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  1. Full Moon Friday Garage w/ attached house

    Looking great Ryan! The wainscoting and flooring brought the whole project into focus so much more now. Looks nice and classy. Interested to see how the custom vanity pans out
  2. The momstangs rebuild

    Looking good man!
  3. Well here is somewhat of an update. My scion served me well for the past 8 years, but had gotten to a point of needing almost weekly maintenance. It was getting to the point of being a money pit and was taking up entirely too much of my free time to keep it in good working order. Add to that my constant need for a truck, a for sale sign found its way onto the scion in May. Took me about a month to find someone who wasn't just wasting my time, and all told I ended up getting $5k for it. Not bad considering I paid $10,500 for it 8 years and 82k miles ago. Once the scion was sold I moved onto looking for a truck. I've been leisurely shopping for a truck for years now, so I was already pretty much set on what I wanted. Finding the actual truck proved much more difficult. I went back and forth between buying new and CPO (certified preowned) and it all came down to numbers. The only dealership that was willing to deal on a new truck to the level I was shooting for was all the way out in Illinois, and the 10.5 hour drive was less than appealing. I ended up finding the exact truck I originally wanted up in Ft. Gratiot, MI and picked it up on July 20th. I actually wanted to hit up @Det_Riot as I was cruising right through his back yard but it was a very long day and my dad rode up with me so it didn't really work out. Hit the road at 3:30am and got home with the truck at 8pm, lol. So here are the specs: 2015 GMC Sierra SLE All Terrain, 5.3L V8, 4x4, 6spd Auto, 13k miles (!), plenty of GM warranty remaining, CPO warranty on top of that, etc. The truck was originally from Tennessee and is a one owner, so it's about as mint as a used truck can get. There's not one spec of rust anywhere under it whatsoever. I know some people here aren't big GM fans, but this truck is by far one of the nicest vehicles I have ever driven. I actually look forward to going places again lol. The truck needs an exhaust pretty bad. As much as I intended to just leave it stock, it's just too damn quiet lol. Here are a few pics. The day I picked it up (reppin SN95Source son!) Gave it a full detail yesterday and snapped a few iphone pics. I love the color of this truck! You can see the OCD Machine lurking in the background covered in dust, patiently waiting its turn. Not having to keep wrenching on my daily all the time will hopefully open up a bit of my schedule to get back on the poor old girl. I know this wasn't technically a tool or shop/house update, but it is definitely a tool I will be using, and by far the most expensive tool I've ever purchased, lol.
  4. Tabres' Turbo Cobra - Winter Shenanigans

    Holy shit photobucket ruined every build thread on the internet. I've been in the market for a foam cannon, I'll have to check that one out.
  5. Welcome To SN95Source.com: Grumpygator

    Welcome! Really love the Canary!
  6. RC cars

    Did you buy it from someone on Etsy? I remember seeing one like that on there for sale, had drift tires and the wheels on yours look familiar.
  7. Social Media Recruiting

    I think I'm going to do a few posts on the Source IG account with some pics of current build thread cars on our site, provided they have IG accounts to link to. That has been one standard I've self-imposed...every post on IG I make on the Source account has to be connected to an IG account of the owner of the car for people to go follow. I personally hate when someone just posts a picture of a mustang from the internet. Like, what is anyone supposed to do with that on IG? lol
  8. RC cars

    Love that new edge drag car! Also love the Tamiya TL01 Cobra R, I have two full cars of that model, as well as 3 bodies and a few sets of different wheels. One body is NIB and unpainted, planning to someday get around to spraying it Rio Red and making somewhat of a mini version of my car out of it.
  9. Welcome To SN95Source.com: E85windsor

    Welcome! The screen name sounds intriguing!
  10. This coming weekend should be a bit calmer than recent weeks so I am gonna try to find some time to get a proper update in here.
  11. suspension of direct file uploading

    Cookies and milk makes everything better.
  12. suspension of direct file uploading

    Behind the doors = Steve, Bryan and I texting each other for days on end each time we needed to figure out how to keep things going. You have somehow concocted that we had some top secret plan to screw people out of something. I don't know how you came to think of us as some corrupt government agency but you seriously need to cut the shit man. You and I talk often via text and I think you're a great dude but I have had enough of you talking shit. I have explained to you many times both openly on the forum, in PM's and in texts why there is no Tapatalk. When it's possible to add it to the site we can explore that route but it isn't possible currently.
  13. Wouldn't a pantera be more fun?

    They're not too common to see, and when they come up for sale it's usually not for an affordable amount. I passed one this past weekend in my neighborhood and I did a double take harder than I would if it were a Lamborghini honestly. Definitely on my bucket list of cars.
  14. Tell me about it. I've only had enough time to work on stuff, there hasn't been enough time to put together an update. I need to do that soon before I get too far behind.
  15. The Madd Motorsports POS

    I LOL'ed.