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  1. Lanter

    Lanter's house reno and garage expansion

    New non-pressure treated lumber picked up so tonight will be devoted to correcting my mistake but hopefully having time to cut the butcher block for the slide in stove. Thanks @Psychorugby for raising the concern over the PT lumber.
  2. Lanter

    Lanter's house reno and garage expansion

    Good to know. Wood working and home repair stuff is certainly out of my wheelhouse so I appreciate the information.
  3. Lanter

    Lanter's house reno and garage expansion

    Well shit, I've read several articles claiming treated timber is fine for inside use save for cutting boards and counter tops (makes sense). I let the boards sit for some time (1.5 weeks or so) inside to dry out more. I'll research more and see if the warp any, worst case I wasted 30 bucks and a days worth of time. Thanks for mentioning it, I wasn't aware there was much risk of off-gassing..
  4. Lanter

    Lanter's house reno and garage expansion

    uh-oh what's the problem with pressure treated timber? It's all tops carried for 4x4s so I didn't have any choice when I picked them up
  5. Lanter

    Lanter's house reno and garage expansion

    Thanks! Island will be painted white to match the uppers but the remaining lower cabinets we are leaving stained in the dark stain.
  6. Lanter

    Lanter's house reno and garage expansion

    Main space, kitchen, and master bedroom have received new laminate flooring, would have went hardwood but having two young kids and a dog we opted for the slightly tougher surface on the laminate flooring. Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Kitchen is getting close to being finished up. We added LED recessed lighting to brighten the place up, will be replacing the single light that was there with some sort of drop lighting. Before: Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr After: Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr This weekend we were also able to start and almost finish the kitchen island. We purchased a 3' by 8' birch butcher block counter top that arrived so we were able to start framing up the cabinets. The island will contain the stove, set of cabinets, book shelving for cook books, trash can, and enough room for the two stools so the kids can eat breakfast etc on the island. Work started by framing up two 4x4 posts as the legs of the island and giving it some dimension with a cross pattern similar to all the barn doors, house doors. Also we needed to raise the height of the cabinets to give the countertop the proper height to match the other counters. Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Next we continued framing out the pocket where the sitting area will be as well as the book shelves. Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Here is the framing for the trash can area as well as the pocket where the oven will slide in. Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Landed the countertop on the framing. Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Last steps we got to this weekend was putting up some 1/4" backer board to enclose the framing. All of the island will be painted white to match the upper cabinets. All that needs done now besides paint is running electrical, gas lines, making shelves, waste can swivel out cabinet and cutting the top for the stove to slide in. Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr
  7. Lanter

    Lanter's house reno and garage expansion

    I have a feeling the entire house will be right along that timeline of 2-3 years. Hopefully the main floor will be done soon though so we can move in. Counter tops will be the one thing untouched in this kitchen, and while we hate them they are going to have to stay while we save up for granite lol. Completely agree on the 70s/80s garbage that's still out there. We looked at a couple of houses that as soon as we entered the kitchen all imagination was abruptly kicked out and replaced by dollar signs that would be needed to gut and redo.
  8. Lanter

    Lanter's house reno and garage expansion

    Don't believe they were mennonite, I grew up in the area and there's always been a large amish community here. Thanks man, busy for sure. The outbuildings are certainly more than I ever thought I would get and a lot more than I would have built if they weren't there. But having the room will be amazing once I get the funds for tools, equipment, etc. Thanks! Thanks! Potential is certainly there just needs a lot of updating lol. Thanks! Here are some pictures from when we bought the property, be warned though there is some serious linoleum content to follow.... House from the road which kind of shows the wrap around porch, actually covers most of the back side of the house which should be great in the summer. ISaleekqwktj051000000000 by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Here is the kitchen in all its 90's glory. ISi7xphazrz5151000000000 by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr view from the kitchen into the living space ISa1vdz3vjr8151000000000 by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr office space off the main living area that we are turning into the master bathroom/closet. IS66kpf7afmm151000000000 by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Here is a shot from the lower level of the barn/two car garage. Eventually I would like to run electric out here and convert it into a small machine shop. IS2760q1m8de351000000000 by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Project 1: Kitchen demo/re-configure Idea here was to move the fridge surround that was converted into a pantry over to the fridge location and also shorten the countertop to accommodate a table and chairs. Countertop will be added back when we build the island that will house the stove. Pulling cabinet doors for paint and stain also new hardware. House by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Current kitchen status, floors were all ripped out and we are now in the process of re-hanging the cabinet doors after paint and stain. Also measuring for the island build, the butcher block countertop for the island is arriving Friday and is 9' by 3'. Also adding recessed lighting to brighten the space up. Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Project 2: Master bathroom First step here was to frame in the doorway to the office to close off the space House by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Next we busted through the office closet into the master bedroom. Needed to build two headers to create the doorway and hallway as the walls were both load bearing. House by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr I also got the closet framed out and wiring ran to relocate lights and switches but no photos of that yet. Will be adding recessed lighting in the bathroom and laying tile down this week. The other big tasks were ripping out all the linoleum flooring and getting the sub-floor ready for underlayment and laminate. This has been slowed down as we select interior paint, figured painting first so we don't have to worry about getting paint on the new floors would be the way to go but this means fixing the drywall that was damaged by ripping out all the wood paneling. The main living space will get a grey paint with white trim and white wainscoting running throughout. Hopefully we can get that completed in the next couple weeks.
  9. Lanter

    Lanter's house reno and garage expansion

    Thanks, we are certainly excited about the potential it has. Yes I’ll post up some progress pictures on the work so far. Trying to get them in somewhat order so it’s not just random sections that all seem to be a mess. Ha yea. Still Indiana I suppose, so even the Amish love their basketball lol. Actually they are huge Indiana fans around where I live.
  10. Haven't been as active one here of late mostly due to selling and buying a new house. The house needs some serious updating and was previously build/owned by an amish family. They had electric ran throughout the home before placing it on market but that was really all the updating they did. I had HVAC installed and my wife and I are currently in the process of rearranging the kitchen, painting the cabinets, building an island, adding lights, master bathroom and master closet, and flooring throughout. Once we get that finished and can move into the main floor we will redo the upstairs, mostly cosmetics, and run electric out to the shop. The property is a little over 5.5 acres and contains a couple out buildings with one being an 80x40 metal building with a one bedroom apartment off to the side. It houses an almost full basketball court which unfortunately has a case of the Indiana Hoosier which will be covered up with some black and gold (Boiler Up!). House House by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Barn and garage. Back pasture will be turned into a shooting range as we have no plans to own horses so the barn will be perfect for shooting/ a machine shop. House by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Shop and apartment House by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Shop House by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr House by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr House by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Project will take ages so all the automotive stuff is being put on the back burner. Jeep needs some universal joints, mustang is getting a new wideband and catch can, datsun gets a dry place to park lol. Other than that it's all going into the house for now. But the property is my wife and I's dream setup with room for the kids to play, storage for toys, and plenty of room.
  11. Lanter

    Gun Safe Recommendations

    Thanks for the replies guys, I'll be checking into the ones mentioned.
  12. Lanter

    Gun Safe Recommendations

    What brand safes do you guys have. My wife and I just sold our home and are in the process of closing on our next property. The house needs a lot of work so walls will be coming down and up so I figured I'd take advantage and countersink a safe into the wall in the master bedroom. I already measured it out and have 36" of depth available so the safe can be rather large. I'd like a 30+ gun capable safe and would ideally keep price around $750 or so. Any suggestions?
  13. Lanter

    CF T1 race spoiler

    Currently wingless but having a T1 has always been on my wish list.....
  14. Lanter

    FJD Performance's Stealth Mare

    Oh man I love that wheel. I'd love to upgrade to one someday
  15. Lanter

    Project White95

    What con rods are you using? This project has really picked up the pace haha!