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  1. They did use to, but it's been a long time now. Here's the current listing for the Boss block, https://performanceparts.ford.com/part/M-6010-BOSS50. Surprisingly, they still list the aluminum 13-14 GT500 blocks. Still WAYYYY pricey, though. https://performanceparts.ford.com/part/M-6010-M58A
  2. My only real problem with the Boss block is it's only available in iron. I'd give it more consideration if it were aluminum.
  3. Lol, welcome! I've only been on the Source, whereas a lot of people go between or have come from the Forums, especially lately.
  4. I'm hoping it'll make it to Xbox. My PC is decent, but I prefer playing on console.
  5. BTMAutoSport - @iRoush Engineering Explained - Pretty seldom that I watch his stuff as much of it isn't new or useful to me. MotorTrend - muh Roadkill, my favorite auto show the last few years. I also like the Engine Masters stuff. You called it, Jay Leno's Garage
  6. People forget this far more often than they should. I mentioned the coast because of recent events. There are many people everywhere on the political spectrum that loath or adore trump.
  7. What killed the belt? Pulley alignment?
  8. My 99 Cobra has had some amount of fuel in it since I bought it. I have no real idea of how old the fuel is, maybe 2-3 years. It does smell more like varnish than gasoline. My plan to remove it is pretty minimal, but I think I might get by with it. Once I have the engine in the car, with all grounds hooked up and a good battery, I just plan to leave fuel lines disconnected and turn the key on to pump out all of whatever is left in the tank. Then, change the fuel filter, fill the tank with fuel system cleaner and good gas, and start the car after reconnecting the fuel lines. Thoughts, advice, opinions?
  9. I may finally make some serious headway on this again soonish. Pics to come as it happens.
  10. It's an old issue, can't remember why. @95riosnake can you explain it? Also, this thread got double posted
  11. The west coast looks to be especially anti-Trump. Seems to be popular over there for nutjobs to berate and beat people that aren't the same kind of crazy as them.
  12. I'm not sure there's much to discuss on this topic. Modulars just don't have the cylinder wall thickness to really do anything. I don't think I'd go more than .020" over on anything that's going to see abuse. Probably wouldn't even go over .030" on something that will only see daily driver street use. When it comes to attaining a significant bore increase, sleeves are it.
  13. Someone is selling a complete set of 94-04 FR500 seats on FB in the "Classifieds - Mod Motor Mustangs" group. I'd post a link, but it's a closed group. *Found them on Ebay, http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-94-04-FR500-Mustang-Seats-/222545997638?hash=item33d0c66f46:g:JWMAAOSwceNZQVPQ&vxp=mtr **The price on the FB ad was changed to $1200
  14. It's also on the store page.