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My SN95

  1. The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    Looking good man! And I second Ryan's comment. Usually you're far more critical of your work than anyone looking at it who wasn't involved. Your eye is drawn to that mistake you remember making, but to someone coming in fresh, most are usually not noticeable.
  2. CF T1 race spoiler

    The idea of CF T1's sounds badass, I'm sure people will buy them. I'm committed to the crab claw on my car but if I had a GT or a 96+ cobra I'd be all over a CF T1 spoiler.
  3. The Chronicles of 95riosnake's OCD Machine

    Haha, well we're never making any babies, and we've had a dog for 4 years now so those aren't the cuplrits. The house is the sole culprit. There just isn't time or money left over for the car, and in the grand scheme of things the house is way more important and an actual investment compared to just being a money pit. Don't worry, I haven't lost interest in the car, and it pains me every time I look at it. Everything is boxed up and ready to go back together when I get the time.
  4. Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    I love the pre-16 Raptors! I know everyone seems to love the ecoboost, but the red blooded American in me just can't get excited about it vs. a 6.2L (honestly the ecoboost doesn't excite me in anything Ford puts it in). That and I always really loved the styling of your body style Raptor. Seems kind of unnecessary to put studded tires on a Raptor, doesn't it? I've never heard of anyone having any trouble in the winter with one lol. I like seeing that you've gotten it out in the wilderness a bit, it's such a shame when people literally never even take them off the pavement. That bed tent is pretty sweet.
  5. The Chronicles of 95riosnake's OCD Machine

    Thanks Dal! Now if I can only ever get back to work on it, I'll be in good shape lol.
  6. Dalamar 96 GT

    Great to have you here man! Haven't talked to you in a while! Glad to see you still have the SN, and I love the raptor. Hows the pro touring build coming along? Your thread on pro-touring.com is inspiring to say the least.
  7. Guess what I got back...

    The anticipation is strong...
  8. midget wrestling...and cigars

    It would be even better if you guys were just going there to smoke cigars and all the sudden, midget wrestling. lol
  9. 94 Cobra #3815

    I definitely wouldn't hold back on your build, I'd go ahead and do anything and everything you planned. Then maybe once you finish and have the bucks still available to work from, grab yourself a junkyard V6 shell for a few hundred bucks and make the fenders and quarters to fit its stock components and mounting points. Honestly even if it was as hardcore of an install for the rear as cutting out a big portion of the existing quarter, I think that's somewhat reasonable. It would be hard to make the quarters install any other way short of doing an over fender/rivet kind of thing, but IMO I would never be ok with the over fender look unless its on a dedicated race car.
  10. 94 Cobra #3815

    Wow dude, the metal work is looking fantastic! If that's a sign of things to come, this car will make some serious waves in the mustang world. I know you have plenty on your plate already, but I will say that any sort of wide body/flared products for sn95's look like complete trash. Your fenders are shaping up to be what I always wanted my car to have going on (cue people talking shit about me not working on my car ). You could definitely sell a bunch of wide body front fenders and rear quarters. I suppose it would get a little tricky as far as what to do about bumper covers, taillight placement, inner fender liners, etc. but nothing too crazy.
  11. Yea, I need to get around to posting an update. I've been going through transferring from my old, ailing laptop to a new iPad Pro so I need to get all my pictures organized still. Been working endlessly on the family room. Redoing it pretty much top to bottom. Building some pretty large built in cabinets that also serve as an entertainment center, did a porcelain tile hearth, new flooring, etc.
  12. 94 Cobra #3815

    I love it too! Beautiful work Blaise. Honestly straight up welding/fab porn every time you post an update in this thread!
  13. Welcome To SN95Source.com: arturo

    Welcome aboard!
  14. 94 Cobra #3815

    I really love the english wheel, turned out fantastic, as did the brake. I'm truly jealous of all your stuff these days lol. Side note, I don't think I've ever heard the name Emerald but that's a pretty cool and unique name IMO!
  15. The hoses themselves aren't the weak link for power steering applications. The method that the hose is engaged by the fittings at each end is where the weak link lies for high pressure. The ferrule design of the PTFE fittings is what makes the connection much stronger than the conventional fittings. Anyway, you are free to run whatever style hoses and fittings you want to run. I did a lot of research before doing braided lines for my car and the resounding opinion from the majority of builders was to use PTFE lined hoses (and yes I know PTFE is the actual material - I said teflon to make it more understandable to anyone reading this who doesn't have an engineering background). If you feel confident your lines are good to go, that's all that matters. PTFE Fittings use a ferrule and a flared nut vs. pinching the rubber between the two halves of the fitting like a conventional AN fitting.