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  1. 1998CobraSVT

    My Carbon Driven Interior Pieces

    Looks great man! @droptoppony
  2. 1998CobraSVT

    St. Patrick's Day picture contest

    Nate has a cleannn DFG GT. I will let him know to join in on this.
  3. 1998CobraSVT

    *Thread Closed*

    Thread Closed
  4. 1998CobraSVT

    Germany through Italy trip

    WOAH! Amazing photos. I have never been to europe, id love to get out their one day. - What is the MP on your camera? Shots are perfect!
  5. 1998CobraSVT

    What's Your Ride Look Like Today?

    Taillight Bezels Just Painted
  6. 1998CobraSVT

    My $100 SN95

    Best find of the year.
  7. 1998CobraSVT

    Coyote Swapped 96 Cobra is Done PIC Heavy

    Clean, looks great! Do it!!!
  8. 1998CobraSVT

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    This pic though
  9. 1998CobraSVT

    Member Photography Thread...

    Your pictures are awesome Rich!!
  10. 1998CobraSVT

    the motha frickin audi

    Ill keep this in mind 2 . Thx
  11. 1998CobraSVT

    the motha frickin audi

    Lol at the snow higher then your hood. Nah, def not that high. Thanks for clearing that up. Good info man, will definitely keep it in mind while shopping around.
  12. 1998CobraSVT

    the motha frickin audi

    Wouldnt mind a Subaru, thats a great recommendation. Ive always liked everything about their boxer motors.Creature comforts are low on the "needs" list. Performance is whats most important on those hills. The only thing that crosses my mind when deciding between an awd sedan over a jeep is the suspension height differences at deep snow depths. Would a 2-4" lift on a jeep give it a major advantage in snow (like it does on trails) vs a sedan? But then in the spring and summer it would barely be used where the Subaru or Audi would be used all the time all seasons. Definitely something to think on, thanks man.
  13. 1998CobraSVT

    the motha frickin audi

    How do you like its performance in snow? Im moving shortly, lots of snow and hills in my future for winter months, will be adding some sort of awd vehicle to the driveway. 2 brands at the top of my list 1.Jeep 2.Audi. Talk me into buying an audi for snow
  14. 1998CobraSVT

    When did you remove the spoiler from your SN95?

    My 1998 has an S-351 spoiler as seen in my avatar, but my 1997 came from the factory spoiler-less. I like both looks to be honest.
  15. 1998CobraSVT

    Dirtyred's 98 GT

    I love turbo's also . Hell yeah! Tony got me to jump in here this month, some wickedd cars and people over this way! Yeah man! Dont get me wrong im a fan of boost be it a turbo or whine, but most importantly I like how the supercharger coincides with the 4.6 L's power band.