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  1. RedTwilight

    sn 95 wings/spoiler/ducktail

    I'm going to have to keep an eye on this thread. I may need an alternative if the GR40 spoiler that I've been waiting on doesn't happen.
  2. RedTwilight

    ThomasW's Two into One build

    Nice update! I've been wondering where you've been. Good to see you're still working away on the stang! What side mirrors are those? '05 and later? They fit pretty well if so.
  3. RedTwilight

    Spockbacca's Loudmouth Mistress

    Nice update!
  4. RedTwilight

    What Did You Purchase Today?

    Well it wasn't me, but my Dad. My dad has joined the SN95 crowd now with his new drag car he just got Saturday. It's a '95 GTS. Still has the full interior. The previous owner ran 6.40's in the 1/8th with it. He already has a 4 eye Fox that he currently races with. So I'm not sure what his plans are going to be with this one. Maybe running 2 different classes? Maybe letting my brother or I drive one? Or just going to run one? No telling at this time. So far his only plans are to evict the Chevy small block and move in a Ford 410 Windsor.
  5. RedTwilight

    Ladd's Mystic Teminator Build

    Chris; it is I Trinity. I'm still living in Roxboro. Well Hurdle Mills actually. I've known Jon as well as the many Mustang enthusiasts around here for years.
  6. RedTwilight

    Ladd's Mystic Teminator Build

    To say Mysty has changed is an understatement! It's full on EVOLVED! And YES post many pics and that exhaust vid that John shot. I still wished I saw it in person when you brought it to town that day.
  7. RedTwilight

    The momstangs rebuild

    Congratulations on getting it running! I know it been a long road to this point. Bet you're the most excited person on the planet now.
  8. RedTwilight

    ThomasW's Two into One build

    Is that the paint from thecoatingstore.com? How have you liked it so far? Does it cover well or seem a bit thin/translucent? I'm looking at some base/clear from them. The price og $340.00 seems to good to be true for a gallon of base, clear, and the reducer and activator. I just don't want a cheap paint that sprays on thin and doesn't have the coverage.
  9. RedTwilight

    Shadow's Build 1993 Notch

    This will be a huge upgrade over the Fox brakes and I'll have more wheel choices with the 5 lug setup as well.
  10. RedTwilight

    Shadow's Build 1993 Notch

    Got the rear Maximum Motorsports brake hard lines and braided flex lines today.
  11. RedTwilight

    Shadow's Build 1993 Notch

    Got a few more pieces to the puzzle for the 5 lug Cobra 4 wheel disc conversion. Found a decent deal on a slightly used (only 60 miles) '93 Cobra brake booster and master cylinder. Also included in the deal were m/c to proportioning block lines for 86 and earlier Mustangs. I probably will end up letting them go. And I got a package in from Maximum Motorsports full of more brake lines. Included are the braided front soft lines for Fox to SN95 calipers, Wilwood proportioning valve, master cylinder to stock prop. valve hard lines, and stock proportioning valve eliminator fittings. Also pictured are spacers for the Fox ball joint to SN95 spindle. Also on order is the rear hard lines and braided flex lines for Fox to SN95 calipers.
  12. RedTwilight

    Project White95

    Say it aint so!! 😭 That's Blasphemy! Where's the Banhammer for posting offensive material! 🤮 LOL J/K Good luck with the swap! But still not as cool as a termi! 😉
  13. RedTwilight

    Project White95

    What's the new plan Stan? N/A? Turbo?
  14. RedTwilight

    The Music Thread: What are you listening to?

    A metal song called "Whispering in Trenches" by SephMetalMouthFilth Only a handful of people even have the song.
  15. RedTwilight

    What Did You Purchase Today?

    mmm..... Carbon Fiber!