to do it at first. Well after getting it put in and tucking it under the edge tiles, I quickly changed my outlook on it. Ordered more bullnose tiles that you'll see shortly to use for a tile border and draw the line straight. Most of the shower head wall finished along the edge piece More "detail" pictures After much back and forth and debate of direction to go around the window, I finally came up with (IMO) the best solution. With my OCD to details, I knew there was no way that I could of made the tile around the edge straight enough that I would be happy with it. so I had the idea, if I'm going to be trimming back, why don't I just trim the wall tile back enough that I can use the bullnoses on the wall face, instead of the window inset. Well here's how the beginning stages looked. Needless to say, after seeing the few tiles put in, I was sold on the strategy. Building in the corners Up the one wall Building out the other Pulled the upper tiles and trimming back for the top Exterior bullnose done! Next I moved to the insets, which were basically just trimmed own pieces of the regular tile
  6. CF T1 race spoiler

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this temptation tho. I'm sure i'd be down for one at some point ;]
  7. Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    Love me a white raptor! Never knew that they came with a blue accent interior package, that's pretty damn cool IMO. I'm with you guys on the new ecoboost being a buzz kill in the 16+ model year. They just straight up sound baddddd.
  8. Carbon Fiber Repair

    Cool, that was the plan I was going for after talking to one of my buddies who dabbles with CF. TBH I never even thought about putting a whole new layer of carbon over top as if it were a piece you were only trying to do a CF overlay on. Thanks!
  9. Carbon Fiber Repair

    how bout now?
  10. Carbon Fiber Repair

    wtf they worked when I posted them yesterday -__- hold please
  11. TTSaleen's project car thread

    I'm sure it does, especially if the car is lowered. I'd assume the same way a bumpsteer kit helps the front end of majorly lowered cars to keep the car tracking straight while the suspension compresses, it helps the rear to keep the rear toe spot on.
  12. Carbon Fiber Repair

    Thanks for the quick responses guys! Going to have a little time to prep before I start messing with it as the guys probably making a trip to MI next month and I'll just grab it from him then. Here's the pics:
  13. Carbon Fiber Repair

    Cutting to the chase, I found a splitter for the wagon that I want but right at the corner of the bumper, it's split in half (read, carbon fiber splitter is in two pieces). Has anyone ever tackled carbon fiber repair to this degree? I'd imagine if I line it up and build it up with fiberglass mat it'd be pretty sturdy, sturdy enough for a splitter. But is there anyway that I could sand it down to the CF on the exterior, lay down a patch piece and try to blend it in?
  14. MXProbeStang Build

    Glad to see you getting it all ironed out bud! Any dyno vids of her? those are great numbers! How did you end up putting the air filter together?
  15. My Boss Lady's 2002 Trans Am Collector Edition

    Might not be a bad idea just getting a full set of coils as Rich suggested. AC Delco's are $42 on rock auto