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  1. Younts_Autosport

    Mustang Week 2017 Sept. 4-10

    I guess this thread is the closest thing we have to a roll call this year, probably posting this kinda late. I'm going to arrive in Myrtle Beach tomorrow. Will have my Saleen this year, wanted to bring both my Mustangs down this year but the V6 didn't end up being quite ready.
  2. Younts_Autosport

    The Scourge is getting a turbo/needs help

    Alright folks. Feels like its been months since I updated anything on the forum here and I'm sure it has been. For everyone who didn't know through my Instagram and Facebook posts MY V6 WAS REAR-ENDED IN MAY. The accident wasn't my fault but rocked my world all the same. Insurance wanted to total the car but I decided to buy it back and afterwards it sat in my yard for the longest time until I finally got an estimate from a friend/local body shop I knew could fix her right. The estimate surprised me as it was well below what I expected so I pulled the trigger. The last 5 to 6 weeks saw my first love brought back to me with a new lease on life. I'm going to post some pictures but that's the summation of the last few months in regards to my car life.
  3. Younts_Autosport

    The Scourge is getting a turbo/needs help

    Took me a while to get back in touch with the first guy with the 100K $100 set but now I've found another set I might be interested in. Only 20K on these and I'm going to make an offer on them. Hopefully I can get this taken care of soon and move on to some of the other supporting mods, anxious to have the turbo on sooner than later. This year is all about getting the V6 back up and running in top form and updating it as necessary (i.e. turbocharging it). Oil changed last week and long-overdue transmission service and alignment this week.
  4. Younts_Autosport

    The Scourge is getting a turbo/needs help

    I've been looking into used sets of the 03-04 Cobra 39lb injectors figuring they would work well for my power goals but not sure of good prices relative to mileage. One set I've found was pulled from a 100,000 mile car and they're asking for $100, but historically I've seen lower mileage sets in the 150-200 range. Not in recent times, however. Any advice? Thanks.
  5. Younts_Autosport

    The Scourge is getting a turbo/needs help

    Thanks for the support, guys! Currently trying to get all the info I can and source up the injectors and fuel pump, not sure on injector size although I was recommended the 03-04 Cobra units which seem like a good choice for my power goals at the moment. Making this up as I go along, really not sure at this point how much we can do at home versus paying my tuner for the install. I will try to keep this thread updated so feel free to chime in if you folks have any input. Thanks.
  6. Hi, everyone. I don't know how many folks are still active on the forum, I myself have been absent for some time but I'm hoping to become more active again and have now changed my screen name to be more in sync with other social media accounts. I wanted to update everyone on the biggest news to come from my Mustang builds in a long time! My old V6 is going to be boosted. I managed to find one of the old TMA Turbo kits, unused and complete, on a local Craigslist. I'm apparently a lucky bastard, given the rarity of a never-installed TMA kit nowadays. Garrett GT4088, 65mm I believe, TiAL wastegate, HKS blow-off valve, JDM intercooler, all hot and cold piping, basically a complete kit minus fuel mods and gauge. I'm a noob to the turbocharged world so I'll be looking for some help and advice with this project. Right now I'm trying to source all the extra stuff and get a plan together. Looking for recommendations on fuel mods, boost level, boost controller if necessary, and any advice or instructions to help with the install, etc. My motor is stock minus an underdrive pulley and now has ~140,000 miles on it. As always I'm planning to stay on top of maintenance. When it's time, the tuning will be spot-on. Hope some of you are reading this and have some good info for me. Hope to catch up with everybody soon. Thanks!
  7. Younts_Autosport

    Mustang week 2k16

    Meant to post earlier but coming back from vacation kinda got in the way. Had a good time at Mustang Week despite it being a shortened week for me. Wish I could have talked with a lot more of our members but it was still awesome catching up with @tony and meeting @Yeahloh95 and @95opal. We'll shoot for bigger and better next year, folks!
  8. Younts_Autosport

    Mustang week 2k16

    Got my schedule today for the next few weeks. Working 5 days starting this Friday and then I'll be free to head to Myrtle Beach on Tuesday evening. Had to compromise with work but I'm just glad to be able to go at all.
  9. Younts_Autosport

    Mustang week 2k16

    I've been under a rock working for the past several months and haven't been on the forum. I hope everyone is still able to make it to Mustang Week and that I haven't missed some critical piece of information. Actually not sure yet if I'm going to be able to go and for what days, it's been up in the air for a long time now and hopefully I'll find out tomorrow or soon afterwards if I'm free. I'll make it down there in some capacity, I swear.
  10. Younts_Autosport

