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  1. The momstangs rebuild

    All right Spring it is
  2. The momstangs rebuild

    Think you will have it done before the snow comes?
  3. Ladd's Mystic Teminator Build

    I love ocd stang owners. They build the best cars.
  4. Ebony Desires

  5. The never ending 2v turbo build

    photobucket ruined build threads all over the internet lol
  6. Old Fart's AutoX build

    Have to change the name to the bad luck build. Stuff breaks and we upgrade, one of the things I like best about the hobby.
  7. Ceramic coating???

    @TTSALEEN you know about this voodoo magic?
  8. Ceramic coating???

    I was thinking about doing it to my daily and see if iy lasts longer than a normal detail.
  9. Football Is Here Again

    They must have really been desperate.
  10. Feeling like a woman...

    I frequently make fun of my wife for being indecisive when shopping and I think I have caught the disease. Seriously I cannot find a car to save my life. I have passed up on several really good cars because I am being super picky My budget has been @$10k and I was looking for a clean Saleen SN 96-98. I expanded that to include any clean low mile 96-98 just so I can start another build. I may end up just buying something semi clean and cheap just to get started. I have to stop making fun of my wife, the karma train must have hit me.
  11. Ceramic coating???

    Thanks for the article!
  12. Ladd's Mystic Teminator Build

    @laddanator how is this coming along? I haven't seen any updates on FB either that I can remember.
  13. The momstangs rebuild

    Nice! I really like the red stripe on the fins.
  14. Roadrunner torque converters

    I think the Marauder TC is 11".
  15. The momstangs rebuild

    Get this on yet?