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  1. Had a successful night at the track this weekend. Here is one of my runs.
  2. Thanks man!
  3. Just finished posting the majority of my build thread on here now to introduce it to the members area..
  4. Thanks! Gotta love your drunk buddies that sneak in some doodles on the windshield lol
  5. Here is how the engine bay currently looks..... And here is the car how it sits today. Just picked up from paint a couple of weeks ago... And now we are caught up to present day. That was alot of work getting my build thread switched over to here lol. I look forward to being an active member on this site from now on and showing the progress of budget blue.
  6. Back in the car she goes......... The factory plastic intake manifold decided to crack over the winter so upon filling the coolant back up it leaked in the engine valley and made a big mess. The typhoon aluminum manifold should treat me well........ Waiting for my scheduled dyno tune......... Off she goes to the dyno. I ended up going to Lsxkillr in Bonner Springs, KS
  7. Pulled the PI Engine to rob the heads and assemble the now forged, slightly higher compression longblock.
  8. Now for the 2017 season I really wanted to crank up the boost and have a reliable 2v engine that was 600rwhp capable. Had to start somewhere so I decided t build my old spare NPI shortblock that I pulled out in 2014. New Kings main bearings and ARP main studs Mahle Forged 16cc dished pistons and 2013 Boss Coyote Rods
  9. Now we are getting closer to present day. This last winter I decided to make some updated exterior appearances as well as somewhat major engine modifications. 4" Cowl Hood New drag wheels Topped off with some new tires
  10. Here is some track photos from 2016. I was able to get the car down to a 7.7 at around 92mph at that time. Was hoping to squeeze some more hp out of the car so ended up going with a FMIC for some cooler intake temps.
  11. I ended up pulling the trigger at the last minute and bought a supercharger for the car. Was ready to make more power. Here is how she looked summer of 2016
  12. Built an entire new exhaust for the car (has some cost savings) Sounds good but is very loud Decided to black the roof and A-pillars of the car. This was in attempt to help hide the sunroof lol.
  13. For the 2016 season I decided to pull the motor over the winter to clean up the engine bay and shred some weight while adding more suspension stuff. Coilovers with vikings springs More engine detailing getting ready for the engine, wire tuck and abs block delete...
  14. Here is pretty much how the car looked throughout the 2015 Season.... Getting subframe connectors welded in.... CC plate and Tricklow plenum and throttle body New loud exhaust