    2QUIK4A6 - The Scourge's '03 V6 Transformation

    Be excited, everyone. My V6 is finally going to the painter either tomorrow or a weekday next week! I've acquired a few things but haven't had the chance to post about any progress lately so here's the details: - I replaced my cracked factory hood with the Kaenen model. I was pleasantly surprised at how much lighter the Kaenen fiberglass hood was compared to the composite stock hood, I thought the weights would be pretty comparable. I'm thrilled to now be running a hood that not only serves a function over the stock hood but also shaves a little weight. - Back when my dad bought the white face gauge kit from LRS for his Roush the kit included spare tach and speedo vinyl overlays for a V6. I recently removed the problematic reverse-glow white face gauge kit from my V6 cluster (I think the problem was in the module, not the external wiring, so it was beyond me) and decided I would try out the spare tach/speedo vinyl overlays as a simple solution to the dilemma of stock gauge faces. This operation was successful. My cluster now has a white tach and speedo. I actually like it this way. It kinda balances out with my two a-pillar gauges. - I purchased unnecessary and overpriced Terminator mirrors. I'm going to have these painted True Blue and then see if they match my kinda True Blue/kinda purple Saleen. If they aren't a good match for the Saleen then they'll be gifted to my V6.
  11. Younts_Autosport

    I will not be participating in the SN95 Cruise

    Unacceptable. How am I supposed to arrive ridiculously early to make sure two blue Saleens park next to each other now?
  12. Sooner than later I'll be buying new tires for the V6 and it wouldn't hurt to get some suggestions as I peruse a world of opportunities. In the past I've mainly bought cheaper all-season (and maybe some summer) tires since my V6 was my daily driver and I was always on a student budget. Nowadays I'm not sure what to buy but I'm all about doing things right as I move forward with my plans to freshen up and maintain the V6 this year. The car will remain my daily driver but will hopefully see one to two autocross-like experiences this year along with a ton of spirited driving through these lovely rural North Carolina roads. What are you guys running? What do you suggest? Post up pictures at your convenience and maybe we'll get a nice tire thread going on, if we didn't already have one... I currently run 245/45/17s all-around on my 17x9s, rotatable and budget-friendly but it doesn't necessarily have to stay that way. I have 1" spacers in the rear and my tires have rubbed some on the sidewall but I may roll the fenders in the future so I don't have to get rid of the spacers.
  13. Younts_Autosport

    Mustang week 2k16

    I haven't missed a year yet and I sure hope I can make it this year, I've put in the request with the district office but don't know yet. My family's lodging arrangements are currently in process, as my parents will definitely be in attendance.
  14. Younts_Autosport

    The Scourge's Budget Supercar - '02 Saleen S281SC

    Not sure if you've swapped heat exchangers yet but from what I'm guessing installing the 21st Century unit requires no modifications. Do I have that right? I actually do have end goals of ~400hp but that's down the road in a year or so when I can invest more money into the project. In the coming months I want to go ahead and tune the car with current intake and pulley mods. I would do something like the heat shield but I don't necessarily want to pull the supercharger for that so I might leave the stock intercooler situation alone for now. Still thinking about the heat exchanger, though, not that it will make much of a difference with anything other than cosmetics but it would be a nice little goal to meet before tuning time.
  15. Younts_Autosport

    The Scourge's Budget Supercar - '02 Saleen S281SC

    It will probably be Spring before I have the Saleen tuned but the wait will give me more time to get the prep work done. My MoSaleen idler has held up and may already be paying dividends. I'm still planning to change plugs in hopes of resolving a very infrequent, slight stutter on idle and I've sourced up a set of TR6 NGKs originally intended for the Terminator my brother used to own (tears). Plus, they haven't been changed since I've owned the car. Not thrilled about the idea of having to remove the supercharger inlet to change plugs but I don't think I have a choice otherwise. I'm now thinking a lot about cooling mods. I really want to upgrade the heat exchanger even though it's honestly more for cosmetic reasons than cooling. Naturally, my intercooler temp gauge doesn't work but I'll diagnose it soon and hope it's just a bad sensor which I have a replacement for. Now the intercooler heat shields some of the Saleen guys are running have popped back up for sale and all of a sudden I'm REALLY interested in one. A shield might be a good value considering I'm still on a budget at the moment and I would like to have the car ready to go to the dyno in a matter of months. I wonder if @WildWillyWalker can chime in on this. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Saleen-supercharger-heatshield-and-gaskets-/131709994466?hash=item1eaa8705e2:g:T60AAOSwnipWYk2F&vxp=mtr