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  1. RassCar

    RassCar's Racecar: Snake with a bad heart

    ...and it's time to retitle this thread. Any thoughts?
  2. RassCar

    RassCar's Racecar: Snake with a bad heart

    Sorry I never replied sooner. I went MIA from here for no good reason ( I seem to do that every couple months). The car does run and drive now! I'll have pics and videos up later. Or check out my IG if you wanna see some now @conner994v. So sort of what happened was not much for about a month after my last post. Then, I got a job at another dealership early in December. That got me kickstarted again on getting the car to run, partly because I had access to IDS/PTS again. I had some weird issues with the cluster/PATS, as I previously mentioned. I had gotten a tune to deactive PATS with no luck*. After that I reprogrammed the PCM back to stock which actually did clear most of the communication issues, including PATS. Then got a couple junkyard clusters to test with no luck. After that I quit being lazy and started real diag again. I only had 2 DTCs that would come up with any frequency, 1 was for the PCM and IC not communicating properly, the other was for something to do with the ABS module (can't remember specifics). So I checked the module and found a bug smashed in the pin providing power to it. Cleaning that out actually solved the rest of my module communication issues. After that I was left with... a dead fuel pump. Go figure. This gets up to roughly last week. I still had the old bad fuel pump from my GT and hooked it up to see if it'd work, and it did. So that's what I used to start the car for the first time. After that I ordered a DeatschWerks pump as a replacement and got that in Thursday. On the first drive I had a horrible exhaust leak that caused the car to backfire and run badly at idle, that was caused by a bad fit between the catless H-pipe I had and the driver side ball and socket connection. So I went back to the stock catted H-pipe and that issue cleared right up. That pretty much gets us up to today. I drove it a bunch yesterday and it runs great and is a blast to drive. *That tune might've actually worked for all I know but the pump might have been what stopped it from starting. At least this way I retained PATS and got everything else worked out.
  3. RassCar

    My Boss Lady's 2002 Trans Am Collector Edition

    Am jelly. It'll certainly put down more than the 240/280 of my GT.
  4. RassCar

    RassCar's Racecar: Snake with a bad heart

    I suspect that's what's gonna happen. I need to find someone that can send me a tune with PATS deactivated and a few other things turned off.
  5. RassCar

    new theme

  6. RassCar

    new theme

    It's just a button at the very bottom of the site.
  7. RassCar

    RassCar's Racecar: Snake with a bad heart

    I've got some updating to do... ^I forgot to clean the front cover and valve covers before putting them on, I've since cleaned what I could. ^Soon to be reunited! Boom! Would ya look at that! There is a problem, though. There's a communication error with the instrument cluster. Because of that, PATS won't deactivate and allow the car to start. So, right now I'm trying to figure out how I'll get around that. Don't really want to, but I'll probably end up getting PATS turned off through a tune.
  8. RassCar

    RassCar's Cobra

    Stuff with the Cobra
  9. RassCar

    Been absent for a few weeks, but I'm back!

    I've been absent for a while as well, but not for nearly as good of a reason. Congrats man, and I hope your dad is doing better.
  10. RassCar

    Possible old/bad fuel issues

    It would, but I want to avoid that if I can. Partly because I think it'll probably be fine, and partly because I just don't wanna. If I'd quit dragging ass I'd already be at this point. I need to just get to it. The engine is ready to rock, it's just chilling on the stand.
  11. RassCar

    *NEW FEATURE* Reactions

    Yes, please. I liked the dark background before.
  12. @Josh@RideTech, @RideTech_Ryan, will you guys be there? @Tom@Stifflers, you as well?
  13. I'll probably be there.
  14. RassCar

    5.4 HPS intake

    This the one? http://www.ebay.com/itm/HPS-hard-ballr-5-4-Intake-/132255986896?hash=item1ecb1234d0:g:KHUAAOSwRvdZYsdJ&vxp=mtr