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      With the new update to 4.2 we have gained a lot of new features.  I will post more about those later.  With the change though came some problems with our current themes as the creator of those themes has not made the changes that allow us to take advantage of some of the new features.   I will try to clean up the default theme to make it more appealing for the time being. 


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  1. Shadow's Build 1993 Notch

    While the console was apart, I took the opportunity to fix the ash tray door. The hinge pins had broken so I just drilled some hole and replaced them with a couple of screws. Voila! No more floppy ash tray door!
  2. Shadow's Build 1993 Notch

    I have finally gotten around to pulling the console and installing the Pro 5.0 shifter with Steeda handle and billet pistol grip knob. I've got a new inner shifter boot on the way to replace the original that was missing altogether. Also ordered some LED bulbs for the gauge cluster. Just a couple more items marked off the list before MustangWeek.
  3. Shadow's Build 1993 Notch

    Made a simple switch plate to cover the hole where the radio head unit used to be. At the moment I only have the one electric fan switch in. But I have laid out room for 3 more switches and a couple gauges on the back for future installation.
  4. Football Is Here Again

  5. *NEW FEATURE* Reactions

    I had the white theme of the old layout. But this new theme I hope is only temporary. It's looks ... well cheap and beginner'ish for the layout. While the previous seemed much nicer and more upscale.
  6. Roadrunner torque converters

    I had that happen on a CenterForce clutch once. Also a demolished 3rd gear in the T-45 another time.
  7. Roadrunner torque converters

    LOL Someone had to post it!
  8. *NEW FEATURE* Reactions

    We need a "Race Car" reaction! LOL
  9. Mustang Week 2017 Sept. 4-10

    First you didn't get to show up for the Goodguys show in Raleigh, and now I'm gonna miss your Fox at Mustang Week also! You need to try to get the company to convince O.U.S.C.I. to have an event at VIR next year. Make sure they send you too.
  10. How To Install 94/95 Longtubes On Your 94/95 SN95

    It really is much easier to install BBK headers on a fox. The driver side dropped in from the top fairly easily after raising that side of the engine. The passenger slid in from the bottom. But it's not going to be that easy on my Cobra.
  11. Project White95

    Let the Mod Motor Madness begin! And I don't believe you when you say it's going to stay stock!
  12. Tabres' Turbo Cobra - Winter Shenanigans

    A friend of mine just got one of those foam cannons. They cleaned his trucks up really nice.
  13. RC cars

    I wish I could find the Cobra R body. At least one that the price isn't too astronomical.
  14. What Did You Purchase Today?

    I've seen Amazon do that a few times. I got an Iwata HP-C airbrush once on sale. Normally they cost about $200 each. I saw this one brand new on sale for $80. The next week I checked again and it was back up to the $200 price.
  15. RedTwilight ZERO's build

    The SVE FR500 steering wheel arrived the other day, and WOW does it feel so much better than the factory wheel.