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  1. droptoppony

    Project White95

    Nice to see some progress, even with the two steps back, for every one you go forward.
  2. droptoppony

    new jersey

    it's coming! If we are lucky it will hold off until December and the snow will be minimal. A mild winter would be nice.
  3. droptoppony

    new jersey

  4. droptoppony

    New forum theme added

    So much better.
  5. droptoppony

    The future of SN95SOURCE

    About time somebody stepped up around here.
  6. droptoppony

    The momstangs rebuild

    Congrats on the reborn maiden voyage.
  7. droptoppony

    Forum Ban Game

    Can I ban myself? I would like to be banned from work this week as well.
  8. droptoppony

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    I would love to see this car back in action! It's such a nice canvas to promote the SN95 platform. If @95riosnake and @95opal also finished that would be amazing. I don't think you guys realize how important your builds are to the continuing popularity of our body style and how much we appreciate your dedication to your cars.
  9. droptoppony

    Maximum Motorsports

    He got me my Trickflow heads $200 cheaper than anyone else could.
  10. droptoppony

    Maximum Motorsports

    Arts Parts used to get good deals on MM. That was the guy that got everyone the good smoked headlights back in the day on SN95forums. Artie Horowitz is his name and he is on FB but not sure if he is still in the parts biz. He has a bodyshop in South Jersey somewhere.
  11. droptoppony

    1994-2004 SN95 Retrofit, Headlights, and Fog Lights Thread

    I need to send you some lights. I have a set of these depo projectors in one of my storage sheds that I would like done.
  12. droptoppony

    Project White95

    I need one of those T1's.
  13. droptoppony

    Project White95

    Wow some nice updates to the white turd. All that MM stuff is making me sexxed up.