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  1. sounds like you guys have had a good time there before...im assuming a lot of cruises, parking lot pimpin', car shows, maybe a beer or two? possibly bikini contests?
  2. I'm coming into this a little bit late..so don't tease me..but where is this mustang week at?
  3. Anyone in the Ohio valley area go to the steel valley super nationals in Salem Ohio? Its quite a few months away ( June) and not a mustang only event. Just curious
  4. kellogg


    Car looks really tough
  5. Anyone use quarterhorse or similar tuning software? I saw another thread on this subject but there were no replies to it
  6. I had the same kit on a 306 motor in thIs car As a 125 shot..this motor didn't need quite as much but I couldn't take it out all together and leave a void in the trunk
  7. 95 cobra. 351w. Trickflow heads procharger p600b. 75 shot.

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