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  1. It basically dropped off after my SN and @wildwillywalkers car hit the dust. From leading it a few times, the hardest part is keeping the crew together. Once it starts getting broken up all hell breaks loose lol there’s plenty of enough SN’s and New Edges at MW for it to happen, it’s just a matter of getting the word out. MBPD doesn’t appreciate when you decide to block traffic without their permission lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. So close.... and yet so far....
  3. Det_Riot


    YESSSSS DIRECT UPLOADING Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Idk what the Delmarva Peninsula is but welcome aboard! I think for sure keep the cobra drivetrain in the cobra. Gen 2 coyote the clone and send it!
  5. I was like 99% sure we had a backroom section already......
  6. If you have to ask, you're probably guilty of it
  7. It's a minor adjustment but it's pleasant. @Orange 94 should appreciate it hahaha
  8. Are you guys staying right by broadway again? who all from the clan is heading down?
  9. Fairly self explanatory! Who's making the hike down or up this year??
  10. No, when you're on the mobile version, just hit the button that looks like a newpaper, that takes you to unread posts. From there if you just want updated, hit the activity button on the left side of the screen.
  11. I dig it! I wanna use it just to use it hahaha
  12. Sweet. I think a thumbs down would be easier to follow than a red heart vs blue heart. or a broken heart
  13. Can we change the icons. It's rather confusing that a heart is dislike as well as like haha
  14. Disklike =( is any of the ridetech crew going to be there or you guys out as a whole?
  15. They just upped the amount, previously I had reached near the limit so it was preventative lol
  16. Imma be there! Rocking a house with the norms, SVT_Baker, SVT_Osh, our dearest @WildWillyWalker, and the likes!
  17. Photobucket? I dunno why anyone uses that pile of garbage anymore. Flickr is 10355710957123x easier to use, is $24 a year for unlimited storage, and retains photo quality much better! @Evilcw311 make a free account and give it a shot. I can almost assure you it is a much friendlier experience.
  18. Does this mean we have to give @Number Tews Boss Lady special permissions so she can rule over you?
  19. Welcome welcome! Nice to see some familiar faces around here! Did you ever get the new light switch figured out??
  20. +1 to what Dan said @droptoppony! Welcome aboard Bob!
  21. Oh hey there! I recognize that user name =p
  22. Just chiming in; I know I haven't been the most out there face recently but I truly appreciate the love and feeling of unity when we need it from this site. Through the ups and downs (now over the 5 year's we've had the site) this the community we sought out to build. Everyone understands each other, appreciates whatever we contribute to the forum whether it's sn95 related, remodeling a house, restoring tools. It still makes me proud knowing this is a place we all can go online and still call home.

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