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  1. RedTwilight

    RedTwilight ZERO's build

    Ok. That's using the share link. Where as previously (and still with other sites) I used the bbcode link.
  2. RedTwilight

    RedTwilight ZERO's build

    What was needed exactly to get the link working?
  3. RedTwilight

    RedTwilight ZERO's build

    I checked my attachments and it says "You have used 2.55 MB of your 500 kB attachment limit." Soooo...... I dunno. I've been using the same format that I've been using for Flickr and this was the first time I've had problems.
  4. RedTwilight

    RedTwilight ZERO's build

    Pics of the new satin bronze Rovos Durbans. Yeah something is wrong. I tried posting it twice as well as another pic in my 93 notches thread. Neither worked. It was saying something about I have used all of the attachment space I am allowed. But their wasn't but one that was linked from Flickr.
  5. RedTwilight

    Shadow's Build 1993 Notch

    Got a new Hurst shift handle with a button for the line lock.
  6. RedTwilight

    RedTwilight ZERO's build

  7. RedTwilight

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    I received a Kobalt sliding miter saw, a new creeper, a survival/throwing hatchet, 2 new coats, and the usual cash/gift cards. What I got myself was 2 new RC planes, a Kobalt 24v cordless grinder, Stifflers "Fit" system for the Cobra, a black Hurst pistol grip shift handle with switch for the '93, and new tires for the Danger Ranger.
  8. RedTwilight

    Rio Red 98 GT Build

    WHEW!!! Look at all that spaghetti! Nice work!
  9. RedTwilight

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Happy Festivus
  10. RedTwilight

    RedTwilight ZERO's build

    Not much but I did place an order for a Stifflers Fit System while the 10% discount sale is going. Maybe this will motivate me to get started on the Cobra once again.
  11. RedTwilight

    2018/2019 winter break mods

    1993 - five lug with SN Cobra brake swap with line lock. Maybe a little body work. 1996 Cobra - I hope to start doing body work and start on swapping in the IRS finally.
  12. RedTwilight

    Shadow's Build 1993 Notch

    Yep. But my wallet felt it for sure! Now I just need the fire lit to make progress on the Cobra.
  13. RedTwilight

    Shadow's Build 1993 Notch

    I ordered some new domed wheel center cap decals from Tom Clark (aka sinisbuilt) for the wheels that I will be running after the 5 lug swap. One set is for the Racestar drag wheels and the other set is for replica polished '03-'04 Cobra wheels for the street. Well I took advantage of the Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals and got a few more items for the 5 lug swap. First were the Strange Engineering Hy-Tuf race axles in Fox width with the 2.78" brake rotor register and 5x4.5" lug pattern 1/2"-20 x 3" drive studs. I also got new C-clip eliminators to go with them. Next was 2 - polished 15x8 Racestar wheels for the rear during the track sessions. I had gotten the matching 17x4.5 fronts back in the summer. Introducing the "Punishstars" I also got a Hurst line-loc kit and a pair of '93 Cobra parking brake cables. Just a few items left to get and I'll have everything for the 4 wheel Cobra disc 5-lug swap. Guess I'd better get started cleaning, painting, and rebuilding the calipers so the will be ready to go.
  14. RedTwilight

    Shadow's Build 1993 Notch

    A little update as to what's been going on the past few months. I picked up a used Holley Systemax II intake with 1" spacer for only $300.00. I don't really need it at this moment, but for the price I went ahead a pulled the trigger. At least I'll already have a decent intake for when I start to build the engine. I was also having problems with the cheap clutch cable firewall adjuster loosening and the cable getting slack. So I ordered a McCleod quik-click firewall adjuster. The red anodizing will clash with the color I plan to paint the coupe, so I took some Easy-Off oven cleaner and stripped the coating. A quick polish to get the bare aluminum looking a little better. I've also never really happy with the clutch adjustment and feel. So also ordered is a Steeda quick ratio quadrant to replace the cheapo double hook piece that is currently installed. Nice sunset pic. The race season is done for the year other than a few test-n-tunes. So I swapped the street wheels/tires back on. Been just driving it and enjoying. I even took it to Foxtoberfest this year. I did buy a couple of interior trim pieces while there to replace a couple of the old, faded, and/or cracked pieces. Foxtoberfest 2018 (412 Foxes in one place!) I hope to be able to get the 5'lug Cobra Brake swap done over winter or early spring. But I also want to turn some of my attention to my '96 Cobra. It's badly in need of some TLC.
  15. RedTwilight

    Rio Red 98 GT Build

    Wait! Isn't the Coyote already in the car?