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  1. droptoppony

    Want to see the missing pictures in old threads!?

    They sent a survey to the members asking what we would pay for hosting. My reply to every question was "fuck you, you ruined the internet."
  2. droptoppony

    ThomasW's Two into One build

    That copperish CF looks killer. I bet it will really pop in the sunlight.
  3. I can't wait to run my fingers through its fibhairs.
  4. droptoppony

    St. Patrick's Day picture contest

    Nate won... about time you signed up over here.
  5. droptoppony

    St. Patrick's Day picture contest

    That chrome green liquid ceramic metallic wrap though
  6. droptoppony

    Anyone ever heard of Roadkill before?

    I've watched the show a few times. They were big on youtube and I think they went against the Fast and Loud crew on a mopar drag build off using the hellcat powertrain a few years back.
  7. droptoppony

    St. Patrick's Day picture contest

    Can you see the green? F'in snow
  8. How many of us have paid so far?
  9. droptoppony

    CF T1 race spoiler

    Have you thought about mounting points and hardware etc? Curious if you are going to be able to duplicate the Saleen mount points and rigidity.
  10. droptoppony

    Dalamar 96 GT

    Jeff! It's been a long time buddy.
  11. droptoppony

    midget wrestling...and cigars

    I may need to take a trip over to P.A. for this!
  12. droptoppony

    Tampa Serial Killer drives SN95

    Most of the 95's I have seen were flat.
  13. droptoppony

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Car sounds great!
  14. I saw this on the news and they mentioned the guys mustang was surrounded, I started thinking, I bet he drives an SN95. The camera pans out and there it was.