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  1. I have to shamefully admit that I haven't even driven the car at all this year aside from backing it out of the garage a few times. I've been so swamped with house projects and trying to get things done before my daughter shows up that I've had really no time for it. Now that things have started to settle down, it's about 95* outside with near 100% humidity and a car without A/C isn't really the place I want to be right now. I am going to start driving it, though. I pay too much in registration and insurance to let it sit around... I did finish this mod to the garage yesterday, though. I just need to wrap the pump wiring in some tech-flex and I'll be completely finished up with it. It truthfully is a DIY project if you're at all handy. My brother helped me stand the posts upright and my wife helped me mount the pump because you'd need 4 hands to do it, otherwise I did everything 100% by myself. Collectively, it took maybe 6 hours or so. I did it in chunks of an hour here and there. It may not look like it in the photo, but the front bumper is at my eye level and I'm 6'4" tall (10 foot ceiling in case anyone was wondering). A smaller car I could stand under, my Mustang I can comfortably work from a wheelie stool. So, so, so much better than jackstands. I also bought the lift with low-profile arms and they can swing under my Mustang without me having to run the car up on wood. I was dreading what shenanigans I might have to go through to get the car elevated and it's no effort really. I'm quite pleased with the whole setup. I can tell you one thing, I'm the only car guy in the neighborhood and it sure made the neighbors look last night the first time I got the car up on it...
  2. I definitely feel for you and understand the struggles you face. My best friend has had Chrones for probably approaching 15 years now. The first few years were pretty ugly for him, though definitely not to the severity yours is. It really hit him in college when we were rooming together (been friends since grade school). He did little more than make it to class. When he wasn't in class, it was fetal position on his bed trying to sleep just to not have to deal with the pain. I've never seen a human being take as many pills as he was at the time... was something insane like 40 a day. Thankfully, he never required hospitalization and his is under control these days. His doctor's are even cautiously saying remission and are slowly pulling him off of his steroids as of his last visit.
  3. I don't mean to be insensitive or intrusive so no hard feelings if you tell me to buzz off, but I've always wondered and you seem very open mentioning when you're sick and the toll is takes on you... what is your illness? Car is really starting to shape up. I can't wait to hear this thing run. The amount of time and attention you've got into everything... the payoff is going to be sweet. Sorry that I'm not help on the plug, I'm not a pushrod guy.
  4. I've always really liked the G8's. Years ago I was angling to get one as a daily driver but dealers were wanting just more than I was wanting to spend at the time. Seems like they hold their value well on the used market still, too.
  5. What's the deal with the license plate being different front to back? Nice job! Bet you had a lot of hours under the hood polishing all of those shiny bits!
  6. Looking better every post! Nice work!
  7. Looks outstanding! Huge upgrade!
  8. Not to my taste at all, but glad to see some new stuff for these cars.
  9. Thanks guys. Free suggestion in regards to the delivery if anyone ever winds up buying something like this - I don't own a truck or trailer personally so I needed to find a creative way to get this thing home from the freight dock. What I wound up doing was calling a tow company to come out with a flat bed. They pulled straight up to the dock and a forklift loaded it directly on, super easy. When we got to my house with it, this tow truck driver was a surgeon with this truck. He parked in my driveway and was able to gently lay the lift about 3 feet into my garage, exactly where I asked him to, all without scaring up the concrete at all. And it was only $70 to have them move it for me. I called a bunch of other legit freight delivery companies and the cheapest price I was quoted was $550 so it was real steal. Even if I did have a truck or trailer at my disposal, the $70 would have been worth it for how easy the tow company made it. The unfortunate thing is I have no idea when I'm going to have time to put it together. My wife and I made a big mod to the family that is coming in October and it has really lit a fire under my ass to get a lot of projects done around the house that I've been lazy about getting to. It's a little girl So I've been working on the nursery painting, cleaning carpets, getting furniture in there, blah blah blah. This week I've spent what feels like my entire life refinishing our deck. Legit, I've spent 17 hours on it and I've only finally finished the railings. Just have the deck surface left that I'm hoping to finish tonight/Friday. This Saturday a friend and my brother and I are putting up some studding and drywall in my basement and finishing out a bedroom. Next Saturday my brother and some friends and I are taking a blacksmithing class (really looking forward to this), have my mother-in-law's birthday the following day. June I've got a vacation scheduled, then it's Father's day, then it's my birthday, then it's my wedding anniversary, then it freaking July already, which I guess is when all of these baby showers are scheduled because my wife knows about 8 million people. So you can see how this lift will probably just lay in my garage for a while. Oh, and I still need to update the 220v service in my garage and run an additional conduit, wiring, etc. for the lift. *sigh*
  10. Love the tile choice. Definitely a nightmare of a project with the mold but it's going to look awesome in the end. Can't wait to see some finished photos!
  11. Had a thing show up today...
  12. Sucks about the windshield. I probably wouldn't have even thought about the auto-wipers, either. Love everything you're doing with this truck. Keep up the awesome work.
  13. To be fair, their four posts I looked at were pretty nice. I just wasn't in the market for a four post. Their two posts I wouldn't be comfortable crawling under based on the quality of the floor models.
  14. That is what I thought too but more often than not I find the air hose to be annoying and it can get in the way quite easily. If the nice electric impacts weren't so expensive I would have already bought one. I just can't justify the price when I already have something that works great, even if it is annoying.
  15. Oh, I know. I have no intentions of utilizing it for storage. Just something that will be convenient for short periods of time