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  1. Sorry to hear that...and yea, sadly our medical system is run by the pharmaceutical company's these days. I just watched some documentary about how 90% of our illnesses could be corrected by eating good and/or high dosages of vitamins.
  2. Only downside is those turbos are expensive as hell Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2
  3. ooooo, thats getting up there. lol Im sure you could do it, but would probably be very limited in the boost department without e85 or something Haha, sorry man, just been really busy, todays my Birthday so not getting much work done. Ill try to find a box and get over there tomorrow.
  4. A lot more people are running higher compression and turbo these days. Guy ive been talking to over at corral is running 10.5:1 compression with his 4.6 2v, trickflow heads, stock cams, trickflow intake and an on3 kit with 70mm turbo. Just laid down 650 rwhp and 680 tq on 13 psi so you tell me if its working. lol My setup should be around 10.2:1
  5. damnnn, If I had a 5.0 id let you build me a kit lol

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