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  1. Spockbacca

    2000 Mustang GT Steeda built #0048

    Cars Looking fire son!
  2. Spockbacca

    Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    Deadener is a bitch aint it? LOL That audio install is looking clean! Keep it going man!
  3. Spockbacca

    Ebony Desires

    New wheels are legit! She sounds good too. Nice work!
  4. Spockbacca

    Spockbacca's Loudmouth Mistress

    I got some new (to me) Saleen wheels. I'm not sure if I going to keep them the bronze/gold color. I like them but this car is getting paint work when the motor is back in and I'm not sure it will go with the color I have in mind.
  5. Spockbacca

    Spockbacca's Loudmouth Mistress

    So I got an itch I needed to scratch. The car burns oil like crazy when I let off at WOT. I'm talking James Bond smoke screen! So I'm currently in the process of pulling the engine and cleaning up the bay. I plan on putting in some Scott Rod panels in the fenders, shaving the bay and tucking wires. Here's the process so far and where I'm at to date. Started pulling the live axle and prep for Por15 and undercoating. Before After Once I get the new brake lines in place I'll put the new half shafts in and put the IRS in. I also got a new radiator core support. It's a little daunting cutting into your car lol
  6. Spockbacca

    Spockbacca's Loudmouth Mistress

    So a few months ago I picked up an IRS out of a 03 cobra. Guy busted a half shaft so he went solid axle. I got everything for the swap including his exhaust. I just got in some upgraded half shafts from Insane Shafts so I shouldn't have to worry about breaking one.
  7. Spockbacca

    Spockbacca's Loudmouth Mistress

    DAMN its been a minute! Life gets busy, I've moved yet again and hopefully we'll be here a while lol. March 2017 I was in a motorcycle accident so that slowed me down for about 6 months. Now I'm back at it. So a lot has been done to the car. Everyone loves pics so here they are. First off I was tired of my interior looking drab so I gutted her Planned on just doing the carpet but that factory deadener was horrible, so that shit came up and I wanted to do it right so the dash came out All the factory junk off New deadener going on While the dash was out I gave it some TLC as well Tore apart Wire wheeled all the rust off the frame and gave her a coat of flat black Popped open the HVAC and cleaned it out. Also replaced the AC evaporator and heater core while it was apart just for insurance. Since I did the bezel swap earlier I wanted to use the bottons on the bezel for my defrost and fogs so I did @95riosnake retrofit for the defrost and fogs All wrapped up ready to install Wired In Insulating foam down for vibration, also ran new RCAs and speaker wire to the rear seat area Put down new carpet, Buttoned everything back in and she looks great! Oh and I got Termi seats! They need to be shaved but they look good! Wired them in. For anyone wondering, I couldn't use the belt buckle on the termi seat, had to use the one original to the car. No biggie. Then I had KDezines make me his style rear seat delete, First one for a convertible. Got a battery mount in there as well. The interior is done for now, Still need to do the audio but that's for another day lol. I ended up smoothing (sanding) down my import tail lights and mocking them in, redid the wiring to make them work. Just need to get them polished and they're good to go. Don't mind my bs paint.
  8. Spockbacca

    Spockbacca's Loudmouth Mistress

    Sorry I haven't updated recently. Made a few changes to the car nothing major but I've been working on buying a house so the money is tied up for a bit. I have been getting a few things here and there though for when she's done. I figures I'd give y'all a little teaser though. Getting them refurbished so they'll be mint! Enjoy
  9. Spockbacca

    PATS question

    Yeah maybe I wasn't too clear that was my question was if I could just re-key and new cylinder or if they made specific cylinders for scars that have the Pats system. What I'm asking is are there two different cylinders one for Pats one for non-Pats or is it just one cylinder with a Pats system built-in to the car? Because if it's just one cylinder that's what I want to do is just get that rekeyed for my original key.
  10. Spockbacca

    PATS question

    Can I buy an ignition cylinder from AM or LMR that's not pats and cut a transponder key to that cylinder to work with my current pats? The new cylinder come with standard keys but I have PATS. If I take the standard key and cut it to a transponder key it should work right? So to clarify and some background… My ignition key falls out when I'm driving. I can pull that sucker right out. I need a new lock cylinder. Question is... Can I duplicate my transponder key BUT have it cut for a new cylinder? Maybe even have a locksmith have the new cylinder keyed to the original key but I just want to make sure I don't need a special PATS cylinder for the ignition. its my thinking that the receiver of the key is in the column and not the actual cylinder since these cylinders are simple to take out when pulling the plastic on the column. Ive looked and I haven't found anything pertaining to replacing the cylinder and reprogramming the key in this fashion let me know if this doesn't make sense.
  11. Spockbacca

    Spockbacca's Loudmouth Mistress

    That's great news! Hopefully I did a well enough job to have the same results. So far so good so we shall see!
  12. Spockbacca

    The Thompson's 98 Cobra Vert Build

    NICE! Hey do you have a gap in the corner where the top meets the back of the rear corner window? Like where is pictured below. My top has a gap here on Both sides where the weatherstripping part wont seat properly when I put the top up. I've had three convertibles and I don't remember the first one but the second one definitely had the gap and so does the Cobra. I'm going to replace all the weatherstripping but I think a new top is the only solution???
  13. Spockbacca

    Spockbacca's Loudmouth Mistress

    Thanks Ryan! I was a little worried about the USB charger because it has an LED and the power source to that outlet is constant so the light stays on at all times as well as the ports but I left it sitting for about two weeks and it started right up. No dead battery!
  14. Spockbacca

    My Little Pony Garage - BLKMAGE

    That sucks still. I know what you mean though, I love listening to how loud my car is. Pure bliss to me
  15. Spockbacca

    The Thompson's 98 Cobra Vert Build

    Brandon that thing look sick! I might have get you to help me with my respray when it comes time! Are you sticking with the Bullitt wheels or are you planning some new shoes down the road? Either way it looks great man!