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  1. FJD Performance's Stealth Mare

    Oh man I love that wheel. I'd love to upgrade to one someday
  2. Project White95

    What con rods are you using? This project has really picked up the pace haha!
  3. 94 Cobra #3815

    That looks so good already. It's going to look insane when it's finished.
  4. TTSaleen's project car thread

    Was the IRS stock? Surprised to see it spit an axle on those tires.
  5. Lanter's rebuild of a '98 Cobra

    Can't go wrong with a R32, while for me the R33 is king there is still something very cool looking about the boxier r32. I'd love to get into any skyline save for the r35, just can't get myself to really like the new ones for some reason.
  6. Lanter's rebuild of a '98 Cobra

    Yea, there is something about them that I love too. Just really simple, easy to work on, fun to drive cars. And I think this one staying carb'd and stripped down will be enough of change from my mustang that I can enjoy both. I'm excited to be back in a datsun project but it's going to be a slow one to finish as it literally needs everything, as you can see lol. I'm comfortable on the MIG but have never tried out a TIG, which is why I am going to buy one so I can force myself to learn. We have a couple massive metal scrap bins at the technical center that I work at sometimes that I can grab out some practice pieces. Definitely plan on taking advantage of it lol.
  7. Lanter's rebuild of a '98 Cobra

    Not a lot has been going on. Just driving the car and enjoying it. Really haven't had time to get to the track as it seems to always rain on Fridays during test and tune night lol. Was able to get it down in the 11s at 130 with a still terrible 2.1s sixty foot, getting use to and setting up the two step and WOT shifting is taking time but every time I get to the track I only get two runs in so not a lot of tuning time. drag by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Also picked up another datsun lol. I've had a couple 280z's in the past and sold both, always regretted selling the 1977 280z. So anyway I found a blasted and sealed 1974 260z that needs new floors and some other metal work. I've never taken on a project of this depth but am excited to force myself to learn. Black Friday I am planning on picking up a TIG welder and some metal to practice on then get started replacing the floors and getting the body squared away. Also for those that know about the s30's I picked up a L28 with a 5 speed that I will do a high compression NA build that will have triple carbs. My last two z's were turbo sixes which were fun but I think a period correct race inspired carb's z will be a blast. Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr
  8. Lanter's rebuild of a '98 Cobra

    Picked up a set of 16" standard gt wheels and some hoosier QTP's. Hopefully I can get a chance to try them out tomorrow with the 2step and cut my 60 times down to at least a sub 2 second range lol. Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr
  9. Project White95

    Coming right along!. Really love the wheels
  10. Lanter's rebuild of a '98 Cobra

    Recently installed a n2mb WOT box so have been playing around with it. Have to relearn how to drive the car as I use to always rest my foot on the clutch pedal which now trips the box into thinking I am going to shift, the clutch switch in these cars are really sensitive lol. Anyway the 2 step needs some work as it's flooding the car if I hold it too long but I have read upping engine speed can remedy that so I need to give that a try as I was just testing it out at 3000 rpm when I had the flooding issues. The no lift shift feature is awesome and damn close to what I would consider a must have for a turbo car. In the video below I am shifting around 5k just testing but even short shifting it's a vast difference. You can see in my 2-3 shift boost barely drops, I fully expect it to not drop at all when I shift at 6500 instead of 5000. Apologize for the crappy video and not turning my iPhone sideways but driving and shifting one handed proved to be a challenge lol... really need to get a go pro
  11. Wing turned out great!
  12. The never ending 2v turbo build

    Tape, tape, and more tape lol. Excited to see this finally come together!
  13. As the saying goes, "there's more than one way to skin a cat", this is my way to wire up exports. I went this route to minimize the wiring changes made to the actual body harness of my car and concentrate almost all modifications to the tail light harnesses. I ended up using my factory tail light harnesses with an added bulb that I pulled out of a junk yard harness. Below is my crude wiring diagram I used, wire color in the diagram are arbitrary and do not reflect actual harness color. So step 1 was to remove the tail lights and pull the harnesses off. I then added one two wire bulb that will become the turn signal bulb. I simply spliced into the ground wire located on the tail light bulb above it then ran the signal wire down the harness and to the factory plug. Step 2 was to remove the brake light pin (happens to on a '98 be the only pin with two wires going into it). I then removed the pin from the two wires with a pick after a lot of stuck fingers and patience. Step 3 was to run the signal wire from the newly added turn signal bulb to the pin that use to contain the brake light wires, I re-crimped the pin onto the turn signal bulb signal wire and re-installed that pin into the factory 4 pin plug. Step 4 involved adding a single weather proof plug that will now supply the brake lights with their signal from the third brake light. I purchased two single 14 gauge weather pack connectors from McMaster Carr. So I now moved the two brake light wires that were originally going to the factory 4 pin plug and crimped them into the new single pin plug. Step 5 was adding the brake light signal wire. This involved tapping into the third brake light, in my case the wire is located in a plug that goes to the trunk harness and is red in color. I then ran the tapped wire to the tail lights and plugged it into the added single pin weather pack plug. Step 6 you need to de-pin or cut the brake light signal wire located at the main distribution block behind the driver's kick panel. Photos of where this block is located and what wire to cut can be found here: http://www.chythar.net/mustang/mustang_94-95_export_taillight_installation.html (this link actually provides a great refrence for where items are located and how to dissassemble interior panels.) Step 7 just involves replacing the factory flasher with a Tridon EP-27 "trailering" electronic flasher. Reason here is the flasher works by operating with a known resistance across the turn signal bulbs, when one bulb goes bad the resistance changes since current can no longer flow across that bulb. When this happens the flasher speeds up to alert the driver a bulb is bad. Well in the factory case there are two turn signal bulbs in the tail lights, with the exports there is only a single bulb. So the factory flasher is operating under the same conditions as a factory car with one bad turn signal bulb, hence the fast flashing turn signal. Replacing with the trailering flasher which is made to operate under a different resistance valve slows the flasher back down since it is for a single tail light turn signal bulb. It was late and dark out so I didn't take any pictures of the harnesses but if people are interested I can take some this weekend when it's light out. Results:
  14. Lanter's rebuild of a '98 Cobra

    This race was in the works for some time now, there's so many people I'd like to thank for my victory haha. Will do, and I'll add more pictures to it when I get a chance to take some.
  15. Lanter's rebuild of a '98 Cobra

    Thanks! Certainly one of my favorite additions to the car