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  1. american muscle 2017 show

    Well that took a lot of arm twisting lol
  2. *NEW FEATURE* Reactions

    So far looks good. Ill dive more into it as I go
  3. new jersey

    Ah ok!! I work in Exton, live in Phoenixville. Love longwood gardens. Fountains just opened back up. Deff worth a visit, specially if a woman is involved. @Prokiller works in newtown Sq and lives in Pottstown So we are pretty close to ya
  4. new jersey

    too bad this whole thread is in wrong section lol. A few of us are out near the main line outside of Philly. But i do the same thing when talking about NJ. I use cherry hill or camden as a reference since i grew up and family lives near there
  5. Full Moon Friday Garage w/ attached house

    That space behind the vanity is much much bigger then I would have expected!
  6. Number Tew's First House Build Thread

    Congrats on the house man! You have been busy but making some good progress! Keep it up!
  7. Whats In Your Arsenal

    Yea everyone that has tested it has said great things so far. And that was the one without the free float rail
  8. Your favorite beer thread

    Soon there will be a large Tree house haul coming my way.. mmmmmm
  9. Whats In Your Arsenal

    I just started getting into it as of last year since prior I lived in NJ and dont have family really into it. I mean 1 brother was a Sarc attached to a seal unit and then a security contractor in Iraq and such.. But he doesnt really do the whole public gun thing at home. But it hasnt come up either so I guess I could ask him for some training. Only have an XDM - 9mm and an 870 SuperMag 12 GA. Next up I think my first AR will be the new Springfield Saint with floating rail. I dont want to have my first AR be super gungho with mods and whatnot, or super duper expensive, but I dont want cheap. This gun while some may not agree will give me a good gun with some mods. But it will allow me to get used to the gun and see for future what I do and do not like and can change and mod it more or start to think of what the next one should have.
  10. Your favorite beer thread

    you should fear all the beer!
  11. Your favorite beer thread

    Well now you know! But that place in brazil seems pretty cool!
  12. Post Your Pet!

    Thank you. Was a rough road but it happens. We will get another Bengal and another one that is half brothers with the one still alive. They react well with each other and are to an extent hypo allergenic. @Burninriverdiver cute dogs! @iLoveScreamers Love huskys and their whining/howling. Very funny dogs
  13. COBRA rear bumper section

    Oh ok. That would be kind of interesting!
  14. COBRA rear bumper section

    So you plan on molding this into something i presume?