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  1. 95riosnake

    The Chronicles of 95riosnake's OCD Machine

    Sure, what did you want to know?
  2. 95riosnake

    Forum Ban Game

    Banned by request.
  3. 95riosnake

    Welcome To SN95Source.com: Sn95GTS3

    Welcome! What's in the garage?
  4. 95riosnake

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    That truck is going to be a beast!
  5. 95riosnake

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    Looking forward to seeing the Whale Cannon back in the spotlight! My commitment this year is to do something, anything, to my car before year's end. If I can stick to that I'll call it a success. I did buy Racecraft 2" drop spindles for my car from Jon Sowa's terminator, so I guess that counts as doing something, lol.
  6. 95riosnake

    The momstangs rebuild

    That display is definitely sweet! I would say if you can get the tach to display just the first number, and skip the x500's, it would be much better. There's a reason that's how every tach you've ever seen is laid out that way, lol. The 10-2 o'clock area is definitely super busy as you said lol.
  7. 95riosnake

    Project White95

    Looks pretty badass, I have always loved the Y2K front.
  8. 95riosnake

    The momstangs rebuild

    Looking good man! It's always crazy how small/low these cars seem back on the ground after you've worked on them on jack stands for a long time frame lol. The rear poke isn't too bad, I've seen people have much more than that, by choice lol.
  9. 95riosnake

    CobraClone's Art Thread

    What kind of card game is it? Looks pretty cool.
  10. 95riosnake

    Madd Retrofits and Lighting

    That is a crazy good price on either set!
  11. 95riosnake

    cowling moldings for hood hinges

    Are the 99-04 rubber pieces interchangeable with the 94-98? If so, here's a set on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2003-2004-MUSTANG-SVT-COBRA-4-6-WIPER-COWL-RUBBER-TRIM-SKU-DD88/183272541526?hash=item2aabe50d56:g:kwcAAOSwhkRWdYWa
  12. 95riosnake

    The momstangs rebuild

    Holy shit you weren't joking about that fuel leak! Make sure to have someone shoot video of the maiden voyage as it pulls out of the gargae under its own power, I'm looking forward to the day when I can finally drive mine again.
  13. 95riosnake

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    I like the bumper, and I LOVE the dimple die holes. That truck is going to be a monster with a Whipple, and it's going to scream with LT's!
  14. 95riosnake

    sn 95 wings/spoiler/ducktail

    Any pics to share? Interested to see how these are turning out.
  15. 95riosnake

    The momstangs rebuild

    Man that fuel situation could have been disastrous, I bet you were frantic! Car looks to be idling nicely now, congrats! I kept hoping for a little throttle blip in that video lol.