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  1. 1234

    WTB Cobra Mirrors

    Check with Nick Rolocut on facebook or instagram if you have either. He seems to always be selling those. He used to post on here but left a long time ago
  2. That and SEMA are on my bucket list.
  3. Bad ass truck man I would love to own that thing
  4. I was going to use one...Just to hang an air tank on
  5. I love LEP's photography and video edits seriously talented
  6. I spy with my little eye a C-10 peeking out Love the color too! Bad ass car
  7. Absolutely LOVE everything about it! Had no idea you were into this type of build but you nailed it in my opinion! Congrats on the award
  8. 1234

    SN95Source Daily Chat Thread

    Thanks man I will once parts start flowing in. Starting on the interior first. A few things from LMR are supposed to show up today
  9. 1234

    SN95Source Daily Chat Thread

    Lol, pressure...I love it. No but I think I'm going to stay simple with this fox....I love them just as they are in stock form so I don't plan to go wild with it. Just make it mint.
  10. 1234

    I made a thing!

    That came out sweet