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  1. Pappacosworth

    CompOrangeSN95's Project: SN9500

    Beautiful engine! I suppose we shall enjoy install pics too...
  2. Pappacosworth

    NSFW - Post your funny pictures

    Isn't everything?
  3. Pappacosworth

    Welcome To SN95Source.com: Pappacosworth

    Thanks! I work in vocational school teaching car mechanics. I've been working 20 years as car mechanic/electrician, and also was in engine machinist school. If I don't handle something, I must learn it roof damage dyno run rather current state
  4. Pappacosworth

    Welcome To SN95Source.com: Pappacosworth

    Previous owner got it from Michigan, but never got it registered. I bought it 2010, and 2012 got axle from Midway Mustangs, and it was shipped to me. Car has side repeaters from Citroen (very small) and rear fog light to meet Finnish regulations. I like it too, I got Terminators Eibach springs and Bilsteins with the axle. I made hard bushes for irs and steering rack from aluminium and delrin. It handles quite well. I do everything myself. Painting, modding tuning (Quarterhorse) rear end rebuild aerocatch lock install, Cobra R hood hit the roof, and caused heavy damage. some diy porting improving rear axle adjustable position rebuilding tremec
  5. Pappacosworth

    Welcome To SN95Source.com: Pappacosworth

    Greetings from Finland! My first Mustang was 1990 GT. 2010 I bought 1994 Cobra. I have 275 rwhp, tremec 3550 and Terminator IRS. Next plans are improving brakes a little and refresh engine with stroker kit. Car in 2010 My first Mustang FMOC Slalom Cup (similar to autocross)