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  1. Black & Red


    Got a new pair of Magnaflows on the car Friday evening. They are slightly smaller than stock and fit a lot better under the car. I was amazed to see both a crimped factory restriction in the intermediate pipe at the muffler and a very large step-down inside the stock muffler. I honestly never paid that much attention to the exhaust before!!! The Magnaflows sound nice, very mellow, but thus far, no change in MPG over my 775 mile a week commute. Amazingly, our neighbor's shop has a 2003 Terminator at it made over 400HP with these same stock Ford mufflers!!!
  2. Black & Red

    Rear Shock Drop Bracket SN95???

    Not at all expecting 'Cadillac' ride quality, just want to correct this travel issue. You are pretty close on the commute difference and time spent. I just like driving this car and it's super comfortable. I'm 6-3" and I feel cramped in my wife's Civic...
  3. Black & Red


    Went ahead and painted the stock wheel centers black. looks good with the red rear calipers, even though I didn't like it at first. Still got to paint the front calipers red!!!
  4. Went ahead and shot the stock wheel centers black last week...
  5. After a few thousand miles of driving So cal freeways, I am done with the solid "Thump" over bumps in the rear of the car. I could use Fox shocks for more travel or add a drop bracket, common to many coilover setups, but I decided to try and do it the right way, since I already have the Bullitt springs. Using a verified Bullitt VIN fragment, I ordered the correct shocks (Motorcraft #AA-606) which came marked both "Ford" and "Tokico." I picked them up at my local Ford dealer for around $40.00 each.
  6. Black & Red


    I didn't get involved in any of the prep or paint this time. It was nice to just drop it off at my buddy's shop and drive a rental until they were done with it... http://s575.photobucket.com/user/10851Man/media/2001%20Mustang%20Re-Paint%202015/Repaint%20Complete%20February%2010%202015%20-2_zpswgma6gfh.jpg.html
  7. Black & Red


    Right, the red stripe was sprayed under the clear this time, it was done over the first coat of clear the first time. Looks way better this time around!!!! http://s575.photobucket.com/user/10851Man/media/2001%20Mustang%20Re-Paint%202015/Repaint%20Complete%20February%2010%202015%20-1_zps4ez4kduz.jpg.html
  8. Black & Red

    General Rear End Tech

    Just a typo, Blackmage, and we were having network problems, so I couldn't edit. Thanks for the correction...
  9. Black & Red

    General Rear End Tech

    Correction, The Ford Racing M-4700-B clutch kit is the stock paper style frictions. The Ford Racing M-4900-B clutch has carbon discs and includes the 31 spline 'S' spring Get them confused...
  10. Black & Red

    General Rear End Tech

    The spec on these gears is .008" to .012" backlash. I set these up at .009" and had only a .0015" variation checking for runout in (6) positions across the ring gear. If you want to move the contact pattern farther across the tooth towards the heel, you would increase the backlash. I try to run them tight...
  11. Black & Red

    General Rear End Tech

    I like to see the pattern run out evenly across the entire tooth, while favoring the toe. The pattern will change, to some degree, depending on how much braking force you can put against the pinion while turning the ring gear. This set was dead quiet, which isn't bad for a used gearset. The Ford Racing M-4700-B clutch kit is the stock paper style frictions The Ford Racing M-4900-B clutch has carbon discs and includes the 31 spline 'S' spring... In this photo, of the same 4.10's pictured above, taken 180° away from the marked teeth, you can see a different view of the pattern... http://s575.photobucket.com/user/10851Man/media/Differential%20Technical/Ford%204-10%20%20Gears%208%20Point%208%20Alternate%20View_zpsfyqnskgz.jpeg.html
  12. Black & Red


    Thanks, Guys... I been blessed with great insurance and good friends.... LOL!!! The red stripe is my favorite thing. Goes with the red floormats and red seat stitching... The stripe is awesome when you see it in person. It's just 90-A-323 Glasurit hi-strength red toner, shot simultaneously with the body and buried under a single coat of clear...
  13. Black & Red

    General Rear End Tech

    I do a lot of 8.8 gear swaps and recently, guys been opting for the 4900-B carbon clutch kit with the F-150 S-spring. I feel like the F-150 spring is suited for a 31 spline carrier, but it seems to tight to me in a 28 spline unit, so I just install the carbon clutches and the stock s-spring.If guys bring me the stock-type 4700 clutch kit, I shim the packs to about .650" and install with the stock spring.Set up these used Ford Racing 4.10's for a buddy last week... http://s575.photobucket.com/user/10851Man/media/Differential%20Technical/Ford%204-10%20%20Gears%208%20Point%208%20Drive%20Side-2_zps2jnyjihd.jpeg.html
  14. Black & Red


    Imperfections marked in green paint pen http://s575.photobucket.com/user/10851Man/media/2001%20Mustang%20Re-Paint%202015/01-21-2015%20Right%20Side%20Imperfections%20Marked_zpscygx0ms4.jpeg.html http://s575.photobucket.com/user/10851Man/media/2001%20Mustang%20Re-Paint%202015/01-21-2015%20Teardown%20Imperfections%20Marked_zps7z5nkpqi.jpeg.html http://s575.photobucket.com/user/10851Man/media/2001%20Mustang%20Re-Paint%202015/Rear%20Masked%20Black%20Widow_zps8jjauq2p.jpg.html http://s575.photobucket.com/user/10851Man/media/2001%20Mustang%20Re-Paint%202015/Mustang%20Repaint%20January%2028%202015%20Henrys%20Auto%20Body%20Cathedral%20City_zpsnpgbarpz.jpg.html Paint was shot on January 29, 2015 by Henry's Collision Center in Cathedral City, CA. Just needs polish and re-assembly now. The overall quality of the job is much better and the car looked great before. I will post a few more pics once I get the car back...
  15. Black & Red


    Got some light, yet very nasty stone damage on my car a couple of weeks ago near Riverside, California. The A/C condensor was literally filled with tiny grains of gravel about .060" to .080" in size. I carry full coverage, so I turned in a claim to Geico. They paid $3,400 to re-paint the car from the doors forward, plus new lights and front glass. My buddy's shop offered to re-paint the car complete and address a few of the boo-boos we had in the original paint job, so I handed him the keys. Pics attached: