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  1. MXProbeStang Build

    I was going to do the hood myself but ended up having a new body shop up the street do it for me. I was afraid the scoop would crack off so I left it to the pros. I need to cut the holes underneath once I decide on an air cleaner, but otherwise it's done.
  2. MXProbeStang Build

    So I ended up using the adapter and master cylinder in the previous post. I was able to beat on that little ledge on the firewall enough to allow the adapter to fit in the upright position. It was a lot closer than I thought once I really got into it. That allowed me to mount the master cylinder the correct way:
  3. MXProbeStang Build

    I know I haven't updated this since December, but I thought I'd keep everyone in the loop: I still have some little issues to work out. I'll make a better post later this week. In the meantime, enjoy it moving on its own for the first time!
  4. What he said. Where does everyone recommend?
  5. WTB 95 GT CCRM and TFI Heat Sink

    Sure, may come to that. Just seeing if anyone had one laying around.
  6. WTB 95 GT CCRM and TFI Heat Sink

    Troubleshooting my problems so I'm looking for a CCRM for a 95 gt. Seeing what's out there before I order from Rockauto. Also looking for the heat sink for the TFI module. I replaced my module and the bottom threads stripped out on the heat sink itself. Will either pickup if in the area or will pay shipping. Let me know! Thanks!
  7. help spend vert money

  8. Orange SIXXXER Build thread

    I've bought and installed stuff from redline before and it's all very nice. Cant wait to see it all installed!
  9. WTB Cobra Mirrors

    Found a set, thanks guys. Now onto a 99/01 cobra front bumper!
  10. WTB Cobra Mirrors

    I see some sets on ebay but thought Id check here first. I want a set of 03/04 cobra mirrors. Some drunk college kid snapped my passenger side mirror off of my Mach overnight. Let me know if anyone has a pair and wants to sell them. Im in eastern PA but ill pay to have shipped.
  11. Looks good man. Lovin' it.
  12. What Did You Do to Your Mustang Today?

    I'm jealous you got to wash the cars. My poor Mach has been sitting outside all winter so far. I've run out of garage space. As for what I did to it today... Looked at it through my window
  13. MXProbeStang Build

    Yep, it's on Kohler, right around the bend from leids. Super nice guys and very helpful. I'm a little frustrated with this car again, and with Christmas coming I've been pretty busy. Maybe by the New Year I'll have this thing mounted. I'll update whenever I do.
  14. Welcome To SN95Source.com: zzSIDEWINDERzz

    Nice 'vert! Welcome to The Source!!!!
  15. MXProbeStang Build

    So it's not the update I wanted to post, but it's an update none-the-less. As a refresher, the Miata clutch master cylinder isn't strong enough to engage the clutch, so I decided to upgrade. I contacted Martin of Monster Miata in CA for a solution and he got a package together for me. It consists of a 7/8 Wilwood master cylinder, adapter plate and braided stainless 1 piece clutch line. Here it is next to the stock 5/8 Miata master: Ends up this did not fit. It is too big for its location. I ordered a smaller master cylinder with remote reservoir to hopefully give me the flexibility I'll need. Even though it's all Miata components I'm dealing with on my Probe, the strut tower isn't the same distance from the Probe firewall as it would be on a stock Miata. In addition to the distance from firewall to strut tower, there is a ledge on the firewall right below the master cylinder where it was all grafted together and welded. Which brings me to my next issue. I had to have the adapter machined since it was also physically too large. It hit my booster and that ledge on the firewall. I sent it out to the machine shop to get modified since I do not have the equipment or tools to do so. In the mean time, my new master arrived and will fit in the space given. I'm not so sure it will fit with that ledge there though, so I hold off judgement until the adapter comes back. A side note: There is a guy a mile up the road from me that has a machine shop on his farm, specifically Aquajet equipment. He is a good customer of mine, so I thought I'd check him out. I'd like to get a glimpse of his shop and will throw some pics up if I ever get the chance. Super nice guy though, and he agreed to modify the adapter. After driving back a very long stone road, I finally found the place I picked the adapter up this morning, and my worst fears were realized... Won't fit. That damn ledge on the firewall is just too close. I'm thinking I will have to mount the master on a slight angle. I can use the existing mounting points if I slightly elongate the holes on the Wilwood unit and it will fit just like the original Miata unit. I'll have to mount the reservoir elsewhere but I'm not too worried about that. My concern is going to be bleeding the system. What do you guys think about doing it this way? If I bench bleed the master first, I should be fine? The outlet for the hose will be slightly lower than the highest point. Modifying the firewall isn't an option for me so I'm at a bit of an impasse.