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      With the new update to 4.2 we have gained a lot of new features.  I will post more about those later.  With the change though came some problems with our current themes as the creator of those themes has not made the changes that allow us to take advantage of some of the new features.   I will try to clean up the default theme to make it more appealing for the time being. 


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  1. *NEW FEATURE* Reactions

    Yes, please. I liked the dark background before.
  2. @Josh@RideTech, @RideTech_Ryan, will you guys be there? @Tom@Stifflers, you as well?
  3. I'll probably be there.
  4. 5.4 HPS intake

    This the one? http://www.ebay.com/itm/HPS-hard-ballr-5-4-Intake-/132255986896?hash=item1ecb1234d0:g:KHUAAOSwRvdZYsdJ&vxp=mtr
  5. The never ending 2v turbo build

    Am I the only one seeing photobucket holding the pics hostage? I don't use the service so maybe it's just me.
  6. RassCar's Racecar: Snake with a bad heart

    I've heard of it but so far I've opted not to do it. Do you know details or a write up on this? Will timing to the marks rather than actual degreeing still allow for this? < This is why I've ignored it. I figured it would require degree'd cams which I'm not doing at this time.
  7. RassCar's Racecar: Snake with a bad heart

    Stock, new cams are out of the picture right now. Current plan, aside from assembly, is head cooling mod and egr delete. Any extra upgrades now is going to be small stuff for a while. Once this bitch runs I'm either saving for Stifflers FIT system or a CZ 550 FS rifle. Kinda been wanting the rifle for a while.
  8. Who has the go-to parts for internals now?

    The holier-than-thou attitude is a big reason why I never joined SVTP.
  9. Welcome To SN95Source.com: smitdavi

    Welcome, the car looks great!
  10. RassCar's Racecar: Snake with a bad heart

    Hmmm... stuff Actually a little bit farther than this, all followers are back in and the primary cam sprockets. If my other parts are still in good shape (they've been sitting for months now and haven't really checked them) then I should have it timed within the week. *Should've put a more conservative time frame on this. Have barely looked at it since this post.
  11. Interior interchange

    +1, probably a safer option to reuse as much of your electrical elements as possible. Don't want any gremlins popping up.
  12. SN95Source Daily Chat Thread

    Here's one
  13. Who has the go-to parts for internals now?

    I don't know any of them all that well, only really recognize the more regular/important names. I will agree that there is a sort of haughty attitude with at least a few of those guys. Kinda makes for a bad vibe to ask any nooby questions when it's supposed to be something of a support group.
  14. SN95Source Daily Chat Thread

    I was just about to say something about that. @RedTwilight it got your sig as well.