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  1. it has been forever since ive logged on and i have made some changes to the car. I sold the bullitt wheels, which i have had for around 10years. was sad but sweet. i went with silver fr500s, ive always liked the fr500, but with so many people running them i went with silver. you dont see too many sets of silver fr's before the mickey thompsons came after also i installed a set of aluminum gt40x heads and an f303 cam with some 3.73 gears. after almost a year with the crappy noisy rocker arms, one of them just broke. so i just took them all off and put the stockers back on. the bolt hole on the first valve on the drivers side was a little buggered up so i used a slightly longer bolt to catch some threads. after about 10 miles the bolt snapped off in the head. i drilled it out and tapped it with a slightly larger hole. and the heilcoil all was good for about 25 miles or so, i used a grade 8 bolt that i dont think was totally up to par. well it snapped too. i went to drill it out, and put an extractor in it. bad choice... it snapped at this point i just know i ruined the head, i couldnt drill throught it. i found some tungsten carbide dremel cutting bits with a tip, and worked it until i got it all. best $30 i ever spent. on the way to the shop here are a few vids.. the exhaust is offroad h pipe with flowmasters and the f303 cam
  2. JoshHooten

    Did some fab work on Tony's car over the weekend..

    looking good looking good. and im not even talking about the car fellas. lol
  3. JoshHooten

    what i have been doing the past few months.

    Yea exactly, I am moving around all day and lifting/moving things.. my bench has gone up almost 100 pounds in the 2.5 months but still a good 70lbs off my old max. I would like to get back to it, and then some. I can def see how an office job wouldn't make it any easier.
  4. JoshHooten

    what i have been doing the past few months.

    Yea, I have put on some fat. but I think I have seen such good results, because I was muscular a few yrs ago. now I am just reclaiming that muscle. but either way, I am surprised how fast I have gained it back....
  5. JoshHooten

    what i have been doing the past few months.

    Hmmm thanks man, I may look into that when I do a good cut just before summer time.
  6. JoshHooten

    what i have been doing the past few months.

    I use to lift for strength no more than 5 reps. now I am doing higher reps and a ton of drop sets, more of a bodybuilder type workout. I am still putting on the muscle and will be for a while. I may do a 3 week cut cycle here in a few weeks but I still want to bulk a while. I workout 2 days in a row off a day on 2 off 1. right now my split is 3 day..day1. chest/triceps day2. back/shoulders-bicep/forearms day3.legs.. and I throw abs in there when I can.
  7. Ok so I haven't been on in a while, I have been checking in from time to time. I have been working out very hard and haven't had much time to get on the forum... Ok so a little back story.. in high school I was pretty skinny but had a small gut. I was around 180... fast forward to when I was about 20 or 21 I started lifting weights... I lifted for 3 straight yrs. my bench press went from 150lbs to 320lbs. I weighed about 225 at this time and had a pretty big gut. I was in size 36 pants... So I got stressed and lazy and quit lifting straight up and kept eating. I got up to about 265 at my heaviest. I lost a good bit of my muscle, although I couldn't see it b/c all the fat... This pic is after some weight loss. I was 238 in these pics. Ok now it took me 1.5 yrs to go from 265+lbs down to 176lbs.. towards the end of my weight loss I was doing it all wrong. lost way too much weight way too fast. so I lost a ton of muscle and what I did have was dehydrated. This is me at 176lbs I look sick way too skinny.. Ok Now fast forward 2.5 months to now. I have been eating very healthy 3k+ cals a day. a tub of protein a week and 2lbs of broccoli a week.. with creatine.. NO OTHER SUPPLEMENTS AT ALL.. This is simply MUSCLE MEMORY at work.. my muscles are going back to what they were before I quit lifting. So in 2.5 months I have put on 30lbs, a good bit of it is fat. But at 210lbs I wear the same exact clothes I wore at 176lbs. same size pants. so most of that is muscle.. I still have a ways to go before I am happy,but this is where I have been.. Arms went from 14.5 inches on dec 2 to 15.5 or 16 right now. I cant remember my forearm measurement but its around 13.5 so like I said I have put on so much muscle so quick because I use have all this muscle. It is just getting built back up. So in short over the past 2.5 months I have went from 176lbs to 210lbs wearing the same size clothes.lol
  8. JoshHooten

    Official Fitness Thread

    Dang Bryan that's awesome man...I will post some of my progress and some pics later when I have some time.
  9. JoshHooten

    Member Pics Thread

    Aside from not being able to sign in, I have been really busy with my workout program. these pics are around 1.5yrs apart. 1st pic is around238lbs 2nd pic is around 185-190. most of the difference is from cardio, I just started back with the weights 3 weeks ago.
  10. JoshHooten

    I am BACK!!!!!

    yea, it might have been a bad idea to let you borrow my computer.
  11. JoshHooten

    I am BACK!!!!!

    Whats up everyone, I was finally able to sign back in. looking forward to see what all i have missed. Thanks to both brian and bryan for helping me.
  12. JoshHooten

    What's Your Ride Look Like Today?

    ^ man detriot that looks awesome man.
  13. JoshHooten

    95riosnake's last drive of 2012 **PICS!**

    I have to say dan I use to hate uni directional wheels. but your car has changed that for me. one of the top 5 best looking sn's on the planet if not #1. I completely love the car.
  14. JoshHooten

    pretty cool fall photos i took

    they are some good pics man.