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  1. Any electricians? Garage troubles

    I have 2 garage door openers and my battery charger for my drill. That's about it. I think I will bring my meter home tonight and check for resistance. Thanks for the suggestions guys!
  2. I thought I'd reach out and see if anyone has any advice for me before I hire an electrician. I bought a new house over the summer with a nice 21X21 attached 2 car garage. A month into living there, I no longer have power going to the garage. Ther is a GCFI outlet right off my panel in the basement, and it runs to my bathrooms, 2 outside outlets and my garage. The GCFI one day popped while nobody was home. I replaced he GCFI and the new one popped immediately as well. I then removed it and replaced it with a standard outlet to see if the breaker popped, which it did. I then removed the standard outlet, replaced the GCFI, but did not connect the wires coming out of the GCFI. Basically just the GCFI going to the breaker. The GCFI did not pop. So i began disconnecting outlets throughout the house to see if I could find a point where it popped vs didn't pop. I'm at the point where all the outlets are staying on now, except the garage. There is a wire I unhooked from one of the bathroom outlets that seemed to be what made the GCFI pop, so I'm assuming that wire leads to the garage. So my question is: Is there some way I can test the garage outlets with a multimeter or something to find my fault? Does anyone have any idea what may be the problem? Anyone run into this trouble before? It's very frustrating. I'd like to get my garage going before winter and this is a major roadblock.
  3. MXProbeStang Build

  4. MXProbeStang Build

    I was going to do the hood myself but ended up having a new body shop up the street do it for me. I was afraid the scoop would crack off so I left it to the pros. I need to cut the holes underneath once I decide on an air cleaner, but otherwise it's done.
  5. MXProbeStang Build

    So I ended up using the adapter and master cylinder in the previous post. I was able to beat on that little ledge on the firewall enough to allow the adapter to fit in the upright position. It was a lot closer than I thought once I really got into it. That allowed me to mount the master cylinder the correct way:
  6. MXProbeStang Build

    I know I haven't updated this since December, but I thought I'd keep everyone in the loop: I still have some little issues to work out. I'll make a better post later this week. In the meantime, enjoy it moving on its own for the first time!
  7. What he said. Where does everyone recommend?
  8. WTB 95 GT CCRM and TFI Heat Sink

    Sure, may come to that. Just seeing if anyone had one laying around.
  9. WTB 95 GT CCRM and TFI Heat Sink

    Troubleshooting my problems so I'm looking for a CCRM for a 95 gt. Seeing what's out there before I order from Rockauto. Also looking for the heat sink for the TFI module. I replaced my module and the bottom threads stripped out on the heat sink itself. Will either pickup if in the area or will pay shipping. Let me know! Thanks!
  10. help spend vert money

  11. Orange SIXXXER Build thread

    I've bought and installed stuff from redline before and it's all very nice. Cant wait to see it all installed!
  12. WTB Cobra Mirrors

    Found a set, thanks guys. Now onto a 99/01 cobra front bumper!
  13. WTB Cobra Mirrors

    I see some sets on ebay but thought Id check here first. I want a set of 03/04 cobra mirrors. Some drunk college kid snapped my passenger side mirror off of my Mach overnight. Let me know if anyone has a pair and wants to sell them. Im in eastern PA but ill pay to have shipped.
  14. Looks good man. Lovin' it.
  15. What Did You Do to Your Mustang Today?

    I'm jealous you got to wash the cars. My poor Mach has been sitting outside all winter so far. I've run out of garage space. As for what I did to it today... Looked at it through my window