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  1. Lanter

    Lanter's house reno and garage expansion

    They are fairly easy to slide out. I didn’t bolt them down or anything lol
  2. Lanter

    Lanter's house reno and garage expansion

    Year flew by and the accomplishments on the house really went slow lol. A million reasons for the delays but there’s still some stuff I was able to get closer to completion. I’ve been on and off working on the master bathroom/closet and finally have stuff to show, though there’s a ton left to work on. Here is how the office turned master bathroom started (after the HVAC was installed): Looking at the north wall, where the shower will be going, basically standing where the closet will go and looking out into the bathroom. Looking into where the closet will be, after boxing in the HVAC and closing in the doorway and stair case opening. This photo is looking at the office closet that will be removed and the wall opened up into the master bedroom. Part of the closet turns into the hallway with the other half becoming a linen closet. I’ll start by showing the demolition of the old office closet and the construction of the new door ways for the master bathroom/bedroom door. Here the old closet door was removed and headers installed to open the space up as much as possible as well as provide a doorway into the bedroom. Here is a look from the bedroom into the new doorway. From that point I turned my attention to framing out the closet section of the bathroom, mainly consisting of three parts. First was framing in the old doorway and stairs and around the HVAC ducting. Next section was framing out the outer walls of the closet. Somewhat panoramic few of the closet walls Last bit of framing was closing in the staircase and building pockets for dressers so that I could utilize the space under the staircase for storage. After all the framing came drywall, laminate flooring (same as in the rest of the main floor) and the start of painting. I haven’t completely finished the drywall as I need to run some electrical for upstairs which means installing a conduit before closing the wall in. Now that the closet is to the point where we can move clothing into it we switched gears to the bathroom. We at this point had torn out all the old flooring and installed cement board and 12x24” concrete grey tile, and although all the pictures don’t show it we went with a dark charcoal grout. With all the drywall mud and sanding the grout lines are white and in need of a good cleaning. For some reason I have no good pictures of the tile and the rest of the bathroom, though the vanity and toilet are not installed they are sitting in place. Anyway, the next steps were starting the shower layout and install, and in the meantime my wife started with prepping the walls and painting. The blue we picked out was a touch dark so we decided to do a shiplap about a third up the wall to help brighten the walls. The shiplap will carry throughout the bathroom, while the closet received a grey paint and just basic trim. For the shower we went with the kerdi system, while it’s easy to work with and nice quality stuff it is expensive and very time consuming. I first laid out the shower dimensions and tore out all the drywall. Then ran my plumbing for the shower mixing valve, shower head, and body washer. Next, started hanging the kerdi board on the walls. And installing the shower niche. After the walls were up I cut down the shower pan and installed it, I also included a shower bench in the corner. I purchased a larger shower pan than I needed so I was able to use the extra that was cut off to build the shower curbs. After that came the waterproofing the shower pan and walls, which requires laying down the floor membrane and applying patches over all the screws and seams with thinset mortar. Some of the trim I needed took a long time to ship in so the next part of the shower I worked on was laying the penny time on the floor and installing the drain. Cutting the drain out and thinsetting the penny time down. This basically brings this up to date. My next tasks are to start putting tile on the walls and curb, along with the kerdi rondec trim to finish out the edges. Then I’ll need to connect the waste line and purchase and install the shower glass. The glass will take some time to get so my plan is to work on installing the toilet and vanity while I am waiting. Then finish the paint and trim work and finally have a completed bathroom project….. so I can tear out the old bathroom that we are currently using and redo it lol. Oh I also picked up another project car to stuff in the shop, 1988 notchback that’s currently getting a tube front welded on. Anyway, I’m really pushing to get the bathroom finished out this month so that I can start work on converting the original first floor full bath into a half bath with storage. Then the downstairs will be completed and we can move on to renovating the 2nd floor.
  3. Lanter

    Lanter's rebuild of a '98 Cobra

    For sure, but this was free and didn't take up time trying to find a set of GT brackets. But if others are looking at these wheels as a possible drag wheel that's a good route to go.
  4. Lanter

    Project White95

    I need to do this to my car. Looks so good already! Plus I have a slight power steering leak that needs fixed.. hmm lol
  5. Lanter

    Lanter's rebuild of a '98 Cobra

    Don't have any of my car but circled on this picture is where I had to remove material. I'd say I took 1-2 millimeters off. cobraRearBrakeGrind by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr
  6. Lanter

    Lanter's rebuild of a '98 Cobra

    After a decent amount of grinding to the brake caliper brackets the new cheater slicks are on. cheaterSlicks by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr
  7. Lanter

    Lanter's rebuild of a '98 Cobra

    Haha, I know I know. In my defense I'd like all my cars to be different. So already having a mod motor with a turbo and a 6 spd makes me want to go turbo LS with an auto and straight axle. Then one of the z's will be carb'd straight six and the other a NA LS build. So all four should really be very different cars to drive.
  8. Lanter

    Lanter's rebuild of a '98 Cobra

    I know you can get adapter plates for mod motor k members, since the LS dimensional-ly is so small. I was just leaning more towards a dedicated K member for the LS so there's less parts involved.
  9. Lanter

    Lanter's rebuild of a '98 Cobra

    What kind of K member? I'd be super interested if it happen to be configured for an LS.
  10. Lanter

