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  1. Count me in for donating to keep to lights on. I have no problem pitching in $25. I do have to apologize to everyone that I don't have the free time available to help out with the upgrades and patches and back-end IT needs. Some of you may be aware that is what I do for a living (Well, I'm a developer but I admin some virtual servers we have for a few of our code bases). I just have way too much stuff going on at the moment to commit to that and have people relying on me for it On a humorous note - for the love of God, this place has to stay open. SN95Forums is cool but it doesn't have the same feel to me and I can NOT deal with the idiocy at SVTPerformance...
  2. Not super often. I've been there twice this year. My wife and I were there in March, and then last week. Next time I make it down there I'll have to let you know. Would be cool to meet up and see your car!
  3. Aesthetics and exhaust fumes from the front of the car aside, you'd probably be surprised how quiet an open downpipe car actually is. A typical longtubes, catless midpipe car is way louder.
  4. Great pics! I've always loved inkedging's Mach 1. That car is so awesome. Saw TONS of people headed to MW as I was driving up from Columbia, SC to Columbus, OH on Friday. Made the drive entertaining, at least.
  5. They're in Elgin, one of the subdivisions just off of two notch road at the far end from I-20. Pretty nice area, I like it down there.
  6. You aren't kidding. This week has sucked. I've been visiting my parents in Columbia, SC all this week, and holy shit is it hot. My fair, whitest of white boys Illinois skin isn't used to this. I'm completely lobstered up from spending one afternoon at the pool after work. I'm leaving for home today, too. It's painful to know I'm heading home when all of your are heading this way for Mustang Week next week and I was so close. Stopping off in Columbus, Ohio to visit my brother on the way home this weekend so wouldn't be totally shocked to see someone on their way down.
  7. Wow, 2 pushes and 5 minutes in the back seat of a car. Your wife is a champ, dude! Congratulations to the two of you!
  8. Glad you found your way over, Mike! Can't wait to see the Casper finished and see how it performs out on track!
  9. Going to throw my hat in the ring as a maybe for 2015. I've always talked about going and now since my parents moved about an hour away from Myrtle Beach a few months ago it'd make it a real consideration. I'd be dumb enough to drive my car that far but I seriously doubt I could ever get my wife to sign on for that. That time of year with those temperatures and no A/C...
  10. Voted for him. Best of luck, @Rolocut! Gotta be honest, though... it was damn hard for me to not vote for that Chevy pick-up!
  11. Yeah. It's always been on the list of things to do but the whole notion of "get the car running and enjoy it for a while before tearing into it again" always gets in the way for me.
  12. I haven't taken pictures in years really, mostly due to the car being apart most of the time. The car visually has barely changed any, though. The stance is a little different, that's about it. It is just a pretty typical for the internet, lowered, S281 wing and Saleen wheels car. The engine bay has had some updates since this. Did a coolant crossover delete, tucked a few wires, put a slim aluminum coolant tank in it, stuff like that... An old cell-phone picture showing some of the updates. The engine bay needs a lot of work...
  13. Hi everybody, I've been around a lot of the other forums for about 10 years so I'm guessing a lot of people probably know of me. Car is a 96 Cobra, lots of junk on it - forged shortblock, 03/04 heads, Mach 1 intake, built T56, 31-spline rear-end, custom fuel system with E-85, Hellion 76mm turbo kit converted to blow-thru, Maximum Motorsports suspension, blah blah blah. The old shortblock made 600rwhp/630rwtq letting out at 5krpm (MMR built it and they fubar'd it hardcore. It was on life support before I even got it to the dyno). I have a new shortblock in it now and the car is getting tuned in about 2 weeks. Looking forward to being here and seeing some more fresh, creative ideas for these cars than the same old stuff you see on the "big" forums.

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