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  1. iRoush

    Forum Update

    I heard there was snives still around these parts, so here I am poking my head in.
  2. Hey man can you please tell me where you got that wide body kit?!?


  3. removing the forum and reinstalling seems to have remedied the problem for now...
  4. still having the problem with notifications. I'm getting a notification that says this: WildWillyWalker liked your post in thread "how stupid would this be??" - SN95 Source I've never posted in that thread :look:
  5. looks sweet but I have found a glitch! tapatalk, whenever someone posts in a thread I was in it says they quoted me. I had about 20 notifications this morning lol
  6. I think my r-comps would burn off before I'm able to reach any of these shows lol. Fabulous Fords Forever ftw lol
  7. I get those every day working in accounts receivable / accounts payable. USPS loses, rips, and destroys mail all the time. Just a matter of the shitty service they provide.
  8. sweet. now i don't have to search my username anymore. Yeah, I'm that egotistic that i search myself.

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