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  1. That matrix brace is not cheap.... most say it does nothing .... Do a Before and after test if you get em
  2. Which CAI is best .....asking for a friend
  3. Streetspeed717 (and his friends) superspeedersrob roadkill lenos garage lots of random racing channels 1320, BAR, a local one I never remember. I have mustang lifestyle on my list but can't stand the people. Muscle vs tuner died off sadly.
  4. Welcome (back)
  5. Thanks, sorry for the double post.
  6. Can't see the forum at all. I can click on it but nothing ever loads.... other forums work fine
  7. Yeah shit just got weird
  8. You pretty much get one 2d chance with these bores imo. go out to .020 or .030 over. You wipe it youre done. However they last a long time. I have pulled multiple 160k mileage motors apart and found cross hatching which is kind cool. (i have found some with not so healthy cylinders too lol)
  9. Buying things for the coyote swap. found this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Coyote-5-0-Swap-Fox-Body-Fuel-System-Fragola-Magnafuel-Aeromotive-Ford-Mustang-/332022290851?hash=item4d4e1219a3:g:qtcAAOSwo4pYG-ra&vxp=mtr There is this kit too but it is out of stock. http://www.highflowfuel.com/i-8185250-hfp-coyote-swap-fox-body-sn95-complete-fuel-system-1986-1997.html Are there major difference in the systems? Never looked under a pushrod sn95 or fox.
  10. Good question
  11. Fresh walls but.... .....new pistons and rings
  12. I share the sentiment of everyone. I have been wanting to do a built 5.4 2v turbo swap but after I pieced together everything I realized after all that I would only have mediocre power and still could keep up with coyotes. pretty much parting with everything 2v now. I am saving some stuff for a built 5.4 4v build I really want to do someday. everything else is forsale.
  13. Lol Damn the DOB kit is one bigass chunk of aluminium!
  14. I second freedom munitions.... I order randomly when they have sales.... trying to build up my supply. hahaha