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  1. You answered your own question?
  2. yes this! The pollen gunks up and tree sap etc can clog up. Many good cars have rusted prematurely from this.
  3. Where's my T1 Frank? GIBAOTDT
  4. He doesn't come off as a bad guy and definitely doesn't take credit for the build. He has a fox at HBI being built and that's how he came to buy the SN. Anyone that is out promoting the SN is a good thing for us.
  5. Yes and the fund has been growing the entire time
  6. Liberals are the "artsy" crowd so they are using their medium to be anti trump. I think as they try to be clever with plays and trump heads they are just reminding those that voted for trump why they voted for trump.
  7. Tew Blue?
  8. I thought he made you up.
  9. good idea!
  10. The SN95 community in general is really good. One of the reasons I haven't bought a newer mustang is the other owners. I don't want to talk with them at shows or the gas station or anywhere at all. SN95 owners I will talk to anywhere I meet them. We are just a different breed of mustang owner. I am in the market for a car now but I would rather wade through endless SN's to find the right one then get something else. Mostly because I like the community as much as I like the potential of the car.
  11. My thought exactly. Although Handz vs Paul did have its moments.
  12. Like the FR500 indeed. I like the fact they lowered the rear bumper like Jeff @Dalamar did behind the rear tire.
  13. Someone donate a set of Trickflows to be cut up in the name of science.
  14. @96blackgt54