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  1. Nicks 98gt "Budget Blue" Built 2v / Vortech

  2. Nicks 98gt "Budget Blue" Built 2v / Vortech

    I'll be able to give you an exact number in the spring when I take it to the dyno. This year is had around 400whp. This year I'm hoping for around 500whp after the cams and E-85
  3. Nicks 98gt "Budget Blue" Built 2v / Vortech

    Cams are in................ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBQtooIS8iI
  4. Nicks 98gt "Budget Blue" Built 2v / Vortech

    Switching over to the pre- 98 better fuel system.
  5. Nicks 98gt "Budget Blue" Built 2v / Vortech

    New valve springs, valve seals, billet oil pump and blower cams going in.
  6. Nicks 98gt "Budget Blue" Built 2v / Vortech

    2017/2018 Winter Build Underway
  7. Nicks 98gt "Budget Blue" Built 2v / Vortech

    New cams just came in!
  8. Gonna have to get my build thread back up and running on here. I think I posted it in the wrong place the last time but doesnt matter as Photobucket kind of ruined it when they stopped allowing photo sharing . I have one more event this year mid Sept Im taking the car to and then I will be tearing it down to install some cams and and a built 8.8. Will also be doing some needed maintenance. Here's the most recent photo of it.
  9. Getting gapped by a Coyote Capri

    Fast forward to the 1:35 mark you'll see my car getting destroyed by a 1000whp coyote capri. Was a fun day at the track though! https://youtu.be/CWyRTi_kWLc
  10. Budget Blue - Nick's 98 Gt Built/Blown 2v

    Plans are well over 500rwhp by next spring. I will need to get the pre 98 tank and a bigger fuel pump switched over to. I would really be happy closer to 600hp though Idk there is something about this whole kit that I love lol.... http://www.modularheadshop.com/i-24493635-mhs-edelbrock-4-6l-2v-intake-manifold-combo-return-style-with-regulator.html?ref=category:1268182
  11. Budget Blue - Nick's 98 Gt Built/Blown 2v

    More power out of the box. I've always wanted to eventually go turbo just didnt want to do it tell I had a solid motor to go off of. Will be going turbo, turbo cams, and upgrade a few other things. Would really like to get the MHS Vc Jr Intake/rails package they offer too. Not sure if I'm going to be able to make all that happen at once though.
  12. Budget Blue - Nick's 98 Gt Built/Blown 2v

    That's funny you say that I get comments from people all the time asking if I repainted the car. It looks like a different car in different lights. In the shop, in the sun, when its cloudy and at night it never looks the same lol. Car has been running great. I'm in the process now of sourcing some turbo stuff to get this thing switched over.
  13. Budget Blue - Nick's 98 Gt Built/Blown 2v

  14. What's your garage/shop look like?

    Its old and dusty but has been a great space to work on the car in.....
  15. Fender badge removal

    I really wish they didnt have a hole underneath the badge as I would be happy to just go without them.