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  1. Thanks Steve! Truth be told, I want to see some cool pictures with a Termi as well! Nick C.
  2. Thanks for the call Mike! Looking forward to meeting you and having your Cobra in Nick C.
  3. Thanks! Steve's received one of the newest LED bulb replacements we offer for his fog lights, but we need to get comparison photos for the interior locations Our current SN95 photos aren't on par with our other professional images (Case in point): (our 2015 EcoBoost): "vs pre-studio older comparisons" We need to give the SN95's some more love! Nick C.
  4. We previously tested an SN95 several years back (Pre-Professional Photographer!) and we'd like to update our listing with new comparison photos to make it easier for SN95 Owners Myself and several of my co-workers are Mustang owners as well! Nick C.
  5. Hello Everyone! Steve recommended that we join the forum We are currently searching for a 2004 Termi with stock lighting to bring in for Comparison photos and product testing here in St. Louis If you are interested, please give us a call: (314) 205-3033 Test vehicles get to keep every product installed free of charge! We can also answer any lighting related questions you may have Thanks, Nick C.

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