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  1. HuskerGT

    **Delete Please**

    Mods-Pleas delete. Found one
  2. Subscribed. This should be bad ass
  3. HuskerGT

    Got me some new seats.

    The really do look good in there, man. Did they bolt right in to the stock rails or did you have to buy new ones as well?
  4. HuskerGT

    Got me some new seats.

    Look to be Procar. Wonder about the comfort level? I'm thinking about new seats next Spring
  5. HuskerGT

    Skirtless and kinda sexy idk

    Tony, let's be honest, I don't think your ride would ever look bad or "off" no matter what you do, man. Looks good in this form too. Would love to see similar pics with your side exhaust skirts on to get a good comparison
  6. HuskerGT

    What's Your Ride Look Like Today?

    Really nice, man. I bought mine new back in 94. I know what you mean about changing things up a bit. I think I do it every 3 years or so, lol. Although mine is still what you would call a traditional look. Love the wheel choice
  7. HuskerGT

    Warming up

  8. HuskerGT

    finally got the stang painted (pic heavy)

    Great call on that gold pearl top coat. Subtle, but magnifico!
  9. HuskerGT

    Color match

    Much Better, man
  10. HuskerGT

    What does your daily look like today thread??

    Naw, the cheater years are from 2009 on. It's funny, every time I'd be filling up with diesel and there was a newer TDI Jetta or something on the other side of the pump, I'd ask, "what kind of mileage are you getting?" and they would say something like "46 in town". I was only getting 34 mpg in town. I always thought my TDI must have an an older, less-efficient 1.9L engine. Now I know why they were doing so much better...
  11. HuskerGT

    Does anyone still reman Y2K wheels?

    Oh, yours will look good lowered. I'm running Eibach Sportlines, no isos & Tokico fox-body spec shocks, they are an inch shorter than normal SN95 shocks You'll be surprised how nice yours will look with those wheels and lowered. Like I said - Keep the faith!
  12. HuskerGT

    Does anyone still reman Y2K wheels?

    So will LMR or someone reimburse you for the cost of re-balancing? It's sorta tough to tell from these angles It's all I have available here, but these wheels are the same. Same offset as yours, and the front does stick out some, but may give you a better feel for how it would look after you are lowered. I didn't notice at first because I ran export fender flares for quite a while. I noticed it more when I took them off & sold them. Hope this helps. Keep the Faith!
  13. HuskerGT

    What does your daily look like today thread??

    My Daily: 2005 New Beetle TDI 5-Speed Shot from a car show last weekend Her Daily is a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude Edition (no pics on my phone...)