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  1. OnyxCobra

    Mustang week 2k16

    not sure yet man, so much is up in the air right now. how bout you? you bringing the Stang?
  2. OnyxCobra

    Mustang week 2k16

    Anyone driving down from the NY or PA area? I'd like to meet up with some people on the way down if I can get my pile ready by then.
  3. OnyxCobra

    Let's stop beating around the bush

    can't believe you got rid of the RKs
  4. OnyxCobra

    Jumping on the Tony Bandwagon

    did you get rid of your BBS RKs??
  5. OnyxCobra

    powder coat or naaahh?????

    I vote for dipping, of course.
  6. OnyxCobra

    Scorched Yellow Daytona 675

    it's true I've been over 100 several times but riding fast in a straight line is easy, 100mph for these is like barely even trying lol. the corners are where all the skill is and I'm still too new to really want to push it or trust it.
  7. OnyxCobra

    Scorched Yellow Daytona 675

    here's a little clip i made to show a buddy of mine a road near me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSLahKGohfU
  8. OnyxCobra

    Scorched Yellow Daytona 675

    lol right? Honestly just want to play it safe, I see it being very easy to out-ride your ability and wind up in big trouble in a hurry, I'm too scared to really lean it over.
  9. OnyxCobra

    Scorched Yellow Daytona 675

    I did an exhaust but I'm being a little lazy with updating. I have a few vids but every time someone sees them they ask why I'm riding so slow so what's the point lol
  10. OnyxCobra

    Scorched Yellow Daytona 675

    Scott I know what you're saying but really it's hardly a flashing red light, it's just a brake alert feature. I know you're just trying to be technical and all. It's not at all about looking cool but rather about being more visible. If a cop can't understand that then honestly he can fuck himself. The brake light does have DOT approval on it.
  11. OnyxCobra

    Scorched Yellow Daytona 675

    you referring to the brake light? What would be the difference if you tap the brakes a few times yourself vs one that does it for you? I see ambulances around here with the same brake alert feature.
  12. OnyxCobra

    Scorched Yellow Daytona 675

    next thing the most requested mod to date: fender eliminator! Definitely cleans up the tail end, I like how the plate kinda just disappears now from the side. All the fender elims are stupid expensive for this bike so I got to talkin with a buddy of mine that has a CBR600RR. After some discussion and measuring I ended up picking up the same license bracket they sell for his bike; worked great and way cheaper.
  13. OnyxCobra

    July ROTM Voting - 'Murica!

    I have to agree with everyone this is a brutally tough choice. they would...
  14. OnyxCobra

    Scorched Yellow Daytona 675

    thanks guys. In the interest of cleaning up the look and updating the lighting the next thing I did was replace the tail light with a Motodynamics smoked unit with integrated sequential turn signals. Great quality and more importantly it's pretty bright, even comes with a stop alert feature that strobes the brake light 3 times every time the brake is applied. No good pics yet but here are a few. Stock, previous owner got something on the lens that made it look a little milky the new smoked replacement tail light on and one of the turn signal I tried to get a video of the light action but turns out of my finger was covering half the lens. Ill have to try again lol More lighting mods in the near future.
  15. OnyxCobra

    Coilover Issues

    MM recommended 10" springs to me for street use, I'd be really surprised if that was the issue. I don't see how the spring could possibly be coming unseated though, you'd have to really hit a hell of a bump. Even then it should reseat itself like it does when you let the car down off jack stands. Do you have any pictures or anything of the problem area? I wonder if something isn't installed right.