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  1. not sure yet man, so much is up in the air right now. how bout you? you bringing the Stang?
  2. Anyone driving down from the NY or PA area? I'd like to meet up with some people on the way down if I can get my pile ready by then.
  3. I think this would be awesome and would be fun to meet a lot of you guys. I honestly don't know if my car will be derivable at this point, it's such a pain in the sack.
  4. damn this is unfortunate, always sad to hear about. RIP.
  5. welcome dude, car and engine is lookin awesome.
  6. welcome to the group Chris lol come on...
  7. it would be sweet if I could find a way to go, would love to meet some of you guys.
  8. Awesome, this is a good section to add. Welcome Whipy!
  9. I liked the like button but the reputation is cool. what's the diff between infraction and report post?
  10. Welcome dude! Man, new new wheels and now this, what's next?! :drinktothat:
  11. hmmm 4x1 doesn't seem to fit the scale of the picture above. 1" tall for three lines of text.
  12. what are the dimensions of the plaque?

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