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  1. Shifty

    Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    Should have some pictures this week eh? Eh? This may need an update now
  2. Shifty

    Full Moon Friday Garage w/ attached house

    Lol you and me both. Whenever that may happen. HA! yea you dont want to look like a predator. Generally doesnt go to well. Leave the leaves in the yard this year. They will come. lol. Then you build a rapport with them and make them come back in the spring to do everything else
  3. Shifty

    Lanter's house reno and garage expansion

    This place looks awesome! Congrats on that! Already doing a good amount of work and you can see the difference. Plan on getting some big ass tractors to keep all that grass cut? Or maybe a few goats? Can always punch a goat if need be too Any updated pics since then?
  4. Shifty

    Full Moon Friday Garage w/ attached house

    Couldnt you guys find some neighborhood kids and pay them like 3 doll hairs an hour to do the weeding. Then you come in and do the easy stuff? Or if you have any family that has little kids. Sister and brother in law got their 3 kids to help with weeding and they still arent sure how they got the kids to love doing it so much. (kids are like 4, 6, 8). I am all for the child labor! lol Granted it sounds easier than it is to round up a few kids. Its like herding cats
  5. Shifty

    Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    Just throwing this out there @Prokiller If you could just get rid of the trunk latch all together. That would be great....
  6. Shifty

    Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    I thought we got a good bit done! Despite taking apart more of the car then we put back together lol. And anything to fix some of those odd wiring bits the previous people did in the car should help! I hope so anyway. I will come back over at some point in this next week and finish the rear decklid area and then we can start putting it back together. Depending on what you do throughout the week. On the right track to finish it in a timely fashion i would say!
  7. Shifty

    midget wrestling...and cigars

    As far as Ryan and I knew we were watching some sort of wrestling or movie on the TVs they had. We even walked in, saw the ring, and did not put 2 & 2 together for a good 15 mins. Cool surprise though!
  8. Shifty

    Number Tew's First House Build Thread

    Great progress so far Tew!
  9. Shifty

    midget wrestling...and cigars

    haha that was a big surprise and some good fun lol. Once I was able to breathe. gotta love pinky lol.
  10. Shifty

    Guess what I got back...

    the suspense... its killing me!!!! Comon! Who does this?! lol
  11. Shifty

    Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    Just seeing it get used again in a nice car is worth it to me. Its just such a nice sub. Dont owe me anything. But I do look forward to the progression of this project @Prokiller specially since i know the plans. Also cant wait to hear the difference once it is done!
  12. Shifty


    I have wanted to do this like in Big bang Theory in Howards room. Has a remote that turns on 2 green lightsabers that are in an X as his nightlight. The idea has been turned down numerous times. Sabers look great though man! Should make for some great wedding photos!
  13. Shifty

    american muscle 2017 show

    Well that took a lot of arm twisting lol
  14. Shifty

    *NEW FEATURE* Reactions

    So far looks good. Ill dive more into it as I go
  15. Shifty

    new jersey

    Ah ok!! I work in Exton, live in Phoenixville. Love longwood gardens. Fountains just opened back up. Deff worth a visit, specially if a woman is involved. @Prokiller works in newtown Sq and lives in Pottstown So we are pretty close to ya