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  1. Yea he doesn't directly take credit for the build that I have seen. I would feel a little odd getting a feature story written about a car I just bought. I guess it's no different than a lot of the cars you see in Hot Rod and such, most of those guys barely turn a wrench... they build cars with checks and plastic usually.
  2. He sold it to some guy who is on Instagram. It was just featured in MM&FF also. People are like congratulating the new owner on the "well deserved" feature and shit... like, congratulations on buying the car? Only thing he has done is put a cowl hood on it.
  3. Welcome to the site!
  4. Great looking car, I bet that was stressful to say the least when the hole was being cut in the trunk lol. The new wheels really set the car off, they contrast the white much better.
  5. Welcome! I always liked the tangerine SN's
  6. Our forum software isn't compatible with tapatalk. We have tried working with the developers for a solution but they don't support tapatalk. Might be time to hit them up again to see if there is a solution to the problem yet.
  7. A lease payment nearing the amount of a mortgage payment is just utter crazy talk to me lol. If you want an escalade, wait till it's 5-6 years old and buy it for peanuts compared to new. I honestly don't think I could ever bring myself to buy a brand new full size SUV or truck... the prices have just gone out of control.
  8. ^ @Kyle5.0's old car
  9. EDIT: nvm... didn't realize I was on the first page lol It's kinda sickening how expensive Escalades are... but Dear Lord are they a beautiful vehicle.
  10. Our Alaskan Malamute, her name is Evee. Had her since she was a pup, she's 4 now. Tips the scales around 100-105lbs Giving some scale to a cabinet I'm building: And inspecting a hole I cut in the floor for some HVAC duct lol:
  11. Monday: Lifting (chest and back) Tuesday: Cardio (run 3-4 miles) and legs (squats, leg presses, calves, etc. etc.) Wednesday: Lifting (biceps, triceps, light shoulder workout) Thursday: Cardio (repeat of Tuesday) Friday: Lifting (heavy shoulder workout, and repeat select chest and back exercises) Saturday and Sunday: Work constantly on the house (and yard in warm months)
  12. Very nice build, the car looks beast in this shot: That's a whole lotta meat out back!
  13. Very nice upgrade for sure. They fill out the fog light opening really well, and the idea of a fog light with a cutoff is great. You can actually have bright fogs that don't blind the shit out of everyone lol.
  14. Welcome!
  15. Mystic is definitely a color that pics can't even do justice. I've only seen a couple photoshoots that captured the color the way it looks in person. IMO Mystic > Mystichrome. Mystichrome is too over the top for me.