    Lanter's rebuild of a '98 Cobra

    Some small changes on the car, really haven’t had the chance to drive it much this year with the house renovations and working on other cars. However, now that we are getting closer to boost weather this fall I am starting to get it back out. Plus a local airport decided to start holding ½ mile racing twice a month all summer and fall, and at only $100 for a full day it’s a decent bargain. Before I run though I’ll be following @Tabres writeup for adding attachment points to the car for a 5 pt harness. I picked up the eyelet bolts and snap clip last week so will start installing that soon. Another change has been selling the ponies and hoosier slicks. I found a set of holeshot holestars 16x10 for a decent price. Ended up wrapping them with 26x11.50 H&R cheater slicks. Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Hopefully get back to the drag strip soon and give these tires a try, should be able to launch with more boost and hope they give enough cushion to keep the IRS happy. Also picked up a couple more cars, I sold my Jeep TJ a while back and just picked up a notchback project. Plans are to turn it into a more purpose built drag car but still be mildly street-able. Then while cruising the Facebook classifieds I came across a pretty local z car, it’s a rough 1972 240z. For the price I couldn’t pass it up, car will eventually get an LS and just become a driver. So now half of the shop is full and I really need to start on one of the cars lol. Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr The notch came with some quality extra parts too, scott rod weld in inner fenders, complete 2003 IRS, brand new rear bumper and trunk lid. Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr
  11. Lanter

    Lanter's house reno and garage expansion

    Thanks, yea I can't wait to get the house squared away. Getting close to being burnt out on it, plus I'm ready to start on one of the Zs. Thanks, flooring was super easy to do and really changes the look of a room. The safe worked out well for me but you have to have a pretty deep wall to fit it, only reason it worked in my case was the closet there that we no longer needed.
  12. Lanter

    Lanter's house reno and garage expansion

    Thanks! It's finally getting there. I agree on the built in look for the safe. If I couldn't have done that the safe would have ended up just sitting in the basement as I don't much care, nor have room, for a safe to just sit out by itself. Ha having a basketball court in the garage has thrown me for a loop, torn between building work benches and an eventual lift but loosing some of the court or leaving it all open.
  13. Lanter

    Project White95

    I couldn’t approve of this more. Super pumped for another turbo build...... with exports lol
  14. Lanter

    Lanter's house reno and garage expansion

    Lot's have been going on, busy with the house and other projects as well as my son started T ball so time spent on the house has slowed dramatically. But we are still pushing on, just really need to finish trimming the rooms, master bathroom, and renovate the downstairs bath. But all in all it's coming along. First up is the kitchen, so I left off with having to tear the entire island back apart to replace the legs that I had originally built with treated wood. So now that's remedied and the entire kitchen is back together and painted (for the most part). Still needs some odds and ends and trim around the cabinets. But it's close to being complete. Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Next big area is the living room, which got a new ceiling (along with the kitchen), paint, trim. Then we decided the grey was a bit dark for the room so we added wainscoting throughout. That turned into a big chore. Started by painting around 3' of the lower portion of the walls white. Then added horizontal and vertical trim using 4"x1" primed mdf. Then we filled the nail holes and added a single layer of white to the entire wainscoting. Started the room by filling in a doorway to block off the master bathroom as well as filling in all the nail holes from the previous owners. House Reno by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr House Reno by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Then came the wall paint (happens to be the master bedroom but its the same paint and process as the living room) House Reno by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Wainscoting added to the living room House Reno by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr House Reno by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Here you can see the room nearly completed, wainscoting with a final coat of white. The ceilings have been sheet rocked, tapped and mudded, and a final texture coating added. Also switched out the single light for a ceiling fan. Lastly we moved our stuff in after what felt like forever lol. Still need to hide the wiring for the tv in the wall since we elected to wall mount it as well as finish some trim work and paint touchups. Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Here is a reference picture for how the room started out. House Reno by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Next room we tackled was the master bedroom. This room needed flooring, paint, trim and a new doorway to the newly added master bathroom (still needing to be finished). Started this room by tearing through the wall and adding a header for the doorway to the master bathroom. Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Then we added in the flooring and paint (after a mountain of drywall work) House Reno by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr House Reno by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr At this point I decided that what use to be the master closet would work perfect as a spot for my newly aquired gun safe, since we are adding in a large walk in closed the old one would have just been vacant. This required opening up the doorway a little and adding in some 2x4's to build up a pad for the safe to bolt down to. I also went ahead and ran lighting from the old light switch into the safe. 40 gun cannon safe. House Reno by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr got the safe in the house and into the closet. Then closed up the top and bottom with framing and drywall. Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Then we painted the room and put in most the trim, still needing to add trim to the one wall with the gun safe. Also at this point I finished the drywall on the doorway to the bathroom and added a barndoor. Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr That basically brings this thread up to date. Still working a lot on the master bathroom and will update that portion when it's finished. Right now I have all the walls framed and drywall added. Need to mudd and tape them all then paint. Also laydown cement board, shower base, tile. Then the double vanity and all the plumbing can be put in. Hoping to get that finished by mid July but we will see. House projects really take a lot of time to do lol. Oh another update, found and purchased another z car. This ones a 1972 240z, grey primer'd car is a 74 260z. Purchased it originally as a parts car but it's so complete and straight, super rusty, but straight that I think I am going to go ahead and keep it. Planning on sticking with a carb'd straight six in the 260z and turning the white car more into a daily/driver with a LS swap and a six speed. So here's to a 10 year project lol. 34258980_10155801700560749_4372509069353680896_n by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr
  15. Lanter

    Lanter's house reno and garage expansion

    New non-pressure treated lumber picked up so tonight will be devoted to correcting my mistake but hopefully having time to cut the butcher block for the slide in stove. Thanks @Psychorugby for raising the concern over the PT lumber.