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  1. Social media link icons at the bottom of the forums under the Dark theme only go to the main pages (instagram.com instead of instagram.com/sn95source for example). They're correct under the normal theme though.
  2. Those calipers look great on there! Count me in for a set of those brackets!!!
  3. I'll take those wheels off your hands when you're ready to "put your own twist on it"!!! Like Dan said, awesome collection if that is yours!
  4. I was going to make an honest effort to attend 2017 for the first time by making it my family's summer vacation. They've never been to Myrtle Beach. Like many others are expressing, my kids are in school on these new dates and my work is very busy this time of the year, so I will not be able to go to this one. I know I am just one person, who has never been here before. But I am sure there are others in my situation, and it adds up. I understand the circumstances surrounding the change, but it is still a shame. There's always Carlisle
  5. I'm down for a membership. I know nothing about the tech side of things, but I have no problem supporting!
  6. I'll try to make an appearance somewhere, although the clutch won't be done in time.

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