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  1. Welcome aboard dude....Can't beat anything under $500 even if you need to sink a little $$ to get it running
  2. You'd blow all of our minds if you showed up with that notch on bags, 19's and coyote swapped hauled down with that f100 with the same
  3. I may not have much else going on with the car but I'm trying to figure out a way to go. We are usually getting 60+ hours a week through sept and oct and Sammy's obviously in school.
  4. Yea it didn't seem to be that rowdy at all compared to the year before. Actually i may have been the only one that got any kind of ticket and that was just because Tom needs to work on his hand signals
  5. I kinda wondered what the hood looked like but can't get some of Ryans pics to upload on my computer
  6. What does that mean? Like a gay thing or a WOW thing?
  7. @kidk9 should throw them bonspeeds i sold him on that cobra just for my entertainment lol
  8. Me trying to find this donate "button" Lol, seriously though where is it? And can one just randomly drop like a $5 here and there or are we talking about just 1 yearly payment? I'm good either way
  9. I love the site as do others i'm sure. Coming home from work every morning it's the first thing i do...grab a coffee and hop on here. Really hope we have some folks willing to step up and keep her going.
  10. If we as a group (small group...but still a group) can't come up with 70 fucking dollars a month then i'd say shut the fucking doors! I'm willing to commit to a portion of that and i have 2 teenage children and a mortgage. As for the tech side of things....I think that's where the problem lies. Seems as though this site has had a lot of bugs to work out over the years. If we could get just 1 of the many computer savy guys that post here to step up.....what would he need to do and how often?
  11. Great chatting with you too man

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