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AZ transmission shops

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My transmission started slipping today and I am wondering if anyone knows around how much it would cost me to rebuild the 4r70w. I am also looking for good transmission shops in az. I'm new to az so I dont know of any. Any input would be great

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There were only two shops I used on the east side of phoenix when I was there as I got the mustang towards the end of my stay.  The Mustang Shop in chandler was the first.  It was here that I learned my lesson to never NEVER tell anyone "I am in no big hurry" because after that the car sat in the same parking spot for 3 months until I finally called them up and said I had priced the work at other shops and would be willing to take if there if they did not start on it ASAP.  They called the next afternoon and said it was done........  I took it from there to AZDC(arizona dyno chip) to have it tuned and watched the motor be unable to cool itself on the dyno and eventually overheated and developed a knock.  AZDC were nice guys and had the shop and dyno in one place, but not sure about transmissions shops but they would know where to go.

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